Published Thursday, July 04, 2013

Arrest Log

June 26

Esthela Alejandra Briggs, 22, DUI, FTML, CCSO

Jessica Marie McElwaney, 29, HOA

Anethia Marshey Blandenburg, 30, VOP, NPRB

Raleigh Scott LaPlant, 30, HOA

Justin Dean Windham, 26, possession of meth, removing license plate, CCSO

Demitria Shay Armstrong, 24, VOP, CPRB

Nicholas Marshall, 19, VOP, CPRB

Brandi Turner, 28, VOP, NPRB

Gary McElwaney, 37, obstruction of officers, aggressive driving, reckless driving, fleeing/attempting, no taillights, VOP, CCSO

Rodger Swendenbug, 38, VGCSA marijuana, speeding, CCSO

Morris Tucker, 31, possession of marijuana with intent, suspended/revoked license, improper display of license plate, following too closely, GSP

Carvin Young, Jr., 56, HOA, GSP

Roderick Ramon Bray, 24, trespassing, driving without license, possession of marijuana, DUI

June 27

Traon Manuel Moss, 18, burglary 1st degree, forceable entry, CCSO

Rosendo Matez Key, 18, burglary 1st degree, CCSO

Gary Scott, 46, possession of marijuana, CCSO

Katrina Renee Potts, 29, possession of narcotics with intent, NPD

Demorris Anton Hayes, 23, possession of marijuana with intent, NPD

Michelle Lydia Hunt, 32, simple battery, criminal trespass, SPD

Patricia Borjas-Duran, 30, driving without license, defective equipment, CCSO

Nakia Bernard Dix, 38, VOP, CPRB

Sergio Samoan Jackson, 28, FTA, suspended license, giving false name, CCSO

Justin Amey, 22, VGCSA marijuana, VOP, NPD

Robert Brandon Crawford, 30, open container, no proof of insurance, DUI, CCSO

Labrendo Richardson, 48, VOP, CCSO

Kajuan David Griffin, 25, FTA, NPD

June 28

Anthony Milton Eason, 29, suspended license, no tag, CCSO

Levette LaChawn Moore, 37, VOP, NPD

Brandon Alexander Tasker, 22, DUI, speeding, no proof of insurance, CCSO

Jamie Leigh Gatlin, 37, HOA, CCSO

William George Baughcum, 45, shoplifiting, CCSO

Kelsey Mechelle Lowery, 17, possession of marijuana, seat belt violation, NPD

Ashley Keshea Martin, 24, suspended registration, no license

Sheridan Christine Hand, 23, VOP, CCSO

Jeremy Jerome Swindle, 21, VOP, NPD

Jonathan Wade Dilbeck, 32, fugitive from justice, NPD

Demarcus Edward Rosser, 21, VOP, CCSO

Julio Ramiro Tzoy Velasquez, 25, driving without a license, speeding, too fast for conditions, CCSO

Jonathan Duran Truitt, 29, VOP, STPR

Joseph Dennis Robinson, 19, marijuana possession, seat belt violation, CCSO

Roderick Montaeus Walker, 18, VOP, CPRB

Jamie Juarez, 45, no proof of insurance, CCSO

Timmy Lynn Baswell, 40, VOP, CPRB

Rafael Sevon Minniefield, 22, interfering with police, NPD

Charles Eldon Garner, 28, suspended license, failure to stop, CCSO

Demorris Antonis Hayes, 23, VGCSA possession of marijuana with intent, NPD

Ricardo Herrera Fernandez, 32, FTML, driving without license, NPD

Zachary Michael Nye, 22, possession of meth with intent, sale of meth, forgery 2nd degree, CCSO

June 29

Embry Owen Robinson Jr., VOP, FTA, NPD

Timothy Scott Baker, 50, child molestation, CCSO

Cindy Denise Wells, 48, DUI drugs, open container expired tag, CCSO

Magdaleno Vazquez Salas, 36, no headlights, driving without license, NPD

James Dewayne Harrison, 35, resisting/interfering with officers, driving without license, stop sign violation

Michael Sanford Murray, 52, possession of marijuana, possession of cocaine, possession of heroin, DUI, FTML, reckless driving, CCSO

Zeferino Huesca, 54, failure to yield, driving without license, CCSO

Gregory Wayne Clark, 49, public drunk, CCSO

Ji Hye Kang, 27, DUI, FTML, NPD

Sarah Latrice Beadles, 27, resisting/interfering with officers, marijuana possession, child restrain violation, NPD

Holsey Gray IV, DUI, DUI endangering child, suspended/revoked license

Brie Nichel Hill, 23, suspended license, operating vehicle without valid tag, NPD

Joseph Campbell, 53, possession of cocaine, obstruction, SPD

Antonio Duran Sanchez, 31, DUI, suspended registration, open container, CCSO

June 30

Adrian Cantrell Sheffield, 39, suspended license, head light requirement, possession of marijuana, possession of cocaine, drug related objects, CCSO

Renny Clark Pope, 57, possession of meth, drug related objects, DUI drugs, FTML, CCSO

Ramirez David Garibay, 24, possession of marijuana with intent, SPD

Rodrigo Andre Gomez-Nunez, 23, suspended license, CCSO

Austin Chance Whitaker, 19, VOP

Ashton Danquez Geter, 20, possession of marijuana, burglary first degree, NPD

John Alfred Bridges, Jr., VOP

Tavorrus Antuwane Smith, 25, burglary, NPD

Derrick Richard Mitchell, 25, stalking, NPD

Gary Lamar Smith, Jr., 32, FTA

Marco Chamorro Lopez, 22, window tint, driving without license, GPD

Shari Lynn Lassiter, 43, possession of meth, drug related objects, CCSO

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