Published Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Arrest Log

July 1 

Lovie Lee Ann Rowles, 32, suspended license, CCSO

Juan Jose Galvis, 19, possession of marijuana, headlights required, CCSO 

Emmachalyne Lasharon McMurray, 22, VOP 

April Christine Kendzierki, 36, HOA, CCSO 

Christopher Fraley, 43, DUI, following too closely, GSP 

Theresa Jean Farr-Sheehan, 44, VOP 

Kelcey Jermaine Bolton, 37, VOP 

Tondelia Y Brown, 44, FTA, CCSO 

Brittany Renee Jordan, 17, shoplifting, NPD 

Frankie Ann Peppers, 29, VOP, STPR 

Susan Fay Barnett, 42, shoplifting, CCSO 

Melissa Mary Edwards, 42, VOP, CCSO 

Earl Quitman Deand, Jr., 35, speeding, improper turn, reckless driving, DUI, open container, GSP 

George David Maines, 52, suspended/revoked license, operating vehicle without registration/valid tag, NPD 

Melissa Dennis Wright, 52, suspended license, CCSO 

Ryan Christopher Teique, 20, HOA, NPD 

Booker T Barber, 57, DUI, speeding, seat belt violation, GSP

July 2 

Gwendolyn Michelle Tolbert, 40, VGCSA possession of narcotics with intent, VGCSA possession of marijuana, CCSO 

Stanley Lamar Baker, Jr., 21, driving without license, VOP, STPR 

Marquis Malik Jennings, 17, DUI less safe, FTML, improper turn, GSP 

Veronica Tiara Smith, 32, simple battery, NPD Kellie Marie Long, 39, headlights required, child restraint, suspended/revoked license, GSP 

Tatiana Jaritava Barnes, 26, VOP, NPRB 

Johnny Clayton Slaton, 26, simple battery, NPD 

Joel Anthony Albright, 55, suspended license, simple battery, FVA, NPD 

Devin William Powell, 27, VOP 

Debra Lee Phillips, 59, VOP 

Michael Christian Baber, 19, VOP 

Vivian Jackson, 21, VGCSA possession of marijuana, CCSO 

Ryan Alan Bunder, 32, DUI less safe, no proof of insurance, unregistered/unlicensed vehicle, CCSO 

Mark Eric Smith, 35, aggravated battery - hands, feet, fist, child cruelty x2, NPD 

Tyler Terrell Jackson, 19, VGCSA possession of marijuana, CCSO 

James Jeremy Lee, 34, VGCSA possession of marijuana, CCSO 

Charles Rexwell Rogers III, 38, VGCSA possession of marijuana, following too closely, suspended/revoked license, CCSO 

Christopher James Umbach, 38, VGCSA possession/manufacturing marijuana with intent, CCSO 

Megan Nicole White, 26, VGCSA possession/manufacturing marijuana with intent, CCSO 

Nickalus Richard White, 33, VGCSA possession/manufacturing of marijuana with intent, CCSO 

Guangxiong Xiong Ye, 44, speeding, attempting to flee, elude police, NPD 

Eric Arthur Barnes, 47, HOA Randy Erin McAfee, 43, suspended revoked license, CCSO 

Justin Dan Huggins, 25, no proof of insurance, CCSO 

James Elwin Brooks, 66, DUI, open container, impeding flow of traffic, CCSO 

Horace Benjamin Geter, Jr., 48, resisting/interfering with officers, NPD 

Sarah Lorene Milam, 23, entering auto to commit theft, CCSO 

Kevin Trevor McGinty, 36, VOP, possession of cocaine, theft by taking, NPRB 

Jeffery Gibbs, HOA, NPD

July 3 

Stephanie Michelle Blalock, 33, false statements and writings, CCSO 

Dino Ray Lester, 53, suspended/revoked license, CCSO 

John Wesley Buhs, 24, VGCSA marijuana possession, suspended license, driving without headlights, Newnan VOP, CCSO 

Brandon Russell Robinson, 24, VOP, CPRB 

Gary Byron McClain Jr., 18, shoplifting, NPD 

Heather Claudine South, 24, FTA, invalid tag, NPD 

William Herold Postelle III, 22, no insurance, suspended registration, CCSO 

Darcella Pollard, 46, battery, criminal trespass, NPD 

Bryon Keith Randle, 41, suspended license, speeding, GSP 

Calvin Roberts, 35, possession of cocaine with intent, possession of marijuana, NPD 

Bernard Marquise Arnold, Jr., 30 possession of marijuana with intent, possession of cocaine with intent, possession of ecstasy, obstruction, NPD

July 4 

Craig Andrew Large, 32, no registration, no insurance, removing affixing license plate, suspended license, CCSO 

Hannaly Jones, 36, obstruction, CCSO 

Hunter Ross Williams, 22, simple battery, obstruction, possession of narcotics with intent x2, CCSO 

Kaesha Shequera Alford, 25, VOP, CPRB 

Juanna Janate Heflin, 24, shoplifting, leaving scene of accident, CCSO 

Charles Richard Wilkes, 66, possession of crack/cocaine, possession of drug related objects, NPD 

Sara Elaine Rubery, 26, DUI, FTML, too fast for conditions, GSP

July 5 Robert Adams, 59, VOP, giving false name, CCSO 

Jerry Delaney Henderson, 25, possession of marijuana, CCSO 

Nicholas Arnez Hand, 34, DUI, FTML, too fast for conditions, CCSO 

Sheri Hanes McKnight, 47, DUI less safe, FTML, GSP 

Tafaraya Lynn Rodriquez, 43, suspended registration/license, FTA, VOP, NPD 

Jimmy Lee Adams, 51, obstruction, suspended license, operating vehicle without valid tag, CCSO 

Robert Keith Carter, 48, disorderly conduct, GPD 

Jessica Nichole Dennis, 25, following too closely, no proof of insurance, DUI, NPD 

Charles Howard Turner, Jr., 39, possession of marijuana with intent, possession of cocaine, possession of meth, CCSO 

Christopher Raymone Reeves, 34, possession of marijuana with intent, possession of cocaine, possession of meth, giving false information, CCSO 

Willandria Shanique Jackson, 24, VGCSA possession of marijuana, VGCSA possession of narcotics x2, CCSO 

Jose Luis Sanchez, 22, DUI, FTML, SPD 

Ramond Rashard Ball, 20, possession of marijuana, possession of narcotics, possession of tools for commission of a crime, drugs not kept in organized container, NPD 

Moises Santiago-Sanchez, 25, open container, SPD 

Darlene Johnson, 46, disorderly conduct, NPD 

Jeramy Shanon Richardson, 34, FTML, DUI, GSP 

Antonio Rodriquez Jones, 30, HOA 

Loraine Wilson, 58, possession of marijuana, CCSO 

Bridget Lorraine Simon, 33, possession of marijuana, possession of cocaine, CCSO 

Billy Ray Davis, 58, driving without license, NPD Jemarcus A Florence, 17, shoplifting, NPD 

William Matthew Agan, 27, VOP, CCSO 

William Danny Ellard, 36, VOP, CCSO 

Hannah Lynn Buekman, 21, disorderly conduct, CCSO 

Jeffery Smith, 51, simple battery, interfering with calls for emergency assistance 

Gustavo Vega, 31, possession of firearm by convicted felon, child restraint violation, window tint, CCSO 

Roy Thomas Horsley, 22, shoplifting, NPD 

Dylan Thomas Hester, 17, VGCSA possession of marijuana with intent 

Julio Jujuan James, 23, battery simple, NPD.

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