Most Recent Polls

Published 7/2/2015

Should Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Texas be forced to comply with the ruling on same-sex marriage?

  • Yes, it's the law of the land 100
  • Yes, but I understand the reluctance 48
  • No, forced compliance is wrong 292

Published 7/1/2015

Now that fireworks are legal in Georgia, will you be purchasing them locally this year?

  • Yes, it's very convenient 115
  • No, I'll still drive out of state to get them 12
  • I don't buy fireworks 293

Published 6/30/2015

Was NBC right to drop the Miss U-S-A pageant after Donald Trump's negative comments about Mexican immigrants?

  • Yes 110
  • No 316
  • I'm not sure 21

Published 6/29/2015

Should presidential debates be open to third-party candidates?

  • Yes 322
  • No 55
  • Not sure 16

Published 6/28/2015

Should a business, based on religious beliefs, be able to deny service to a customer?

  • Yes 262
  • No 117
  • I'm not sure 9

Should terminally ill patients be allowed to end their lives via assisted suicide?


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