Pastor's Corner

Your need for a Messiah

by Daniel Ausbun, First Baptist Church, Moreland

Yesterday the movie ‘Son of God’ opened in theaters throughout America.

The movie chronicles the life of Christ. The movie reminds us that God sent His Son to die for sinners who don’t deserve a Savior. The movie, along with Scripture, displays Jesus Christ as the world’s Messiah.

A “messiah” is a Savior.

When you hear the word, “Messiah” you might think of Handel’s “Hallelujah” chorus. While Handel’s compositions are some of the best-known and most-performed choral works in Western music, the phrase “Messiah” is of great significance.

When someone believes in a “Messiah” they’re acknowledging five needs.

The first “need” is the need to realize they’re lost. Someone cannot be saved until they understand they’re lost.

I once got lost driving to Franklin. It was humbling to stop at a service station somewhere west of Hogansville asking for directions to Franklin. I had been lost for 30 minutes, and wasted gas driving around until I acknowledged my “need” for directions.

The Devil blinds people ino thinking they know their way when in fact they’re lost without the Messiah.

The second “need” is the need of a Savior. Once you realize you’re lost and “need” help, that doesn’t mean you’ll find a Savior.

Matthew 13:19 says one of the things the Devil does is follow along people who begin to realize their need for a Savior and snatches away what was sown in their hearts. The Devil will attempt to remove the belief that you need a Savior. There are many replacements for a Savior.

Counseling, medication, more money, or a new relationship can all replace your “need” for a Savior. As great as technology is, it falls short of meeting man’s greatest need.

The third “need” is the need of change. After you realize you’re lost and need a Savior, you must change. Transformation is the heart of Christianity. God can change any sinner. Paul changed from killing Christians to an eagerness to die for Christ’s name.

When you were confronted with the Gospel, you should have left a different man.

The fourth “need” is the need of response. God takes the initiative, and we respond. The Messiah set the example for us by obeying God (John 15:10). Responding to God is the first step you take to implement change. Having a guilty conscious and feelings are not the response that pleases the Lord.

The fifth “need” is the need of commitment. The Israelites in the Old Testament wavered between worshipping God and Baal. When Christians don’t worship on Sundays, they’re breaking the first and fourth commandments. God demands commitment from His people. He expects you to be committed to Him, His Word, prayer, your marriage, your church — and committed to sharing the Gospel with others.

If the Messiah was committed to dying for you, then you should be committed to Him.

After Peter’s most-famous Pentecost sermon, he urged his listeners to, “Be saved from this corrupt generation!” (Acts 2:40). God sent His Son as Messiah. We need to be saved.

Seventy percent of Americans are lost. We’re the third largest mission field behind China and India. Americans’ greatest need is the realization they’re lost.

The greatest revival of all-time happened when people believed God. Jonah was sent to Nineveh and preached, “In 40 days Nineveh will be demolished” (Jonah 3:4). The Bible says all the people believed God and repented and God saved them from the disaster He had planned (Jonah 3:10). When people believe God they’re saved. Your greatest “need” is spiritual.

The Messiah meets all your needs.

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