Sound Off

Say thank you: Our police and firemen need more praise. We ran out of gas and officers Godfrey and Smith helped us get gas. Thank you so much. We appreciate it.

My question: Why do low income, unemployed, and people of color continue to vote for Democrats when their situations have not gotten better? Just because you are one of the aforementioned people doesn't mean you are stupid. Wake up. The Democrats have done absolutely nothing to improve your lives. In fact, your circumstances have only gotten worse under Democrats.

Way to go: Kudos to one of my favorite spots, the Corner Tavern, for their third consecutive health inspection score of 100. Way to go, guys.

Get real: The fact that you would equate the murder of our own in Benghazi (and pretending it didn't happen) and the real "abuse" of the IRS with that of a planned traffic jam says a lot about you as a human being.

Heartless: I was a fan of Senator Isakson and Senator Chambliss. I now think they are both really low human beings after they voted to cut military retirement pay. Both are heartless men. Why not cut some from all those worthless DC politicians’ retirement pay? The military men actually earn their retirement.

What's the truth? Regarding the recent letter about the DOA advertising in Mexico for people to "Come on up" to America to get food stamps, welfare, etc.: I, for one, would like to see some documentation and know the source of his information. Could it be the Internet or Fox News propaganda?

Keep him out: Is this newspaper getting a paycheck to keep Kelly Rogers in the spotlight? His 15 minutes is over, and I sure would like to keep my breakfast down when I open the paper.

Let it go: Ken Schaefer is spouting so much anger and so many unreasonable thoughts that I can see the tea bags pouring from his pen. Far right-wing ignorance is just as unproductive as far left-wing ignorance. Leave Kelly Rogers alone. His business is legal and constitutional. When he goes beyond his legal obligation, he pays the piper. Ease up, man. God despises such anger and hate. Peace, brother. (Mike Johnson)

GOP message: Every time the GOP gets together to figure out why women voted Democratic in the last two presidential elections, someone says something really stupid. From Mike Huckabee's lips concerning women: "They cannot control their libido or their reproductive system without the help of the government.” Thanks, Mike, keep up the good work.

Re: the Hwy 29/Hwy 154 intersection: Vehicles traveling south on Hwy 29 that need to turn across RR crossing get a green turn arrow from the traffic signal, but vehicles coming north on 29 need to use common sense and yield to turning vehicles before they turn. Simple as that.

Break out the champagne: A recent Washington Post finding landed GOP controlled Georgia on a list of the nation's most corrupt states. Reality challenged voters re-elect these dishonest politicians over and over.

Really, Mike? Doesn't Mike Huckabee's women’s libido comments just make you want to rush and donate to the Koch Brothers Super PAC? Is this what "speaking in tongues" sounds like?

Enough on RedNexican: I was enjoying the owners of the various restaurants on the square attempting to trash the RedNexican while talking about how "welcome" they feel in "others," but now it's getting boring. Y'all pay for your advertising, like everyone else.

WWJD? I am amazed by the number of letters to the editor submitted by the WASP faction in Coweta County. What would Jesus think about all this FOX-ishness?

Thanks: Thank you for your concern about an obituary for Father Austin Fogarty, formerly Pastor of St. George Catholic Parish in Newnan. The Religion Editor of the NTH offered space for an article announcing Father Austin's death, and we elected to accept his kind offer rather than place an obituary. The article appeared in Saturday's NTH.

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