Sound Off for May 17, 2013

Another thanks: A special thanks to the ladies at the PayLess shoe store who were so very friendly, kind and helpful finding the perfect pair of white shoes I needed.

Too much: If you’re able to recite commercials verbatim, maybe you’re watching too much TV.

Long flights: Stanley Tate almost had me weeping at the thought of birds trying desperately to make their long migration flights. Now I will be more appreciative when I see the hummingbirds and other feathered friends clustered around my feeders – although the cardinals have been here all winter and look pretty chubby.

Mirage budgeting: Obama’s budget is a mirage, a compilation of promises and wishful thinking. His previous budget proposals have been such non-starters the Democrat-led Senate voted one of them down unanimously.

Gas funk: Why should there be 14 cents difference in gas prices between Newnan’s lowest and Fayetteville’s lowest?

Lock-down cheating: Why are the schools on all day lockdown for a daily 90-minute CRCT test? Didn’t that policy enable the APS to change answers in the “cheating scandal”?

Keep your money: Used to be the lotter would get our money one or two dollars at a time. Now it’s 10 and 20 dollars at a time. Want to know how to win? Keep your money in your pocket.

Cowards and bullies: Any man who will beat a woman or child is nothing more than a coward, a bully and a low-life. Women, be wiser in picking your boyfriends so you won’t be front page news.

Jail or school: Teens, stay in school and making something of yourself. There is nothing in the streets to be running around for. If you aren’t in school, but just running around the streets, you are going to get in trouble with the law. It only takes five minutes to get in trouble. But it can sometimes take a lifetime to get out of it.

So who’s qualified? In America, the myth that “all men are created equal” was popularized by citing those noble words out of the context of the Declaration of Independence. If we reduce school-test standards and everyone scores high, how can we later determine who is qualified for positions of power and authority?

Georgia last on drugs: In November, two states decisively legalized marijuana. This weekend they both will celebrate their freedom from prohibition. History shows that Georgia will be the last state to decriminalize adult use of marijuana, but the time to end the War on Drugs is here.

Constitutional gun change: The Constitution once sanctioned slavery. We changed it. The Constitution didn’t allow women to vote. We changed it. The Constitution allows too many guns. We will change it.

Find them: Why is it so difficult for city to contact owners of dilapidated property. TV stations seem able to find people in no time. Between mail/e-mail/texting/voice mail/telephone/face-to-face contact should be able to be made. Computer searches can find almost anyone.

Well-armed runner: Well, obviously, now all marathon runners should carry guns.

Wrong senator: Diane Feinstein, head of the Senate intelligence committee? Now there’s an oxymoron for you.

Another eyesore: Speaking of eyesores, what’s the story on that old old dilapidated barn on Herring Road just north of Green Top?

Death notice: Since the Times-Herald isn’t published on Monday or Tuesday, those Cowetans desiring a large turnout at their funerals are advised to plan their deaths accordingly so their arrangements can be read in a timely manner by their neighbors and friends.

Fiction from reality: I, like everyone else, is sad over all these shootings and bombings, but we have so much violence shown on television nowadays that some people can’t separate fiction from reality. Every word that is spoken is a seed that is planted in somebody’s mind.

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