Sound Off for May 22, 2013

Debit/credit cards: Don’t remember these major thefts of cash and merchandise until we allowed banks and other financial institutions to shove these pieces of plastic down our throats. For many, many years, cash and checks worked for me. We are our own worst enemy.

Clueless: To the two clueless Catholics who slammed the Baptist minister with lack of knowledge on their part: How much money has the Catholic church paid out to families because of abuse by priests? Millions.

Fix the road: Newnan was blessed with the new Cancer Treatment Center. They erected a nice new sign on Bullsboro and Parkway North indicating the entrance to their facility. It’s a shame they can’t have a decent road. The road is not well-marked; it is full of potholes. Come on, Newnan, do them proud. 

Gun control: “Criminals don’t obey laws no matter what, so why make more?” You know, you’re probably right. Let’s just eliminate all laws since criminals don’t obey them anyway, and the rest of us can be counted on to always to do the right thing.

Change it back: Ditch the “Rants and Raves,” editorials from elsewhere, guest columns from our usual letter writers, large banner at the bottom, politicians’ letters sniping back and forth at each other and all letters with more than the allowable words. What happened to our regular writers like Towery?

Hey, gas funk: Gas is cheaper in Fayette than Coweta because Coweta County has a 7% state tax rate. Fayette County has only a 6% tax rate. Haha, I bet you forgot you voted yourself a 1% local sales tax.

No bibles? Bibles removed from all state lodges and cabins because of one complaint - seriously? I am livid. I’m sorry, isn’t Georgia part of the well-known Bible belt region? What is the world coming to, when our government officials make such drastic changes to benefit one person?

Big thanks: A huge thank you to Tom Johnson for all the time and energy he has put into being the official HS lacrosse photographer for Northgate High School these past four years. It was not a paid position - he’s just a great guy who has earned our appreciation by doing such an awesome job.

My theory: I have a theory that someone needs to investigate. I theorize that we do not die because we grow old. We die because one day we have matured to the point that we realize the world really is getting more and more stupid. And that scares the life right out of us.

Dream ride: I am glad I read the article “Dream ride with Grandson.” I was never close to my daughter or my three grandkids, who I rarely ever saw, till I called her, and I can spend a week with them this June. Thanks, Times Herald.

Hold on: When I called the incontinence hotline, they asked, “Can you hold, please?”

Newnan House Motel: Thank you, Newnan Times Herald, for printing all the articles on the sorry condition of the Newnan House Motel. Now if we could only get the county and code enforcement to make the owner tear it down. Let’s see some good old- fashioned pride in our town.

Be polite: This is to the people who attended the 2:30 viewing of the “Star Trek” movie premiere on May 17: Turn off your cell phones, leave your DQ and Subway bags in your car and get your feet off the seat backs. 

Change the cartoon: I am so tired of the constant publishing of negative President Obama cartoons. The Editor seems to have a one-track mind.

Bang! I have two older pistols. Never take them out to shoot or anything. Just look at ‘em in the drawer. Really am not afraid of anything. Would not feel safer if I had 100 guns. People are willing to kill to protect things. Freedom is won in the minds of the people. Only murder is found at the end of a gun. Happy hunting.

First: First we had Nixon, who stated, “I’m not a crook.” Then we had Clinton, who stated, “I did not have sexual relations with that girl.” Now we have Obama: “I know absolutely nothing about anything.”

No food for you: Save money by not feeding the custodians? Come take a look at all the food we have to throw away at the end of the day.

Madras bust: In regards to Madras Middle, maybe if Mr. Winters got his facts straight, the community would know that there was no 6th grade graduation.There was a 6th grade awards ceremony. It’s a shame that Mr. Winters had to write about and flaunt this type of behavior involving a handful of kids when there were so many more kids receiving well- deserved awards.

What’s that scripture? It might just be a good idea for Rev. Ausbun, Mr. Stagg and Mr. Weisbecker to take another look at the scripture that tells of the will of Jesus for his disciples to be in unity with each other as He is with the Father. Or is the old saying true that “the Christian army in the only one on earth that shoots at its own soldiers”?

Leadership needed: All I hear is the right- wingers blaming the president. Where is the brilliant GOP leadership? Don’t just bring me a problem, bring the solution, too. Hand-gun violence has not procured freedom for anybody, just more funerals. How can you be pro life and pro death simultaneously?

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