Pastor's Corner

The Mother of God

by Daniel Ausbun, First Baptist Church, Moreland

As the mother of Jesus, Mary is better known than any other woman in world history and has held a place of highest honor since those days of the manger in Bethlehem.

She was hand-selected by the God of the universe to bring the Son of God, our Savior, into the world and to nurture and care for Him until the day of His death on the cross. She’s the Tiger Woods of motherhood, the standard by which parental excellence is measured.

What we cannot forget is that Mary not only gave birth to Jesus, but she mothered Him from childhood to adulthood and she did everything a devoted mother could do for the Son whom she knew was no ordinary boy.

Christians must be careful not to elevate the role of Mary above what is presented in Scripture. Luke 1:30 records the angel Gabriel saying to Mary, “Do not be afraid, Mary, for you have found favor with God.” God chose Mary to bring His Son into the world. We must be cautious against singling her out as a mediator between God and man or an elevated model of Christian devotion.

There are three common myths regarding Mary. First, nowhere in Scripture does Mary intercede on behalf of those who pray to her. Rather, Luke 1:38 indicates her as the “Lord’s slave.” Second, nowhere in Scripture does it state Mary remained a virgin her entire life. In fact, Matthew 13:55-56 says Jesus had brothers and sisters. A third myth is that nowhere in Scripture does it state Mary was born and lived a sinless life. She was in need of a Savior like all mankind (Luke 2:35).

What was Mary’s relationship with Jesus? A mother. Jesus is a miraculous gift to humanity and the world. He is a gift that comes ultimately from God, but comes through Mary in a way that allows one to say that Jesus’ origins are both human and divine.

Here are three truths we learn from Mary’s life.

Mary protected her Son. From the very moment Jesus was born, His life was in danger. King Herod was on the throne and he sought to destroy Jesus, forcing Mary and Joseph to flee to Egypt. Mary also protected Jesus’ identity. Although Mary knew who Jesus was and who He was to become, she couldn’t tell anyone about all the wonderful, supernatural things she knew about her baby boy. Rather, as Luke 2:19 declares, “But Mary was treasuring up all these things in her heart and meditating on them.”

Mothers today, more than ever, must protect their children. The Devil is winning too many battles in the lives of families. Mothers, protect your son, protect your home, protect your marriage.

A second truth of Mary is she took her children to church. She made worship a priority. Luke 2:41 says, “Every year His parents traveled to Jerusalem for the Passover Festival.” Mothers and fathers will be held accountable for their children’s spiritual upbringing. Mom, don’t be surprised when your son is making bad decisions when he’s a teenager because you failed to bring him to church.

You can’t give your child a spiritual heritage you don’t possess.

A third truth about Mary is she remained by her Son’s side. As Jesus was nailed to the cross, John 19:25 records Mary at Jesus’ side. There will come a day when your grown son needs his mother. If your child is struggling with depression, drugs or divorce – a mother can provide the spiritual leadership and stability her son needs. In fact, she might be the only person. Despite His Crucifixion, Mary remained by her Son’s side.

Mothers, you have the privilege and responsibility to protect your son, take your son to church and remain by your son’s side.

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