Most Recent Polls

Published 4/24/2015

Who do you trust more, elected Republicans or elected Democrats?

  • Republicans 254
  • Democrats 72
  • Neither 254
  • I don't know 6

Published 4/23/2015

Should We Continue to Prosecute Nazi War Criminals?

  • Yes, it's completely justifiable 244
  • No, it's unnecessary revenge as they're too old 114
  • I don't know 29

Published 4/22/2015

How concerned are you about the recall of Blue Bell ice cream and the potential of listeria?

  • Very concerned. I enjoy Blue Bell products 53
  • A little concerned 48
  • Not concerned 106
  • I don't buy Blue Bell products 206

Published 4/21/2015

What do you feel is more important?

  • To control gun ownership 50
  • To protect the right of Americans to own guns 230
  • No opinion 10

Published 4/20/2015

Do you agree with Valdosta State University's decision to ban the military veteran who took the American flag off the ground from the university?

  • Yes 47
  • No 361
  • I'm not sure 33

Did you watch Bruce Jenner's interview with Diane Sawyer on Friday night?


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