Sound Off

No nothings: There is one thing that "Sound Off" has accomplished for certain: Coweta County has its share of airheads that know absolutely nothing about what is happening in this country.

Blame the company: Stop blaming individuals for their low-paying jobs. When companies don't provide jobs, or let people go for the company’s benefit, even skilled workers have to take minimum wage jobs in order to get by. Stop living in a dreamworld and deal with what is at hand.

Huge kudo: Hugs for 7-year-old Amethyst Hiestand, who donated her hair to the Locks of Love organization. If we all were more like her, the world would be a much better place.

Learn first: Learn about your party and its values before you pass judgment and vote. Too many believe the lies and misinformation told to them.

No wonder: No other industrialized nation has a health-care system modeled after the United States. Wonder why? Perhaps because ours doesn't provide adequate and affordable health care to tens of millions of our citizens. The hundreds of millions of dollars insurance and health care lobbyist give to politicians help ensure that will not change.

Give ‘em raises: Raises should be given to employees no matter what. Workers don't show up for work because they’re not appreciated — especially in the transportation department of the Coweta School System.

Restroom response: If "seasonal business" is the excuse/reason, why not state the reference in town documents so that all will know for sure? The issue would be resolved once and for all.

Honor the troops: On October 3, Coweta County is celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Korean War, which most people have conveniently forgotten. Thirty-six thousand troops gave their lives in Korea in just three years. Show up October 3 and help honor the troops of the forgotten war. They never forgot you.

Don’t crush him: It’s a shame when your 9th grade son plays football with a ton of passion and love for the game, but is discriminated against because the coach says he's too short. He’s played his whole life and has never been told that. I pray it doesn't crush his dream.

Bad money: It is sad when an employer can't afford, for the past six years, to give employees a basic cost-of-living raise. It's poor money management.

Take your uniform? How many police officers, firemen, EMTs, etc. go on vacation and take their uniform?

Gun laws: Chicago has the most strict gun laws in the U.S. Now Chicago is named the “Murder Capitol of the U.S.” I’m beginning to think it’s Democrats that make it that way. No other explanation is needed.

Mr. Quattlebaum: John Winters should be insulted by your insinuation that he gives "brownie points" to anyone who would recognize the outstanding job he is doing, or maybe he will just do as I do and consider the source. [Dennis Thompson]

Economic sense: The man writes, "We can begin ... paying a minimum wage which provides a livable wage ..." Really? Who is we? Employers pay wages based on market value. And what is a livable wage? $10 an hour? If $10 is good, why not $15? What we need is minimum economic sense.

Dear Editor: You say you won't print offensive posts. The one about Putin and Obama having to move to the servants' quarters definitely crossed the line and you should be ashamed of putting it into the paper. And yes, I am caucasian.

Federalist Papers: The Constitution's intent has long been twisted and perverted by those with a socialist agenda. The Federalist Papers, marginalized as just "the opinion of a few people," were written by the Constitution's architects to expound upon its meaning and promote its ratification. Why ignore that fact if you have any real interest in the document's true intent?

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