Sound Off

Don’t like it: What a disappointment the latest copy of Newnan-Coweta Magazine is. Your changes have made it much worse and not the classy magazine we have come to expect from you.

Not the dump: Why is it that some people in Newnan think that McBride Street is the local dump? At least the city has repaved and marked the road for them.

Oh really?: Right Wing media? On what planet? Ha, ha, ha, ha. Thanks, I needed a laugh today.

Don’t go there: We need to stay out of Syria and not do anything. It is a civil war and must be settled internally amongst themselves. Who are we to say what is right or wrong? We are a corrupt and broken empire full of liberals with lies.

Labor Day: When we celebrate the millions of hardworking Chinese who have taken most of the American manufacturing jobs. Buy American.

Don’t get it: It amazes me that when President Bush asked for support from the Democrats when Hussein had WMD and they said no, can't go it alone. But when President Obama asked for support on WMD to go it alone the Republicans backed him.

Can you park here?: I have nothing against handicapped drivers. I will probably be one someday. If it is against the law for a non-handicapped driver to park in a handicapped parking space, why isn't it against the law for a handicapped driver to park in a non-handicapped parking place?

Wake up: People need to wake up about Syria. The man used chemical weapons on innocent people and children. We as a country, who have the means to make a difference, should. It's the moral thing to do. No one hesitated to fight Hitler after his genocide. People need to get away from the "If it doesn't affect me then why should I care?" attitudes.

Tell me: Do you really think it is okay that when someone has a big medical treatment or emergency, they have to establish a fund, ask their church or the public to help with medical costs? Wouldn't it be better if all that would already be regulated, as we ultimately pay for it anyway?

We have no say: If 'We the People' had a say, we wouldn't attack Syria because the majority of Americans are against that. However, the politicians decide and obviously don't represent us at all.

Look in the mirror: Why is it that liberals are lashing out at conservatives on being prejudice? Don't they realize they're looking in the mirror and seeing themselves? Democrats are calling conservatives racist, when Democrats are the ones putting the welfare shackles on the Blacks and the poor.

What’s the problem?: Conservatives only want to do away with regulations when they serve no useful purpose, and only cause hardship on people. Why would anyone have a problem with that … unless you want to control everything? Never mind, I answered my own question.

Thank you: Kudos to the sheriff's department for their work in arresting local drug dealers selling to students. I hope they are punished to the fullest extent of the law to set an example for other would-be delinquents.

Hypocrisy: Assad of Syria has murdered over 100,000 men, women and children with chemicals. The indignant, noble citizens of the USA are planning to punish him. But wait, the USA aborts 3,300 of its children every day or 1.2 million every year using among other things, chemicals. Hypocrisy at its finest.

We the People: The Preamble is a list of societal goals for which the Constitution was established, not a mandate for government to impose. That's why it says "We the People,” not "The Government Shall.” You cannot legislate "domestic tranquility,” but the point was to achieve this through limited government. I suggest the Federalist Papers for reading beyond the Preamble.

On social justice: “I cannot undertake to lay my finger on that article of the Constitution which granted a right to Congress of expending, on objects of benevolence, the money of their constituents.” (James Madison)

Pay cash: Our healthcare system used to work fine before government got involved. The next time you go to your doctor offer to pay cash. You will not believe the care or the savings.

Increase the jail: If the Grantville police start a drug unit, Sheriff Yeager might ought to look into expanding the jail, gonna need more room.

Agree about the homework: Many a night our child is not getting to bed until after 11 p.m. because of homework and soccer practice. Kids need their sleep and they also need to be well rounded, meaning not school all day and homework all night.

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