Published Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Arrest Log

July 11

Abed Elrahman Said, 19, minor in possession of alcohol, CCSO

Demorrio Marques Fuller, 26, obstruction, possession of marijuana, suspended registration, no taillights, windshield wipers required, CCSO

Kyle Alexander Keene, 17, obstruction, minor in possession of alcohol, CCSO

Michael Brian Henry Martin, 28, public drunkenness, CCSO

Terrance De'Shawn Dawson, 21, VGCSA sale of marijuana, NPD

Seth Hunter Stricklin, 18, VGCSA possession of narcotics, minor in possession of alcohol, CCSO

Bryan Michael Loving, 24, VOP, NPRB

Gaige Michael Han, 17, disorderly house, possession of marijuana, CCSO

Jeffery Ryan Kingcaid, 40, DUI less safe, open container, impeding flow of traffic, headlights required, GPD

Adrien Dominique Fontenot, 19, VOP, NPRB

Antanell Latrice Jones, 34, HOA

Stephanie Anata Anderson, 29, VOP, CPRB

Victoria Dennise Turner, 32, VOP, CPRB

Shelby Amanda Wacaster, 28, VOP, CCSO

Jordan Garrett Archer, 23, giving false name, driving without license, FTML, texting while driving, CCSO

Catlin Renee Dewberry, 18, FTA, NPD

Eric Blue Scara, 38, suspended license, speeding, FTA - two counts, DUI, no brake lights, CCSO

Debra Vanessa Florence, 46, suspended license, no brake lights, CCSO

Derrick Reshard Mitchell, 25, VOP, CCSO

Gabriel Joshua, 33, possession of marijuana with intent, possession of cocaine with intent, illegal materials, window tint, CCSO

Raul Flores, 23, suspended license, suspended registration, no proof of insurance, removing/affixing license plate to conceal identity, CCSO

Anfernee Bernard Warner, 19, suspended license, windshields and windshield wipers required, CCSO

July 12

Gregory Lee Major, 40, burglary 2nd degree, VOP, CCSO

Rodney Alfreddie Epps, 25, VOP, CCSO

Robert Lamar Oglesby, 36, stalking

Leslie Eugene Higginbotham, 28, battery, NPD

Sammy Lee Mims Jr., 21, VOP, CCSO

Jessie Nichole Bishop, 21, battery, FVA, CCSO

Jolandis Rashun Walker, 19, possession of marijuana with intent, CCSO

Clarissa Nicole Leon, 19, possession of marijuana with intent, CCSO

Robert Vernum Taylor, Jr., 26 possession of marijuana, NPD

Christopher Anthony Michaels, 25, DUI, possession of marijuana, possession of drug related objects, GPD

Cody Martin Fagundes, 23, speeding, fleeing/attempt to elude, no tag, reckless driving, CCSO

William Lewis Liver, 69, reckless driving, defective equipment, unable to read or speak Engish, CCSO

Maria Hannah Story, 51, suspended license, CCSO

Stanley Ellison, 54, soliciting, NPD

Anthony Britt, 21, criminal trespass, FVA, CCSO

Terry Warren, 40, VOP, CPRB

Mario Quentez Barnes, 23, possession of marijuana, NPD

Shanna Gabrielle Sheets, 19, suspended license, CCSO

Karl Daniel Golden, 36, possession of marijuana, CCSO

Travis Sentrell Hill, 34, HOA, GSP

Daniel Dairell Zeigler, 23, forgery 2nd degree - two counts, seat belt violation, CCSO

Elexis Nichole Barnes, 27, HOA, GSP

July 13

Robert Michael McClendon, 54, suspended license, speeding, CCSO

Joseph Earl Cates, 41, possession of meth, possession of Xanax, CCSO

Kayla Faye Furlong, 23, FTA, CCSO

Mildred Coltrain Brookshire, 50, FTA, CCSO

Guy Stephen Okelley, 66, possession of marijuana with intent, CCSO

Richard Mark Vining, 48, possession of marijuana with intent, CCSO

Jonathan Enrique Nunez-Perez, 28, DUI, foreign warrant, NPD

Juan Guvarra Martinez, 58, pedestrian under the influence, NPD

Arthur Jayshonn Vaughn, 22, battery, NPD

Bonnie Latham, 24, DUI, FTML, hit and run, NPD

William Martinez-Portella, 27, resisting officers, public drunkenness, NPD

Rodriguez Leonard King, 22, possession of marijuana, contributing to minor, criminal trespass, CCSO

Derrick Dequan Mayes, 28, criminal trespass, contributing to minor, CCSO

Telly Marquis Connally Jr., 18, criminal trespass, contributing to minor, CCSO

Nathan Allen Davis, 34, simple assault, simple battery, CCSO

July 14

John Frank Guthrie, 49, DUI, FTML, CCSO

Logan Russell Kimsey, 26, DUI, FTML, CCSO

William Keith Ragan, 23, DUI, FTML, CCSO

Nancy Carol Gossett, 59, DUI less safe, FTML

Shanika Lashay Reese, 35, shoplifting

Chandra Ray Perry, 36, speeding, driving without license, GSP

Marquavious Dejua Dixon, 31, speeding, driving without license, GSP

Maria Nancy Mendez-Adams, 34, stop sign violation, driving without license, NPD

Daniel Richard Bantly, 28, DUI, CCSO

July 15

Kyle Martin Lookloy, 19, simple assault, criminal trespass, obstruction, CCSO

Darnell Massey Jr., 34, possession of meth, CCSO

Kendrick R Martin, 25, aggravated assault with weapon, possession of firearm by convicted felon, NPD

Richard Banen Glazier, 28, speeding, fleeing, CCSO

Gary Lewis Richardson, 54, VOP

Jeremy Michael Ashline, 33, possession of marijuana, CCSO

Luz Maria Cruz-Raynia, 36, window tint, driving without license, GPD

Donald Eugene Bolt, 31, VOP, CCSO

Tara Ann Williams, 30, theft by receiving, CCSO

Veronica Lee Daniels, 34, HOA, theft by receiving, theft by deception, forgery 1st degree, CCSO

Marcus Devon Jones, 24, suspended license, DUI less safe

Brenton William McCarley, 28, theft by receiving, CCSO

Christopher Keith Hudson, 20, criminal trespass, CCSO

Laron Dakota Whitener, 25, theft by receiving, NPD

Isom King, Jr., 49, HOA, theft by receiving, theft by deception, NPD

Swayae Roselouise Carlisle, HOA

Del Lynn Gilley, 32, theft by receiving, NPD

Lavarius Quinte Barnes, 35, VGCSA possession of narcotics with intent

Candace Janine Graham, 31, HOA, GPD

Robin Marie Smith, 35, HOA, CCSO.

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