Sound Off

Misinformed? The $300 a week was taken from another Sound Off just a few days before from a bus driver who was complaining about how much the insurance cost. He said he made $1,200 a month before taxes.

Don’t bet: I sure hope you're not a betting person. I also have not had a raise in eight years. And five years ago, when my husband was not making enough money for our household, he left that job to go to a better paying one.

Oops: A grammatical error in a headline of today's (Friday's) paper? Really?

Bankrupt welfare: Have you ever noticed that all the politicians and the media always talk about Social Security being bankrupt, but never say anything about welfare being broke? Coincidence?

Rich plans: To the liberal who mentioned Sen Cruz’ wife’s health plan. How about Sen Kerry's wife, who owns Heinz ketchup fortune, or Pelosi, or Feinstien’s husbands, who have made millions off the government. I wonder how they like their health plans.

Wake up, voters: Voters of Senoia, please consider what "special interest group" owns most of the property where one mayoral candidate’s signs are. Also, ask why Peachtree City residents are campaigning door to door for her. Who would really be running the city if she is elected? Senoia voting: It is interesting that one of Senoia's mayoral candidates has placed signs on private property without permission, assuming she has their vote. Is this how she will run the city?

Let it go: It was a Saturday. She noticed all our Vietnam veteran hats. She probably had less money than any in our group, but she paid and thanked us for our service and asked we wear red on Fridays in honor of those in the military keeping the USA free. Why question patriotic generosity? God bless your little heart.

Glad to have job: I do work for the school system and I, too, haven't had a raise in eight years. I just don't feel it necessary to constantly gripe in the Sound Off about it because I am just thankful to have a job in this economy.

Where’s your title? I am willing to bet that Dr. Steve Barker went very far in his education in order to get the position that pays him so well, and that you didn't. Do you have "Dr." in front of your name?

Double oops: How embarrassing. The headline on Friday's front page reads: "Centre acquire's rare Gilot art piece.” There should be no apostrophe in "acquire.” An apostrophe is used to show possession and in contractions. Maybe the writer needs a refresher course in written English grammar.

Miss college football: Sure do miss the full page of college football coverage that used to appear on Friday or Saturday in the NTH. I always looked forward to the articles, standings, predictions, etc., on the SEC and ACC. Perhaps this could replace the full page of high school statistics that now appears weekly.

Drivel: What has happened to the Matt Towery columns? It seems they have been replaced by inane drivel about the "Little Black Dress” and “Sons of Thunder," along with letters from an orange cone, etc.

Thanks, drivers: I appreciate the bus drivers and teachers of the county. These people take the brats that you are afraid to discipline and try to turn them into a person that can help society. People are fussing about what kind of person can be a driver or teacher. The real question should be is, "Are you fit to be a parent?"

Pick it up: Hope all had fun trick-or-treating in my neighborhood, the College Street area. Lots of great decorations, candy and no traffic so the kids could have safe fun. Oh, and thanks so much for leaving candy wrappers, empty water, Coke bottles, chip bags and just trash in general in all our yards. Sure do appreciate the "thanks."

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