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1. State gas tax changes take effect Wednesday

Georgia’s new gasoline tax goes into effect July 1, and will add approximately 7 cents to the cost of a gallon of gasoline. The Georgi ... It’s ... Read More

2. July 4 events calendar full in Coweta

The local July 4 celebration will be a big one this year. With Independence Day falling on a Saturday, there will be more events than usual. ... It’s ... Read More

3. Confederate flag – heritage or hate?

The first time Tony saw the Confederate flag, he was 5 or 6 years old. It was the late ‘50s or early ‘60s. The image was burned ... It’s ... Read More

4. Cause of Bulloch House fire still unknown

The origin of a fire that destroyed a Warm Springs restaurant on June 10 is still unknown – and may never be known. The Bulloch House, ... It’s ... Read More

5. Battle flag only one of several Confederate flags in history

What has become properly known as the “Confederate flag” was never the flag of a nation or a state. The Confederacy had a nation ... It’s ... Read More

6. Army surplus store honors local war hero

Coweta war hero Johnny Calhoun is back in Newnan. James Johnson, owner of Newnan Tactical & Army Surplus, builds mannequins representing ... It’s ... Read More

7. Group aims to make women feel at home on the range

Marybeth Crawford is an NRA certified instructor in multiple disciplines and a chief range safety officer. She also leads the local chapter ... It’s ... Read More

8. Business People

Black a new VP at Batson-Cook Newnan resident Nancy Black has been named vice president of human resources for Batson-Cook Construction. B ... It’s ... Read More

9. Sound Off

Reality Check: The Supreme Court Ruling is no surprise concerning Obamacare. Why gut it when they know, as do most rational thinking citizen ... It’s ... Read More

10. Cowetans attend free youth baseball clinic at Turner Field

Youth baseball players between the ages from 6-14 from Coweta County received an opportunity to attend a free four-hour instructional camp a ... It’s ... Read More

11. Teacher in Focus: Deanna Betsill

Deanna Betsill teaches first grade at Glanton Elementary School. She has been teaching for 18 years. The last 10 years have been in Coweta C ... It’s ... Read More

12. Business Briefs

BJ’s offers 'Farm to Club' program BJ’s Wholesale Clubs in Georgia, including the Newnan location, are adding fresh Georgia pea ... It’s ... Read More

13. ‘bare: A Pop Musical’ talkback sparks positivity and diversity

Newnan Theatre Company wraps up “Bare: A Pop Opera” today following a two-weekend run, but the local performing arts group hopes ... It’s ... Read More

14. Businesses fail – why?

It’s not a surprise that business development is relatively unsuccessful. There are so many areas a company needs to understand about ... It’s ... Read More

15. Harkness 70th Anniversary

Joe and Virginia Harkness celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary on May 10, 2015. They are enjoying their retirement years in Sharpsburg ... It’s ... Read More

16. Daughter’s peers focused on unrealistic beauty standards

Q: My daughter is entering the tween years, and I'm concerned about her self-image. The other girls in her peer group are so focused on bein ... It’s ... Read More

17. Pinson Day Camp

– From The Newnan Times-Herald, July 3, 1975 Day camp at the Pinson Street Center was held June 16th through the 28th, averaging from ... It’s ... Read More

18. The real problem

LA Police shot a man raising a towel-covered hand; we need Federal regulation of towels. A teenaged girl in Wisconsin stands accused of stab ... It’s ... Read More

19. Annexation derailed

Tuesday night the Newnan City Council exercised bold leadership to preserve the character of Coweta County by denying annexation for the Bar ... It’s ... Read More

20. Changing what counts

As soon as news of the Charleston massacre went public, people across the country began asking why. Why had a 21-year-old loser named Dylann ... It’s ... Read More

Should Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Texas be forced to comply with the ruling on same-sex marriage?


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