Sound Off

Seriously? What was going through Daniel Ausbun’s mind when he chose to trash Mary on Mother’s Day? This smell’s of very old fashioned, anti-papist, anti-Catholic drivel.

Please mow: County, please take notice and let the prisoners mow the median out on Highway 34. It looks disgusting. 

Get real: “Take the guns away from people served with restraining orders”? Are you serious? You really think we will abdicate our constitutional rights that easily? What prevents you then from restricting guns from anyone you see fit to? The operative words in your sentence are “Take the guns away.”

Just dumb comments: The liberal, gun -hating crowd makes me laugh with all their hysterical comments. Check the Department of Justice stats and you will see gun crime is down 39 percent over the last 20 years. Also, 2 million law-abiding gun owners defended themselves with guns last year from criminals.

No more Hitler: Thanks, Newnan Times-Herald, for your editorial titled “Let’s stop comparing our presidents to Hitler.” There is enough for the opposition to write about without resorting to outrageously insulting remarks.

No more Hitler 2: Why don’t we just stop comparing anybody to Hitler? It is stupid, outdated and definitely doesn’t help anyone. If you don’t want to repeat history, learn from it and move on.

What’s the problem?  Why is additional scrutiny of Teas and Patriots by the IRS considered an embarrassing scandal? For once the IRS should be praised for a job well-done.

Patriots: Patriotic citizens of this country - stand against the attempt by this administration to usurp the Constitution of the United States of America. Every elected official in this country takes an oath of office swearing to uphold that Constitution, don’t they?

Which party? Obama’s EPA treats information requests differently based on party. Obama’s IRS treats applications differently based on party. Obama’s DOJ seized emails from the Associated Press and probably more. Benghazi. Fast & Furious. Has Nixon come back from the dead?

Get a sticker: Just read where some goofballs have decided we should no longer grade schoolwork. It gives negative reinforcement and promotes stereotypes. Well, let’s all get a “way to go” sticker! Phooey. If you are an F student, you are an F student. Get help. Another “way to go” sticker won’t help you find the way.

Thank you: To the lady who called and left a message on my phone telling me that my dog was at the pound. He’s home now and I pray that God will bless you.

What gives? Sound Off is like a black hole of both facts and empathy.

Need more: My wife asked me how many guns I had. I told her not enough.

Move over: To the driver of the white Smart car in the fast lane on I-85 - move over next time! You were going below the speed limit in the fast lane. You held up traffic and almost caused several accidents as people tried passing on the right. Learn to drive and stay out of the fast lane!

Raise the speed: Like others, I have noticed the NPD running a speed trap on the 34 Bypass. With all of the money spent to make it a nice four-lane highway to rapidly move people in and out of Newnan, please put the speed limit at 55-60 since that is what everyone runs when the NPD is not there. Bullsboro is much more congested and the speed limit is 55 mph there. Surely there are more important things that the officers could be doing.

Here’s your facts: Kyle Gillespie admitted to child molestation and two different occasions. What more facts do we need. He’s a grown man and knows right from wrong.

Sad tale: What kind of a church stands behind an admitted child molester and not the victim? What kind of investigator backs a child molester and not the child? This is one sad story.

I was there: I was a teenager sitting in the courtroom the day of the Gillespie trial. What I learned was you can commit such sexual acts against girls or guys and there be no consequences. The victim is my friend and was very brave. We as teens are very proud of her for standing up. This mess is why so many people are scared to come forward.

Who’s the victim? Why are people making Kyle Gillespie out to be the victim. It is the girl who is a victim. This community should be pulling together to let her know she did the right thing coming forward before there were more victims.

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