Good ol’ Boys: Are alive and well in Sound Off. Everything is based on skin color, which no one has control over. Character content has absolutely no bearing on a person’s worth, it’s all about the tan - or lack thereof. It’s so out in the open Ray Charles could see it.

Weary: So so very weary of the “conservatives” who can’t tolerate anyone unlike themselves. That stance is unAmerican & unpatriotic. “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses.” (Statue of Liberty inscription.)

Harley ride: I saw Harley the Beagle outside of Green Fried Tomato restaurant, and his owner got him to grin at us and sing (howl) to Elvis Presley’s hound dog song. Now my husband wants a Harley to ride, too. Not likely till we get out of debt. Sorry, Harley Beagle. Sorry, Tim.

Tear it down: The spikes in the driveway at the Newnan House Motel that prevent 18-wheelers from parking there also will keep firetrucks from entering the parking lot. Recommendation - tear it down. I will loudly second that recommendation. Tear it down.

Clean it up: I was very upset to see the Oak Hill Cemetery looking very bad on Mother’s Day. I think the grass should have been cut. These people are getting lazy. You can see we have a very laid-back city manger.  He should see to it that on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day the grass is cut.

What happened? What has happened at the paper? The daily online edition isn’t up by 9 a.m. The print edition is already out and delivered. Someone needs to pay attention to what’s going on, and the paper staff wonders why circulation is down. Could it be the turmoil on the staff and the quality?

Time for FairTax: Trying to restore public confidence in the IRS? Ha! Never had any confidence in them, ever. The IRS can do anything it wants to taxpayers with no accountability. Until people get the wake-up call, the IRS will never be accountable. We need the FairTax.

Nixon: I would take Nixon over Obama any day of the week.

Tear it down 2: A stupid remark obviously by the owner of the Newnan House motel. He should be held accountable by the county. It is a shame he has been allowed to blackmail the county into allowing him to keep that hovel still standing.

You’ve got to be kidding: Pay the sorry owner of the Newnan House Motel $25,000.00 to $50,000.00 to tear down his mess? What about the other three hovels he owns? Make him accountable and make him tear all of them down. Talk about stupid.

Bubbas: Can’t help but notice the extent of venom directed at Obama. Just what does it take to get respected as a black man? Hard work, dedication, honesty and integrity, dignity and clean living apparently mean nothing.

No doubt: Many of our gun nuts would like nothing better than to pull the trigger on somebody so they can brag that their weapon twarted a crime. Just looking for trouble.

Turn them off: Please be courteous enough to turn off your cell phones before attending a church service, particularly a funeral or wedding. Surely you are not expecting a call so important that you are willing to disrupt what should be a serious moment in time for others.

Ads: The ads you see online are based on your search history, to provide relevant advertising. If all you see is indecent ads, you might want to change what you search for.

Walking dead: I really believe the city of Grantville is being run by the walking dead. No thought, no purpose. Just wandering around. There should be nine members of the city council, and this would stop the power grab of the mayor.

Thank you Times-Herald: The inappropriate ads that were showing up on the online paper seem to have disappeared. I haven’t seen them since I submitted my last sound off. I appreciate your promptness. If they show up again, I’ll let you know.

Good bye: Good by ole friend, Nu Link. I have been a loyal customer of yours for the last 20 years, but your recent price increase and the numerous commercials just did it. I went dish and now am happy. But I miss doing business on a local level.

Dear “Good bye Dr. Barron”: Even with all of her current commitments, Dr. B has always put our students first. Please reference the most recent CRCT scores as evidence of her and her staff’s commitment to SRMS. She will be greatly missed by those lucky enough to know her.

Kudos: To Mr. Holloway and the Evans Middle School Chorus for their Spring Show. I was blown away by the show! It was very well organized and so entertaning! I was in pure disbelief that middle school aged children could put on such a wonderful performance. Well done! The best $5 I have ever spent. What a fantastic show. Great job!

Orange cones: What ‘s with the orange construction cones at the intersection of Millard Farmer Ind Blvd. and Bullsboro Road in front of Walgreens? I just don’t get it. Road work was completed months ago, there is no excuse. Who’s not doing there job? For crying out loud, it would take less than five minutes to pick them up and toss em in the bed of your truck. Jeesh!

Their choice: The workers in Southeast Asia are opting to make clothes, because it’s better than their other alternatives. Thus, making clothes for Walmart is to their advantage. So much for your little guilt trip.

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