What area residents are saying about the Martin-Zimmerman case

Where’s mine? I want a flat-screen TV and jewelry, so I think that I'm starting to get upset about the verdict, too.

Don’t get it: I believe if Mike Luckovich, the cartoonist for Atlanta JC, was being robbed by a black person and a white man came to his rescue, hit the robber and hurt him, Mike Luckovich would defend the robber in court simply because he was black. I will never understand some liberal thinking.

Hmmm: Funny, I don't remember any federal investigation when O.J. Simpson was acquitted of murder.

Where’s the outrage?: I will never understand why black politicians and civil rights leaders never seem to express outrage at the number of black teenagers that are killing themselves every day, but let it be a white person, regardless of reason, and they go into an extreme outrage.

It’s God’s job: I am not taking sides with the case of Trayvon Martin, however, we need to understand that God told us revenge belongs to Him and that He would repay. We need to heed those words and move on.

Quit stirring the pot: I do not believe I am prejudice at all. However, in watching what is going on right now in the news, I see that people like Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, Charlie Rangle, Eric Holder and even President Obama are stirring the racial pot and causing more and more hatred. Shame on these people.

To quote: Rodney King - “Can’t we all just get along?”

Who started it? Why would Trayvon Martin have been charged with assault and battery? Zimmerman was the original aggressor when he stalked Martin.

The real agenda: I wonder if there might be some unintended consequences for the Democrats pursuing civil rights violations against Zimmerman. If I were Hispanic, it might open my eyes to the real agenda of the left.

Innocent until: Two hallmarks of the American legal system are the presumption of innocence and trial by a jury of peers. It seems those most upset by the recent Zimmerman trial have either forgotten this or never knew. Fortunately, mob rule does not rule the day in America.

Wrong: No, just the opposite, if Mr. Martin hadn't died that night, we would have heard two sides of the story instead of just one.

Think about it: Just imagine if Trayvon had been your son.

Who’s the racist? After this GZ/TM case, I'm losing all hope in American society. All the people attacking Zimmerman's race while also calling him a racist are nothing but ignorant, idiotic hypocrites.

Reverse bigotry: Sure, some old-fashioned racism is still around today, but reverse racism is America's biggest problem now. In most cases, the person who uses the race card first is the true racist.

Who’s the racist 2? It’s ironic that Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have been pushing such strong claims that Zimmerman is a racist when they are the most racist bigots in this nation.

Hear the testimony: I don't blame the general public for being outraged at the George Zimmerman acquittal. The general public only watched the national news and the “talking heads.” If they had heard the actual testimony, they would agree with the jury.

Truly racist: Stand-your-ground laws are designed with the "fear-death" loophole, which would enable insecure whites to shoot to kill anyone perceived as threatening. It is a bad law, and, if applied equally, would leave everybody dead.

Ironic: Now comes the Zimmerman family expressing fears for their very lives. How ironic is that? None cared one twit for Trayvon Martin's life but now value their own? You reap what you sow, the chickens always come home to roost, and what goes around comes back around.

Twisted: A teenaged boy is shot because an overzealous, do-it-yourself wannabe cop ignored 911 dispatcher instructions, took matters into his own hands, never identified himself, got into a scuffle with the boy, then feared for his life and had to shoot to kill? That, my friends, is outrageous.

Cool it, media: The media has to report and respect the pulse of the public. Get over the verdict? Get over the fact that the South lost the war! Get over the Holocaust. Get over the Civil Rights, Voting Rights, Affordable Health Care, and Women's Rights bills. Just get over the injustice of a teenager shot and killed for no good reason? No one is safe with Zimmerman armed and loose.

Change the focus: Since 97 percent of crime against blacks is committed by blacks, it seems like Rev. Jackson and Al Sharpton would be better served getting headlines for helping that, not stirring the pot of black/white relations. But that's the only way they can keep their power seats in Washington, I guess.

A disgrace: In the 503 days between the Trayvon shooting and Zimmerman verdict, 10,865 blacks were murdered by other blacks. This is worse than any overseas war. It's a national disgrace that this travesty is conveniently overlooked for the sake of liberal politics by the liberal media.

Everyone has rights: What about George Zimmerman's civil rights? Don't Hispanic-Americans have a right to protect their family and community? Don't Hispanic-Americans have a right to defend themselves? George Zimmerman exercised two options before using lethal force: He called the police and screamed for help for 45 seconds while his head was being pounded into the concrete. Trayvon Martin could have called the police or simply gone to the apartment where he was staying. He chose to do neither.

Where’s the outrage?: When is the black community going to rise up in outrage about the 90 percent of black murders at the hands of other blacks or the 75 percent of black babies born to unwed mothers or the incredibly high dropout rate of black youth?

Did you know? In response to the "stay in the car" Sound Off from the 18th, you do realize the Skittles and tea found on Trayvon Martin are used to make an alcoholic drink when mixed with cough medicine, which have known side effects of aggression? The autopsy proved its use by liver damage.

Keep it real: Thanks, Mr. Editor, for writing things the media felt like we did not need to know but were so vital to the Zimmerman case. Keep up the good work.

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