Most Recent Polls

Published 3/29/2015

Would you like to see a separate line for people purchasing or redeeming lottery tickets?

  • Yes 402
  • No 87
  • I'm not sure 27

Published 3/28/2015

How closely would you say that you follow financial markets and the economy?

  • Very closely 54
  • Somewhat closely 85
  • Not at all closely 76

Published 3/27/2015

Are you worried about interest rates rising?

  • Yes 109
  • No 180

Published 3/26/2015

How well do you know the people who live next door to you?

  • Very well 156
  • I'm acquainted 194
  • Not very well 112
  • Not at all 77

Published 3/24/2015

Are you worried U.S. military members on the ISIS hit list will be attacked here?

  • Yes, very worried 124
  • Yes, a little worried 226
  • No, they won't attack here 132

In your opinion, what could be done to help prevent a deliberate crash by an airline pilot?


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