Sound Off

Change it: Anybody that doesn't like the team's official name can simply scramble the letters and call them the Washington Red Inks.

Neither one: They are saying Hillary in and Biden out. I wouldn't vote for Biden to be a cab driver, or Hillary to be a dog catcher. Its time to clean out the old heads that have controlled Washington for decades.

You got a raise: Dear school system employee who probably makes more than the drivers and custodians that goes to prove you can’t always believe what you read in the paper. I bet you have had a raise since we have because if you hadn't you would be just as mad as we are.

They are leaving: If any school bus driver makes 1200.00 a month they are driving their behinds off with trips and so forth but there is not enough of that to go around for everyone. Employers should respect their employees. Ever wonder why transportation has a big turnover in drivers and can’t keep them?

Give it to drivers: Dear worker for the school system, I’ve never heard of anybody not wanting more money, so if you’re not then you must be making plenty. So sit back, be quiet, and let the drivers go after it for you.

Get facts right: Okay, Obama never gave anything to the Muslim Brotherhood. Another Right Wing lie. He allowed release of funds to pay U.S. contractors for supplying equipment to the Egyptian military, who are allied with the US.

Will she live?: Because of Obamacare one cancer patient lost her insurance. Now she asks the question, how long will I live? You still love Obamacare?

Share: Oobamacare forces us to pay for an insurance we don't want. Older people don't have children in school, others don't have children, but they have to pay taxes for their school. Is that fair? That’s what happens when you live in a caring society - share the good /bad. The difference: The difference between Fox and Huffington Post: Fox followers get Fox News and nothing else. Huffington Post readers get diverse news which are also published in various outlets around the globe. It's just a matter of quality.

Secede: Obama is proof of why we should let every state secede from the union.

Quotes: President Kennedy had it right, "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” President Obama - zero on both.

Rafael Cruz: If you dislike the country that gave you sanctuary so much, why don't you go back to Cuba and take your Canadian son, Ted, with you.

Street Preacher: I witnessed a street preacher and three followers beside Bullsboro Dr. Thursday. They kneeled and said prayer before starting to preach. When they finished prayer and stood up, I noticed the preacher had placed a bible between the ground and his knee to protect his pants from getting stained.

Losing Christmas: Everyone should observe and enjoy the beautiful and charming photo of Santa & child featured on the cover of the current Newnan Coweta magazine, because folks, if the current anti-Christ movement have there way, we could lose these precious moments of Christmas forever.

Owning up: Once, my child did do it. The principal called, he said my child told him he did it and why. I assured him that we don't tolerate misbehavior, he would be punished at home. The principal was shocked. It was the first time he had a child and parent respond this way.

Weather Sirens: Everyone knows that most bad weather comes into Coweta County from the northwest where our new state park is located. There we have dozens of campers, hikers, boaters outdoors with no TV or cell phone service to even know a storm is coming. Does the county put a siren out there? No. Should have been the first one installed.

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