Sound Off

Define disability: Being fat, stupid and lazy should not be a qualification for disability.

To Richard Kirby: Richard, I very much liked your letter to the editor in the Saturday paper. It expresses the thoughts of many of us, (especially me) to the max. As a matter of fact, I now think I will have to keep up my subscription as long as I can see, in order to read your letters. Thanks for taking the time to write them.

Making us stupid: The recent Sound Off comments prove yet again that watching Fox News makes you stupid. It's like getting your information from the town drunk.

You are the problem: To the "You don't get it" Sound Off saying "if you make less than five million a year and vote Republican, you simply don't understand the problem.” Well, if you're living off welfare and voting Democrat, then you are the problem.

Case fact: Trayvon Martin committed no crime. But even if he was seen by Zimmerman as committing one, it still did not give him the right to kill him. This case is a tragedy, a travesty and a miscarriage of justice. Zimmerman was completely in the wrong, period. The verdict will not stand.

Narrow-minded: I am willing to wager that young minds are more negatively affected by adults' narrow-mindedness and judgmental ways than teachers covered with tattoos. This attitude that certain groups of people have the right or authority to make such blanket statements is so incredibly sad.

Dear SummerGrove: As a resident, I am appalled by your profiling of teenagers by saying recent problems were "most likely" caused by teenagers. Also, you mention teenagers’ lack of respect for adults. Teenagers saying "you're not a cop, so I don’t have to talk to you" is most likely what happened in the Martin/Zimmerman case.

Name change: I heard that George Zimmerman was changing his name to "Ben Gazzi" so that the Obama administration or the paid-for media would never mention him again.

Show compassion for all: It is very tragic when anyone is killed. But where are all the media and all the personal and heartfelt feelings when a black person commits a murder of someone from a different race? Where is the compassion for those people?

Self defense: The case of Zimmerman and Martin is a tragedy for all. Life will never be the same for either family. I strongly believe this was a case of simple self defense: Stand Your Ground Law was not involved, and race was not a factor. Simple self-defense, and the jury reached the correct verdict based on the evidence. I pray for both families.

Worthless president: President Obama divides the American people on class, age, gender, religion and, now, on race. He is truly not good for the country, its people or for freedom.

The real picture: Why doesn't the news media show the real picture of 17-year-old Trayvon with all his tattoos and muscular body? Also, how about the jewelry and burglary tools he took to school and said he found? Not an innocent little boy.

Dear Northgate: You can go ahead and take your money elsewhere and I will still continue spending mine downtown, where true Newnanites support each other. Besides, everyone knows there are only two high schools in Newnan, Newnan and East Coweta.

Who’s the scrooge? We often travel down Jackson Street and have never seen more than four elderly men sitting on a porch watching the world go by. What kind of scrooge is the writer on July 4 who requested a code investigation to deprive these men of one of their remaining pleasures?

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