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Published 5/23/2015

Are you staying home or leaving town for Memorial Day weekend?

  • Staying home 265
  • Leaving town 29

Published 5/22/2015

Should perpetrators of domestic violence be allowed to legally possess a firearm?

  • Yes 46
  • No 296
  • I'm not sure 24

Published 5/21/2015

Has the airbag on your vehicle been recalled?

  • Yes, I replaced it 14
  • Yes, but I haven't replaced it 20
  • No 161
  • I'm not sure 140

Published 5/20/2015

Are you guilty of driving too slowly, blocking other drivers in the passing lane?

  • No, I keep to the right 245
  • No, I'm usually speeding 163
  • Occasionally 51
  • Often, and I don't care! 12

Published 5/19/2015

How should the U.S. respond to Islamic State's aggression in Iraq?

  • Keep up airstrikes 137
  • Send in Special Forces 78
  • Send lots of ground troops 37
  • Let Islamic State have Iraq 77

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