Published Thursday, August 23, 2012

National Smile Day this week

According to what I have read and heard, National Smile Day was observed about 48 hours ago.

I was totally in favor of it.

Talk about life’s essentials, if we ever needed to smile, it is now.

Among the quotations that I like pertaining to smiles are these: “A face that cannot smile is never a happy face.”

True. And I like a child’s definition in a book of what a smile is: “It is the first whisper of a laugh.”

Mark Twain said: “Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been.”

I recall old-time parents speaking to their children who were working hard at bringing forth a serious frown.

“My! My! What a terrible frown! I hope your face doesn’t get stuck in that position!”

Just from looking around and observing people, it could be that some few adults may have carried over their frowns all the way from childhood.

They seem to be so experienced at frowning.

One of the great themes of National Smile Day was: Pass around extra smiles to others.

I do know from my experience and that of many others that if you do it right, you cannot run out of smiles. Fact is, the more smiles you give away, the more you receive from others.

As one old fellow said, “Keep on smiling. It will make people wonder what you are up to.”

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