Most Recent Polls

Published 7/24/2014

What's the primary factor when choosing a supermarket?

  • Location 98
  • Prices 200
  • Selection 97

Published 7/23/2014

Do you believe Rick Perry when he says that Texas can secure the border if the U.S. government refuses to?

  • Yes 292
  • No 100
  • Not sure 26

Published 7/22/2014

Are rising food prices putting a strain on your budget?

  • Yes, a lot 235
  • Yes, somewhat 151
  • Not really 54

Published 7/21/2014

Is it more appropriate to send drug addicts to jail, or into rehab treatment?

  • Jail 99
  • Rehabilitation 220
  • Not sure 32

Published 7/20/2014

Do you feel that it is your right to curse in public?

  • Yes, it's my right. 59
  • It depends on who is around 171
  • No, not under any circumstances. 225

Summer box office numbers are down nearly 20%. Are you still going to the movies?


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