Most Recent Polls

Published 2/26/2015

What is your opinion of "free-range" parenting?

  • It promotes independence 41
  • It is a form of neglect 105
  • I'm not familiar with this parenting style 204
  • No real opinion 21

Published 2/25/2015

Have you experienced road rage first-hand?

  • Yes, I've felt road rage before 161
  • No, never 95
  • Maybe 48
  • Yes, I've experienced someone else with road rage 113

Published 2/24/2015

Do you believe taking on student debt is worth it in the long run?

  • Yes, if you get a degree 125
  • Depends on the area of study 221
  • No 146
  • I'm not sure 13

Published 2/23/2015

Did you watch The Oscars?

  • Yes 44
  • No 424
  • Some of it 73

Published 2/21/2015

How often do you eat at fast food/quick service restaurants (e.g. McDonald's, KFC, Domino's)?

  • Once a week or more 168
  • A few times a month 149
  • Less than once a month 146
  • Never 51

If Jeb Bush ends up on the 2016 Presidential ballot, do you believe it will be difficult to separate himself from his brother's presidency?


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