East Newnan Baptist Church

Living Pictures tell Jesus' story

by Staff Reports


Choir members prepare to sing as a scene unfolds during Living Pictures at East Newnan Baptist. Among those in the tableau are a centurion (Luke Bowden), left, and Jesus (Jody Thrower), center.

"The Christ, The Cross, The Crown – Living Pictures of Easter 2013" presented the story of Jesus in word, song and tableaux.

The program was staged on the evening of March 23 at East Newnan Baptist Church with a second performance on Palm Sunday. June Harris, who directed Living Pictures, said the program let worshippers "see Easter come alive on stage and hear music that sets the tone for what Easter is all about."

Living Pictures featured music and narration. A large piece of white cloth was at the center of the sanctuary with a light shining on it. During the presentation, the light would dim and a tableau of a scene from the life of Jesus would become visible.

After a moment, the scene would "come to life" with characters moving and interacting. In some cases, characters addressed the audience.

Cast members included – Jesus, Jody Thrower; boy Jesus, Clayton McMillan; Mary, Rachael Bassett; Joseph, Josh McMillan; shepherds, Bradley Croft, Jim Kight; wise men, Don Curlee, Jeff Meese, Spud Shelnutt; centurion, Luke Bowden; bleeding woman, Lauren Oberhelman.

Others in the cast were Richard Bowden, Sydney Bowden, Tony Caldwell, Katelyn Cannon, Don Carroll, Steve Chappell, Rodger Croft, Jimmy Debuc, Teresa Griffin, Hannah Jordan, Margi Latta, John Link, Joel McMichael, Sheryl McMichael, Harley Stewart, Nicholas Wiley and Richard Williams. Pat Harris was the narrator.

Michele Bowden and Mike Ivey sang solo parts. Forming a trio for one song were Shannon Pack, Myrna Pope and Becky Turner.

Sopranos were Linda Beacham, Michele Bowden, Stephanie Cannon, Cindy Carroll, Nancy Curlee, Carolyn Evans, Yvette Landsberg, Vernice Little, Hilda Meadows, Terri Moss, Shannon Pack, Eleanor Shelnutt, Janet Smith, Carol Stewart, Nicole Vallaincourt, Marvis Waller and Diane Williams.

Altos were Amy Bassett, Alisa Caldwell, Teresa Cannon, Nan Groll, Myrna Pope, Carole Raines, Becky Turner and Linda West.

Mike Ivey, Dan Loftin, Ernie Meadows, Alan Sibley and Betty Wessinger sang tenor. Singing bass were James Bassett, Ron Beacham, James Burnett and Pat Harris.

Steve Cannon, Mel Nall and Randy Pope provided technical support. Bethany Sewell was the accompanist for the program, and Evalena Debuc oversaw the costumes for the production.

Pat Latta, pastor of the church, spoke at the end of each program. On March 23, he told the audience that he hoped Living Pictures had "pointed you to the Lamb of God" and shown the significance of Jesus' "sacrificial death on the cross and his shed blood."

Jesus "is the redeemer and the savior of all mankind," Latta said. "We hope you have seen and experienced the living Lord."

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