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Published 9/3/2015

Should the federal government continue to give tax credits and subsidies to the wind power industry?

  • Yes 74
  • No 131
  • No, end all energy sector subsidies 48
  • No, the government should leave the energy sector alone and end support for failed technologies 42
  • No, traditional energy sources including oil, coal and nuclear power will be reliable energy sources for many years to come 15
  • Yes, the future of our economy relies on the creation of jobs in sustainable energy 37
  • Yes, the wind power industry is an important alternative to coal and natural gas 45

Published 9/1/2015

Should the U.S. expand offshore oil drilling?

  • Yes 273
  • No 43
  • Nationalize the energy sector 8
  • Incentivize the private sector to develop alternative forms of energy 35
  • Deregulate and let the free market determine the best energy sources 38
  • No, but maintain our current offshore oil wells 21
  • No, end all offshore oil drilling 13

Published 8/31/2015

Should the United States require labeling of genetically engineered foods?

  • Yes 247
  • No 21
  • Yes, and ban all genetically modified foods 57
  • Yes, consumers have a right to know what is in their food 148
  • Yes, I trust the science of responsible food engineering but I don't trust the motives of the food companies 11
  • No, there is broad scientific consensus that GMO foods pose no greater risk over conventional food 8
  • No, we have selectively bred crops for thousands of years and labeling GMO foods adds an unfounded stigma to the science 29

Published 8/29/2015

Do you support the use of hydraulic fracking to extract oil and natural gas resources?

  • Yes 202
  • No 51
  • Yes, but increase oversight 36
  • Yes, but not in heavily populated areas 20
  • No, more research is needed to measure the long term effects of fracking 30
  • No, we should pursue more sustainable energy sources instead 46

Published 8/27/2015

Should National Parks continue to be preserved and protected by the federal government?

  • Yes 284
  • No 16
  • Yes, but allow more public access 88
  • Yes, but allow limited logging, drilling, and mining 42
  • Yes, and expand the government's domain to protect more land 30
  • No, there is no reason for the government to own so much land 52

Should employers be required to pay men and women, who perform the same work, the same salary?


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