Sound Off

This hurts: It strains me to write an extra $2,000 check to the IRS considering the Obama administration purposely denied funding to the Port of Savannah project but intends on diverting one billion U.S. taxpayer dollars to the Ukraine. This on the heels of the Pakistani president making Obama look like a punk.

No tax dollars on ads: How is it okay for the government to pass a health care program that fails to launch, then spend excessive tax dollars advertising that program on the TV and radio? It should be illegal for the government to buy advertising. That is called propaganda, and it is dangerous.

Really?!? No I don't believe, because you got it backwards. The liberal, so-called leading economist said that the global economy is gaining some strength and may, in turn, spark America’s economy. Tell that to the millions with no jobs.

Walk in their shoes: The sarcastic comment about school dropouts only being good for taking your McDonald's order is nothing but a blatant disregard for other's feelings. Try to remember you can never truly know someone or their situation until you walk a mile in their shoes.

Fix it: On Wednesday, I spent three hours waiting in line to renew my auto license, from 8 a.m. until almost noon. There has got to be a far better way for Coweta to handle the business.

Legal prevarication: Article 1, Section 6, Clause 1 of the Constitution states, in part, for any speech or debate in either House (senators and representatives) shall not be questioned in any other place. The clause is to prevent the arrest and prosecution of unpopular legislators based on political views. Harry Reid’s lies, slanders and insults are protected by law.

Break-ins: In the last few months, Lake Hills Subdivision and the Country Club have had repeated car break-ins. This is getting much more serious than a group of kids. Stand Your Ground is about to be used in one of these situations. It is bound to happen. Let’s see if law enforcement can put a stop to these “kids.”

Red tags: I have noticed a landscape company work truck that has a red "Georgia Dealer" license tag. A fast-food owner/operator's personal car that has a red "Georgia Dealer" license tag. Several vehicles driving on the road with a cardboard tag saying "Tag Applied For." Are these legal and do they have insurance?

Here we go again: If Mr. Obama does this, he should have done that. If he does that, he should have done this. Damned if you do and damned if you don't, Mr. President, it seems. You will never change them.

Think about it: Georgia's leaders are all up in arms about no $400 million in the budget proposal for the harbor project. Our state leaders have viciously attacked Obama, ACA, Common Core and anything else Obama, and they want his support? What were they thinking? It may not even be in the Republican House version.

Comparison: Barack Obama makes Jimmy Carter look like Abraham Lincoln — think about it.

Where’s the coverage? This past Sunday, more than 100 bikers here in Newnan joined a ride that escorted the "Memorial Wall" to Columbus. The DOT had to shut the highway with "18 miles and over a thousand bikers." But my hometown paper said not a word. They can put some little kids with some lemonade, but not word for the men and women who laid down their lives for us.

Call it dignity: What's wrong with sweeping floors to pay for your kid's school lunch? Why is it better to be a recipient of other's charity? Many poor folk would never accept charity, and insist on working off what they could not pay — that's called dignity.

You got us: Yes, we Republicans want to deny a first-grade little girl health care for her pre-existing condition. You've really nailed us there. These are the insightful arguments put forth by your average progressive activist. The same folks brought you ads featuring throwing grandma in her wheelchair off a cliff. Brilliant!

Use honey: What law said the money for the port had to be in the budget proposal? That's just another unsupported attack on the administration. I think Georgia would rather bash Obama than get the needed money. How many of you are motivated to help people who attack you? Get real! Honey and bees, people.

Move the water bill: Why is Rep. Kingston so sure that Obama doesn't want the Savannah harbor project to move forward? And why has the water bill that's holding up the project been stuck in committee for five months?

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