Most Recent Polls

Published 4/23/2014

If you could volunteer your help, would you help animals or help people?

  • Help animals 148
  • Help people 188

Published 4/22/2014

Do you enjoy interacting with people whose opinions are different from your own?

  • Yes 186
  • No 144

Published 4/21/2014

Do you think parents should be legally required to have their children vaccinated?

  • Yes, no matter what 283
  • Yes, but only if they are attending a public school 116
  • No 153
  • I'm not sure 29

Published 4/20/2014

Have you ever contributed financially to a candidate, political party, or political cause?

  • Yes 134
  • No 231

Published 4/18/2014

Do you believe violent video games influence people to commit violent acts?

  • Yes 251
  • No 120
  • Not sure 22

Does the United States have a culture that is too obsessed with guns?


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