Rants, Raves & Really?!?

A look back at the week’s highs, lows and whatevers:

RAVE: Nice initiative on the part of Grantville Police Chief Doug Jordan, who recently met with “America’s Toughest Sheriff” about working to create a drug team in Grantville. The more trained officers we have on the streets to combat drugs, the better.

RANT: Oops. We spoke too soon. Grantville City Council voted to suspend Jordan for one week for doing just that. Mayor Jim Sells was out of town and said he will vote to restore the chief’s pay at the next meeting. Anyone else confused?

REALLY: According to the latest monthly foreclosure report, the number of houses being foreclosed on is the second-lowest number since July 2007. It’s another sign Coweta County is turning the economic corner.

RANT: Suspect stops at license checkpoint. Doesn’t have his license. Decides to floor it and just misses two Coweta County sheriff’s deputies. Your expected chase ensues. Suspect loses control, flips and lands the car on its roof. Ta da. Justice served.

RAVE: Our Carrollton-based University of West Georgia was named one of the “Best colleges in the Southeast” by the Princeton Review. UWG joins a prestigious list in this area with other schools, including the University of Georgia, Emory, Georgia Tech, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Vanderbilt University. Congrats.

RAVE: And speaking of UWG — “Houston, we have groundbreaking.” Monday was the official golden shovel dig for the new Newnan branch of UWG. The $15 million renovation of the old Newnan Hospital is nothing but a plus for our community. And another congrats to the countless officials who put this together.

RANT: Drunk drivers with babies in the backseat need a special kind of punishment. Let’s put it this way -— passing out and running into the side of the Post Office on Greenville Street, not wearing a seat belt, having open containers and a lit candle in the car, along with the aforementioned child, is no way to go through life, dear. Especially when you combine that behavior with outstanding warrants.

REALLY: Seems a health care group is interested in taking over the now-vacant former Piedmont Newnan Hospital campus on Hospital Road. Anything, or anyone, who can fill that space is more than welcome here. All we ask is that it not involve anything zombie related. We’ve got enough around here already.

RAVE: StoneBridge Early Learning Center received a “Quality Rated” status from Bright from the Start, part of the Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning. The status means the center has agreed to exceed the state’s licensing requirements and will commit itself to improving the quality of care.

RANT: It’s one thing to sell prescription drugs in a pharmacy — with the appropriate licenses, of course. It’s something completely different when you sell those drugs in the pharmacy’s parking lot — without the license. According to the sheriff’s office, the non-pharmaceutical suspect did just that and was running his own little drug store out of his car.

REALLY: The Georgia Supreme Court has docketed a case brought by a Senoia resident over the wording of an ordinance related to the possession of marijuana. We’re not legal experts, but the wording seems to indicate Senoia will become another Colorado. “It shall be unlawful for any person to have in his possession less than one ounce of marijuana.” Sounds like you need to carry more than an ounce of pot if you don’t want to get hassled in Senoia.

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