Published Sunday, November 11, 2012

Back to normal?

Now that the presidential election is finally over and done with, I have heard some say, “Well, now maybe we can get back to normal.”

Get back to normal?

That is asking an awful lot.

In fact, it is requesting the impossible.

The fact is, we cannot go back to normal. We never were there in the first place.

Furthermore, it is actually wishing to go back to something that was never there.

Well, some might argue, I’ll settle for the “good old days.”

That’s not easy to accomplish, either.

The so-called “good old days” were once just the bad old days when many were wishing, as we are now, for the good old days.

However, please don’t misunderstand me. I do not minimize the perils of our day.

All things considered, these are perilous and, for many, hard times.

Looking back at the Great Depression, I found a quotation from Hambone, the old philosopher: “You just don’t know how bad things is — I may have to go back to preaching. I has preached before, and I ain’t too good to do it again.”

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