Published Saturday, March 30, 2013

Restaurant Inspections

The Coweta Board of Environmental Health inspects all Coweta restaurants, schools and businesses that serve food several times each year.

• Starbucks in Kroger, 3150 Hwy. 34 East, was inspected March 7. Current score 96-A. Previous scores 95-A on July 16, 2012, and 99-A on Oct. 16, 2011. Inspector’s comments: Handwash sink blocked, no soap available. Do not store any utensils in dry water well.

• Subway, 1010C Hwy. 34 E., was inspected March 14. Current score 97-A. Previous scores 91-A on Aug. 9, 2012, and 99-A on Jan. 9, 2012. Inspector’s comments: Steak 50.5 degrees F. on top in pan, stacked high in pan prevents proper cooling, steak in bottom of pan 41 degrees F.

• Valley Innovative at Sheriff’s Dept., 560 Greison Trail, Newnan, was inspected March 5. Current score 92-A. Previous scores 84-B on July 31, 2012, and 79-C on Dec. 14, 2011. Inspector’s comments: Dishwasher not sanitizing, dried meat on slicer - corrected. Split gaskets on cooler doors, exposed insulation on pipes near prep sinks. Leak at dishwasher pipe and drain pipes of prep sink. Cracked, missing floor tiles, peeling tape on ceiling.

• China One, 485 Jackson Street, Suite 109, Newnan, was inspected March 15. Current score 93-A. Previous scores 95-A on July 20, 2012, and 91-A on Nov. 18, 2011. Inspector’s comments: Apron in handwashing sink. Container of broccoli on floor in walk-in cooler, buckets on floor, too. Container of sanitizer not available for use in kitchen, wiping cloths not returned to container often enough.

• Fiesta Grill, 45-C Newnan Station, was inspected March 21. Current score 97-A. Previous scores 95-A on Aug. 6, 2012, and 99-A on Dec. 1, 2011. Inspector’s comments: Scoop handles in dry rice & beans. Dust on fans in walk-in cooler, clean under shelves. Stained ceiling tiles in storage rooms.

• Red Lobster, 990 Bullsboro Drive, Newnan, was inspected March 20. Current score 98-A. Previous scores 95-A on Aug. 7, 2012, and 99-A on Dec. 1, 2011. Inspector’s comments: Scoop handle in product. Dumpster lid open, trash around outside of dumpster.

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