Pastor's Corner

The three types of mission fields

by Daniel Ausbun

Missions is the response of a Christ-centered life. Christians develop a burden for those who do not know Christ. There are three types of mission fields.

When most people think of missions, they think of international missions. This can mean, for example, a missionary leaving America to move to a foreign land to tell others about Jesus. This is biblical, and there remain over 3,000 unreached people groups in the world.

There’s a huge need to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth. Matthew 24:14 says the end-of-the-word will not come until the good news of the Kingdom is proclaimed in the entire world.

The second type of mission field is at home. The United States is the fourth largest non-Christian country on earth. Other countries send missionaries to the U.S.

Our country has placed possessions over God’s presence. The U.S. needs God’s presence for revival more than ever.

The third and least expected mission field is the church mission field. Billy Graham claims 70 percent of church members in America are not saved.

Churches are filled with Bible-believing, law-abiding, church members who can never remember a time they were saved.

The reason lost people can attend church their entire lives and never be saved is because churches have put their own priorities in front of reaching the lost. If you attend the majority of churches in America today, you’ll likely never hear words such as, “lost,” “hell,” “evangelism,” “saved” or “repentance.”

Churches have put their own peace over God's purpose.

For example, churches may emphasize the importance of fellowship and comfort while ignoring difficult tasks involved in serving the community and evangelism.

If your church isn’t filled with soulwinners, it’s likely their souls need to be won. In the average Southern Baptist Church, every year only seven people are baptized. I do not believe a church can be too evangelistic. I do not think that we can have too much emphasis on leading people to Christ.

When you stand before God, He will not say quote the 119th Psalm, but He will say who did you bring with you?

Some churches have high-class praise music, while other have dead formal services along with color printed programs — and the world is going by and they don't give a rip. The world is going to hell. Jesus needs a congregation of broken hearts for men and women and boys and girls who need to be saved.

If you're not primarily interested in evangelism, you're making a mockery of the death of Christ. Let’s not find fault in the sinner. Let's love them to the cross. We need some old-fashioned men of God who have gone to Calvary and never gotten over it.

Sometimes the worst thing that can happen at your church is a good fellowship. The three men in the fiery furnace (Daniel 3:23), Paul in prison (Acts 16:23), and Stephen being stoned to death (Acts 8:58) are biblical examples of those who were not comfortably fellowshipping but were right in the middle of God's will.

They paid a price for church attendance.

A lost church member looks exactly like a saved church member (Matthew 13:29). There’s no obvious difference between a lost church member and a saved church member.

The difference is heaven and hell.

A “weed” is a lost church member who gives every appearance to being saved (Matthew 13:25). He’s at church Sunday morning, Sunday evening, Wednesday evening, Sunday School and visitation, but he’s lost. John 6:66 records many disciples could no longer follow Jesus. They followed Him, but didn’t believe in Him.

Some people have made a profession of faith, without a possession of faith. Christ isn’t calling church members to a rededication. You can’t rededicate a life you don’t have.

Christ asks church members everywhere, “Do you possess faith in Me?”

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