Published Wednesday, June 05, 2013

May 1:

James Dennis, 58, VOP, CPRB

Reginald Joe Harris, 42, VOP

Anthony Neal Chunn, 49, DUI, leaving scene of accident, SPD

William J.C. Carroll III, criminal trespass, CCSO

Billy Joe Harris, 41, VOP, CCSO

Matthew James Cook, 25, VOP, CCSO

Jeremy Dewayne Thompson, 37, HOA, CCSO

Anna Bertha Perez, 40, DUI, FTML, NPD

Deretha R. Alford, 49, suspended license, NPD

Raleigh Scott Laplant, 30, ID fraud, theft by receiving stolen property, CCSO

Eduardo Rodriguez-Tlapa, 28, HOA, NPD

Luis Carlos Lora, 47, HOA, NPD

Tammy Lee Thompson Jr., 35, VOP, probation office

Leonel Cruz, 24, no license, no taillights, GSP

Bobby Surles, 56, HOA

Cynthia H. Otero, 55, obstruction, CCSO

May 2:

Christopher Allen Hendrix, 48, battery, cruelty to person over 65, CCSO

Lakonia Shareys Smith, 23, suspended license, no tag light, CCSO

Jacqueline Michell Alonso, 28, DUI, window tint, possession of narcotics with intent, interfering w/government property, GPD

Elequiel Duttero, 22, DUI, wrong side of road, no valid tag, reckless driving, GSP

Antonio K. Bailey, 37, entering auto - three counts, criminal trespass

Kelly Michelle Garlington, 24, shoplifting

Ramon Rodriquez-Hernandez, 35 driving without license, GPD

Ronald Eugene Arnold, driving w/o license, failure to yield, no valid tag, CCSO

Racquel Denise Jones, 27, suspended license, speeding, GPD

Christian Battistini, 45, battery, CCSO

May 3:

Michael Kevin Stewart, 50, battery, CCSO

Charles Rush Harper, 22, DUI, FTML, open  container, CCSO

Dexter Lamartez Alford, 24, DUI, marijuana possession

Kandis Kathryn Craft, 32, VOP, CCSO

Antwone Anderson Hill, 21, suspended license, CCSO

Arthur Tillman Smith, 49, FTA, CCSO

Julie Kate Nix, 33, narcotics possession, marijuana possession, firearms possession, CCSO

Jeffery Dandre Smith, 44, suspended license, CCSO

Myrle Ray Parrott, 58, possession of narcotics, possession firers during commission of crime, CCSO

Michael Howard Davis, 40, possession narcotics, possession firearm, possession marijuana, CCSO

Sonja Melinda Jones, 40, possession narcotics, CCSO

James Hamilton Munson, 23, DUI, GPD

Johnnie Madison Gable, 50, VOP, CCSO

Toni Rene Kersh, 54, VOP, probation office

Lori Ann Bonner, 51, shoplifting, NPD

Daniel Quinton Onazine, 21, VOP, probation office

Gladis Morales-Cruz, 34, driving without license

Walter Scott Willis Jr., 46, shoplifting, NPD

Luis Alberto Molina-Crisanto, 27, speeding, FTML, driving without license, CCSO

Catrina Nashay Florence, 31, possession marijuana, CCSO

Barry Crawford Ogletree, 46, possession cocaine, forgery, CCSO

Anthony Malone Moreland, 52, no proof insurance, no valid tag, removing ID from engine, CCSO

Vinson Perez Sims, 32, suspended/revoked license, possession marijuana, GSP

May 4:

Zharia Raquel Huling, 17, possession marijuana, GSP

Jasmine-Dawn Amber Harris, 19, possession alcohol under 21, NPD

Jose Leonin Rachez, 28, aggravated stalking, criminal trespass, assault, suspended registration, no insurance, NPD

Kimberly Star Rorie, 30, DUI, open container, suspended license, CCSO

Leonard Richard Jones, Jr., 29, VOP, probation office

JoLana Pamela Gil Aristry, 23, suspended license, too fast for conditions, CCSO

May 5:

Alexander Stacey Henderson, 44, DUI, headlights required, NPD

Gerald Wayne Breedlove, 49, HOA, NPD

Mark Anthony Wallace, 26, DUI, CCSO

Chauncey Orlando Gore, 21, HOA, CCSO

Antoinio Calderon, 33, driving without license, no tag light, CCSO

Pierre Whatley, 24, suspended license, safety belts required, GSP

Jonathan Thrower, 20, alcohol under 21, NPD

Nicole Calderon, 20, alcohol under 21, NPD

Christopher Harper, 41, burglary, obstruction, NPD.

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