Jack Bernard

Jack Bernard ​was the first Director of Health Planning for the State of Georgia and then served as an executive with several healthcare firms. Jack is a local activist, previously serving on the Jasper County Board of Commissioners and Board of Health. He's now Chair of the Fayette County Board of Health.


“They need to send that money where it’s really needed, like permanent shelter for homeless people, and providing Medicaid for the uninsured... I wish they would use that surplus on the realities that people are actually struggling with.”-Debra Saunders 

 Ms. Saunders is not wealthy; she runs a DeKalb day care center (https://stateaffairs.com/georgia/people-have-mixed-feelings-about-governors-proposed-tax-refunds/). And Saunders is correct- we have many unmet needs in Georgia that our tax money should go towards, such as Medicaid expansion. Rather than sending billions back in order to ingratiate the Governor and General Assembly to MAGA conservative voters.