Most Recent Polls

Published 4/17/2015

Would you like to see Hillary Clinton win the democratic nomination?

  • Yes 115
  • No 421
  • I'm not sure 26

Published 4/16/2015

Do you think wealthy individuals have it easy in jail?

  • Yes 190
  • No 37
  • Maybe if they're celebs 100
  • I'm not sure 20

Published 4/15/2015

Is it a good idea to remove Cuba from the list of countries that support terrorism?

  • Yes 78
  • No 181
  • I'm not sure 36

Published 4/14/2015

Do you want companies like Amazon delivering items by drone in your neighborhood?

  • Yes, great idea! 59
  • It could work 48
  • I'm very skeptical 104
  • No, terrible idea! 255

Published 4/13/2015

Are you excited about any of the likely presidential candidates?

  • Yes, I'm a Hillary Clinton fan 92
  • Yes, I'm a Jeb Bush backer 63
  • Yes, I like Marco Rubio 95
  • Yes, I support Rand Paul 69
  • No, I'm not interested in any of the candidates so far 217

Should pupils be allowed to sue for compensation if they suffer injuries at school?


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