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When you visit Charleston, you want to stay longer

March 30 | 3:01 AM | Comments (0)

CHARLESTON, S. C. – Steeped in history, energized by tradition, and boasting students who matriculate at three local colleges, Charleston doesn’t have a skyline — until a cruise ship slides up to the docks and empties a boatload of tourists.

Geography in another era

Posted 3/29/2013 | Comments (0)

As a high school student, I was always interested in geography, although I can’t remember taking more than one course. Nothing could be more exciting than learning about the world we live in. It was fascinating to turn the globe and discover the four corners of the earth.

The old days

Posted 3/15/2013 | Comments (0)

When you spend time on the road, you often have time to reflect, reminisce and recall the past. One of the things that brings emotional satisfaction is to drive into the countryside, accompanied by the signal of a country music station.

The world of Jim and Anne Minter

Posted 3/8/2013 | Comments (0)

ST. SIMONS ISLAND – Time spent with friends is the best of times.

The ambience of Darien

Posted 2/16/2013 | Comments (0)

DARIEN – Crossing the Darien River Bridge on U. S. 17 South, an uplifting scene awaits if you choose a leisurely gait in these fractured and hurried times. Park your car and take a short walk up to the bridge and become enraptured by the view — in any direction.

Rye Whiskey: Yesterday and today

Posted 1/26/2013 | Comments (0)

MINNEAPOLIS – In the shank of a recent evening as winds from a Midwestern front signaled that temperatures would be dropping precipitously in this part of the country, Mat Garretson, a Georgia boy, was waxing with warm emotion in his voice about the resurgence of interest in rye whiskey.

The Annie Oakley of Harris County

Posted 1/12/2013 | Comments (0)

PINE MOUNTAIN – I found my way here to visit good friends, an aging couple who are not about to succumb to Father Time, at least not willingly.

New York during holidays

Posted 1/5/2013 | Comments (0)

NEW YORK – You never tire of this exciting city — until the check comes. Aside from that, it is an electric place where you find something amusing on every street corner — from hotdogs to soft pretzels to souvenirs, all reflecting the image of the Big Apple.

An old-fashioned mother

Posted 1/2/2013 | Comments (0)

For years, I thought that my mother would become a Centenarian, but after 98 years and eight months, she recently succumbed to the ravages of old age.

Czech in male

Posted 12/14/2012 | Comments (0)

Nothing like a little humor to make your day. Good humor travels with the greatest of alacrity these days, which means that happening upon a fresh collection of humor is soon gone with the wind.

October should last at least 90 days

Posted 11/16/2012 | Comments (0)

October has come and gone, but that grand month should last longer. How nice it would be if it could be renewed. Make it endure, make those comfortable temperatures linger. Sweater weather. Leaves turning and throwing off inspirational scenes that we savor and keep.

Keep your seats, here come The Redcoats

Posted 10/13/2012 | Comments (0)

If you are a true Georgia Bulldog fan, you are missing out on something good if you don’t make the effort on Friday afternoons (and Saturday mornings) to witness the Redcoat band rehearsing for the big football game.

Churchill and Missouri

Posted 10/6/2012 | Comments (0)

FULTON, Mo. – Stopping at the Winston Churchill Memorial and Library on the campus of Westminster College is like finding an oasis in the desert.

Pick up the phone and call

Posted 9/22/2012 | Comments (0)

Who would have thought in 1876, when Alexander Graham Bell experienced his first telephone conversation with an associate, that 135 years later his invention would become the victim of such inadvertent, widespread disdain?

98 and still a good neighbor

Posted 9/8/2012 | Comments (0)

My mother is 98 years old and has a clear mind but limited mobility. We have round-the-clock-care for her in the northwest corner of Johnson County in a community known as Buckeye.

Bulldogs on the West Coast

Posted 7/14/2012 | Comments (0)

GRASS VALLEY, Calif. – With the U.S. Open golf tournament being played in San Francisco this summer, I realized I could start the trip in Los Angeles, take a long drive up the coast to the Olympic Club and subsequently to Sacramento, which would provide an opportunity to visit with friends along the way.

Fishing – from Brooklyn to Lake Lanier

Posted 6/20/2012 | Comments (0)

GAINESVILLE, Ga. — On Highway 53, the road to Dawsonville, only a half dozen miles north of the chicken capital of the world is a place called Harbour Point. Must have driven by it scores of times over the years without knowing what lay beyond the entry gate.

Visiting Bonnie and Clyde

Posted 6/8/2012 | Comments (0)

DALLAS – There is much to see and explore in Texas’s most famous city. Houston and San Antonio, even Austin, might take exception to that, but Dallas, if you count the Metroplex, is the most populous in the state, with the most recent head count standing at 6,371,773. Houston’s population is 6,086,538.

From Swainsboro to the Opry

Posted 6/2/2012 | Comments (0)

SWAINSBORO – Growing up in Wrightsville my first memory of Swainsboro, 26 miles away, was a bus trip over to the Pine Tree Festival in the mid-1950s.

Good life along the Chattahoochee

Posted 5/19/2012 | Comments (0)

ATLANTA – A comforting respite on a weekend while visiting old friends, who live by the Chattahoochee, was again a reminder that in this state, there generally is a pleasant and alluring environment wherever you pause — there’s good living to be found everywhere.

Gambling and the lottery

Posted 4/14/2012 | Comments (0)

In case you haven’t heard, I did not win the lottery. 

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