Published Sunday, October 07, 2012

• American Deli, 1053 Bullsboro Drive, Newnan, was inspected Sept. 27. Current score 95-A. Previous scores 94-A on Feb. 1, and 97-A on July 20, 2011. Inspector’s comments: Cole slaw out of date - package date 9/17/12, not dated when opened. Date marking not on many meats, must date when opened and prepared. Rice spoon set out at room temp, must keep it in hot water — 135 degrees or above or in cold water 41 degrees or below, or keep track of time and change out. Watch scoop handles in product. Single serve cups stacked too high and not in sleeves.

• McDonald’s, 3190 Highway 34 East, Newnan, was inspected Sept. 25. Current score 85-B. Previous scores 97-A on Jan. 10 and 92-A on May 2, 2011. Tomatoes, onions on prep line and not properly timed, hot holding unit for all meats not timing correctly. Not everyone had proper hair restraints, some watches/bracelets. Flies present.

• NCG Cinemas, 55 Fischer Crossing Blvd., was inspected Sept. 27. Current score 96-A. Previous scores 94-A on Jan. 31, and 92-A on June 23, 2011. Inspector’s comments: Some boxes of single serve articles stored on floor, must be stored 6” at least up for proper floor cleaning without contamination. Single serve articles stored on shelves without protective sleeves.

• Newnan Country Club, 1356 U.S. Highway 29, was inspected Sept. 26. Current score 84-B. Previous scores: 92-A on Jan. 5, and 89-B on May 25, 2011. Inspector’s comments: Employee handling lettuce without gloves on. Both can openers have buildup, deflector shield of ice machine downstairs has mold/mildew. Open bags of product in dry storage. Wet wiping cloth left on cutting board — not returned to sanitizer.

• Olive Garden, 212 Newnan Crossing Bypass, Newnan, was inspected Sept. 25. Current score 95-A. Previous scores: 90-A Jan. 4, and 94-A April 5, 2011. Inspector’s comments: Open bag on shelf in dry storage, some mold on deflector shields of ice machine. Neither bathroom had employee must wash hands sign. Pans were wet stacked.

• Sequoia/ SummerGrove, 335 SummerGrove Parkway, Newnan, was inspected Sept. 27. Current score 93-A. Previous scores 95-A on Jan. 5 and 95-A May 5, 2011. Inspector’s comments: Rinse temp not reaching 180 degrees, can opener has particle buildup. Keep wet wiping cloths in sanitizer.

• Waffle House, 15 Glenda Trace, was inspected Sept. 25. Current score 84-B. Previous scores 89-B on Jan. 10 and 95-A on May 3, 2011. Inspector’s comments: Product in lift-tip cooler — tomatoes 60 degrees, ham 59 degrees, butter and cheese in walk-in 45 degrees. Mold on drop shield of ice machine. Light shield missing in dry storage area. Roaches present.

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