Sound Off - Thursday, April 25

We want a cycle: We saw Harley the Beagle with his miniature football helmet, riding vest with a no cats patch and his paw gloves howling to Alan Jackson tunes on a Road King Harley. Now I want a bike.

No kindergarten teachers: Please someone explain to me why we need kindergarten teachers with master's degrees to babysit five- and six-year-olds, which is not mandatory in the state to go to 1st grade? Teacher assistants is all we need and will save millions on taxpayers.

Lovin' Harley: I too, have seen "Harley" the Beagle at Sprayberry's sitting on a Road King with Coach Mike crooning to Don't Rock the Jukebox by Alan Jackson

Man work: Men need to help clean the house. Just because your paycheck is to pay the housenote doesn't mean that only the females in your household should be responsible for cleaning. Your wife's check pays other bills so your check can pay the mortgage. If you want to live in a 1950's timeline then retire your wife so she can be home to keep your "palace" clean.

Where's the owner?: Was wondering why downtown Newnan advertises that the owner is always in, because in some local business in downtown I never see the owner.

Right on target Alex: Alex McRae's article on signs of the end times was on target. For my doctorial paper I wrote a commentary on the book of Revelation and never thought that I would live to see it being fulfilled in my life time. Years of study in end-time Bible prophecy causes me to agree with everything he has said.

Blame American companies: China can't "take" American jobs without some anti-American scum corporation giving them to them. American corporations should be putting out American-made products. Period.

Leave West alone: Instead of the president spending $400,000 to fly to West, Texas to attend the memorial, couldn't that money be spent toward the sequestration cuts of air traffic controllers or even reopen the White House tours? Let the people of West grieve in peace and not be subjected to Secret Service pat downs and road closures.

Shame on you: Thanks senators for allowing more guns in the hands of stupid and ignorant people. Now more people will die. May their blood be on your mind and heart. I promise not to vote for you next time along with all my friends.

Read it first: I don't know how anyone can say the gun bill had majority public support when even most senators barely knew what was in it until the last minute. How can people support something they haven't read?

Majority wins: The defeat of the gun control bill was a classic example of the majority defending their rights. To hear our president whining about it like a spoiled child was disgraceful. And I have never seen a legitimate survey that proved 90% of people want more gun control.

Still have my gun: You say Liberal Democrats are not trying to take away our guns. They are trying, all right. They're just not succeeding.

Jesus' return: When Jesus comes back,  it will be to show the white man that he don't own or run this world.

Get it done: How much longer are we going to have to wait for the striping and removal of the orange barrels at the Georgia Highway 16/Macedonia Road intersection? Nothing has been done there in months.

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