Published Friday, December 28, 2012

Vote Congress out of office

What a mess we have gotten ourselves into.

Yes, we all are to blame for the mess we are in.

The Congress has a favorable OK from only nine percent in a recent poll, yet we keep sending them back to do the government’s business.

They have it so good, they won’t put the country above their own welfare.

It will not get any better unless we, the majority, vote them out of office and really do it no matter what party they belong to.

The House is much worse than the Senate.

What will it take to straighten this mess out?

We must write our congressmen and congresswomen and let them know they won’t get our vote as long as they put their own interests first.

If they let us go over the cliff, I am willing to join a large group made up of both parties and march on Washington at my own expense if that is the only way.

Where are the independent candidates? The country needs you now.

Floyd Hillis, Senoia

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