Sound Off

Weak-hearted: The hostility against people of color has reached new heights. Since they are portrayed as inferior in all aspects and categories, what is the rationale to continue with all the race bashing? What are the real reasons for so much fear?

It's Chicago: A normal Chicago weekend. Twelve killed, 62 wounded in gun violence. So much for Liberal gun control.

Perfect headline: Thanks for the clever headline 'Red, White and Blech!' It completely summed up the holiday weather and its consequences and sounded much better than 'Red, White and Yucky.'

Just Americans: I would be glad to see the day when we're all Americans. My ancestors were Irish immigrants but you don't see me calling myself an 'Irish-American.' To me, we should just be all Americans.

No one should use it: I think the N-word is despicable. However, I don't understand why it is is OK for a black person to use it but if a white person uses it, it's racist. Could someone please explain that to me? That seems hypocritical in my opinion.

It's not there: With all this modern technology being able to research stuff, please find the Constitution and read it. Then maybe, just maybe, you'll realize 'separation of church and state' isn't in there. Quit trying to stop Christians from being politically active.

Abortions: If Planned Parenthood really cared about the poor, underprivileged women, they would provide this 'service' free of charge, or at a reduced cost, to those who couldn't afford it.

Really? Excuse me, I guess we do have one person who never used the N-word. Yeah right. I believe you are a liar, or you have selective memory.

Name change: The Atlanta Dream should be renamed 'The Nightmares,' for obvious reasons.

Let them park: Someone please explain to me how a business on the Court Square can place a sign in their window facing the road stating customer parking only. Since when did businesses own the road in front of their store or the parking spaces? If that is true, I want a refund on my past parking tickets.

Free ads: For the life of me, I can't figure out why you folks provide front page free advertising for Starship.

Bad media, bad: What a disgrace our media is!! They couldn't find an objective point of view even if it was right in front of them! Much like the government, eh?

Hate & Strife: Based on opinions and stances taken here, both are alive and well in Coweta County. It is completely hilarious that we are so consumed with race, class and gender, while we have no power over either. Yet we continue declaring Jesus as Lord. Go figure.

Gotta love GOP: Blacks are wrong calling each other 'the word.' Now comes the conservatives 'wanting to be just as wrong' using that word. It is totally amazing people want to mimic a people that they detest.

Why guilty? So you think Zimmerman should be found guilty because there might be race riots? He was on the bottom being beaten by a man with drugs in his system. But you think because he was white he was wrong for defending himself. Doesn't say much for you, does it?

Whoa, whoa: So City Council is considering allowing craft beer to be produced, but if you want to sell it in a growler you're going to be restricted to the Downtown Commercial Historic District? If this passes and I want a craft beer in a growler, I will have to hope that a brewpub opens somewhere downtown. Do I get a free pass to the city's upcoming Wellness Center, too?

Lazy ways: Lazy people will always be lazy about their work. Give them the easiest job to do and they will still be lazy. Hard workers will always work hard, no matter if it's cleaning the house or building an airplane.

Can't find one: Do restaurant inspections include the establishment's public restrooms? Clean restrooms in Coweta County are few and far between.

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