Alex McRae

Good for the Goose

Global pharmaceutical companies spend billions of dollars researching, developing and testing a single new drug. Winners like Viagra make the profits gush, but getting new products to market is no day at the regulatory beach. Especially for the lab rats on which the drugs are tested.

If you're the rat getting a daily dose of Prozac you might be the happiest rodent around, but millions of test critters perish each year to make sure human users of new drugs won't suffer serious side effects-like death.

By the time the US Food and Drug Administration approves a new medication, the agency is satisfied that enough guinea pigs have died to get the bugs out of the drugs.

Which brings us to Obamacare. Before this legislative abomination became law, millions of average Americans had thousands of questions. They weren't alone. Even former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said, 'We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it...'

Now we know. No one is happy. The law was scheduled to take full effect in January, 2014. It won't. Why? Because the dopes who passed the bill still can't figure out how it works or how it will affect the pocketbooks or general health of citizens.

That's not a scenario the law's supporters want to defend. Since 2014 is an election year, the Obama administration recently whispered the news that while uninsured individuals would endure Obamacare as scheduled, businesses would have another year to figure things out. And keep the campaign contributions coming.

Meanwhile a nation remains in the dark about how Obamacare will work. Or if it will work at all.

But Obamacare Anxiety Syndrome could be avoided entirely if We, the People, demand that before it takes effect, Obamacare is tested on human guinea pigs. And I know just the group.

As of March 2012, there were over two million federal employees, not including military personnel, members of Congress and their staffs, the president, vice-president and their staffs and Supreme Court justices and staffs.

That's a perfect test group. All Congress needs to do is pass emergency legislation saying that Obamacare will not take effect nationwide until it has been tested on non-military federal employees. All of them.

A five-year trial period should be plenty.

Many businesses say they will have to cut hours or lay off workers to avoid financial problems imposed by Obamacare. Let members of Congress set the example by slashing salaries and dumping staff. Then, force remaining federal workers to purchase health insurance at governmentapproved exchanges and watch as the cost of their medical care skyrockets while the quality of care plummets.

And why stop there?

Politicians and federal workers preach the 'green' energy gospel. Why not require all federal buildings to be powered exclusively by windmills or sunlight?

Electric vehicles are the answer? Fine. Don't allow anything else inside the DC city limits, including liquor delivery trucks. Can't wait to see the first Prius Presidential limo.

By the way, lawmakers are warning that we will need to raise taxes or eliminate tax deductions to fund Obamacare. Let's test that notion on federal employees and see what happens.

Sadly, the 99 percent of federal workers who do a great job and follow the rules will suffer needlessly. But that might be what it takes to slap some sense into their incompetent bosses.

Government big shots posing as public servants are clearly not listening to the citizens they work for. Maybe they'll listen to the people they work with every day.

And that just might happen if federal government employees are forced to live by the laws they pass. All of them.

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