Published Friday, December 21, 2012

Our nation is Godless

What have we become?

The horror of the massacre of innocent children and the teachers who sought to defend them is numbing.

Words fail to comfort the sorrow and grief we feel as a people.

Great evil came and ended so many innocent lives.

People seek to understand, to seek some answer that makes sense.

I see a nation who has become godless.

God has been driven out of schools, the public arena. Suits are filed against Christmas Nativity scenes, and churches are told to keep their beliefs behind closed doors.

When there is a spiritual vacuum something will fill it and that something is the devil with his great evil. He comes to kill, steal and destroy.

We see consciences seared by the extremely violent, bloody movies coming out of Hollywood.

We see reality and sensitivity erased in our youth by violent video games that maim, kill and are full of blood. We can now kill without conscience.

When God is removed, you have a people without restraint to do whatever their self-will demands, twisted and evil as it may be. If additional legislation is needed, direct it toward the entertainment industry that depicts violence.

Sandra Kanode, Newnan

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