There's good news

I am not one to make resolutions but the coming year seems to be begging for a list.
Many people are ending 2012 with broken hearts. I’ve had to stop watching the news because it seems every single story coming out of Newtown, Connecticut is more than the heart can hold. I simply cannot wrap my mind around it and cannot fathom what the families are going through. I have cried and prayed with the rest of the nation and I don’t think we, as a people will ever understand such a thing.
Beyond that, politics are at an all time low and several friends and family are struggling to make ends meet. The news is full of foreclosures, homelessness and unemployment. Many of those who are fortunate to have jobs are experiencing cutbacks or higher costs of living.
I have found lately that I have to look for good news and much of it is coming in small things; simple deeds where one helps another.
I checked Huffington Post while searching for good news. There’s a video there of ten dogs who saved the lives of their loved ones.
One saved her pup from drowning in a pool, another saved an alcoholic master by dragging her away from an oncoming train when she passed out on train tracks. Note that this was a pit bull, and the train hit him. Another dog saved his family from a fire while another ran back into a fire to rescue her puppies.

HuffPost also reports when the extreme group Westboro Baptist Church arrived to protest the funeral of the principal of Sandy Hook Elementary School that people formed a human wall to shield mourners. Motorcyclists also arrived from neighboring states and formed a line along the street near the church. With these and other groups protecting the dignity of the funeral procession and service, Westboro reportedly left without incident.

HuffPost also talks about anonymous donors paying off layaways at stores by sending $10,000 to Walmart and another $10,000 to Toys R Us. tells the story of Connie Siskowski whose non-profit organization Caregiving Youth Project is providing assistance to Boca Raton youth who have to serve as caregivers to ill or disabled family members.

Great News also tells the story of Jake Wood who rallies fellow veteran service members to assist in communities affected by natural disasters. At the time of publication in April of this year, Wood has 1,400 volunteers in his organization who have assisted in 14 acts of service.

Another bit from Great News is that of Pushpa Basnet who began a children’s center in Nepal to support children who were living with their parents in prison. And then there is Dr. Benjamin LaBrot who began a nonprofit called Floating Doctors. Volunteers with LaBrot’s program travel by ship to assist people in remote coastal regions by providing healthcare.

There is good news to be found. It’s sometimes difficult but it’s out there. I’m encouraged from all this researching of good news. I’m looking forward to 2013 with hope and faith.

Kathy Bohannon is a weekly contributor to The Newnan Times-Herald. Kathy can be reached at .

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