Most Recent Polls

Published 4/15/2014

How concerned are you about the problem of bullying?

  • Very concerned 214
  • Somewhat concerned 107
  • Not at all concerned 73

Published 4/14/2014

Do you have a land-based home telephone?

  • Yes 274
  • No 202

Published 4/13/2014

Where do you usually take your car for major repairs?

  • Local private shop 253
  • My dealer 128
  • Specialty shop 17
  • I do it myself 73
  • I don't have a car 6

Published 4/11/2014

How frequently do you vote in local, state, and federal elections?

  • Only in major elections 68
  • Always 186
  • Rarely/Never 27

Published 4/10/2014

How concerned are you right now about the quality of public infrastructure (roads, bridges, water, sewers, etc) where you live?

  • Very concerned 83
  • Somewhat concerned 87
  • Not at all concerned 100

Do you currently have an IRA, pension plan, or other retirement fund?


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