Small victories add up

We need to take time and celebrate the small victories.
Too often we try the “all in,” never satisfied unless it pays off and we get 100.
But a five here, and a two or three there, coupled with a couple of tens and maybe a 20, eventually hits the same number. Sometimes, it just takes time to get where we need to go. We need to be patient. And so it’s okay to celebrate the small wins. They add up.
Such as a good hair day for the Little Black Dress.
I do not speak of prepping for a big date or meeting or other social occasion, but rather the more personal ones. The ones that, in the end, really count.
For example, prior to going to the hospital to deliver the SONS of Thunder at their appointed time, The Dress made sure her hair was perfect. Understand this is a woman who wore a jaunty scarf into the hospital; who makes sure her toenails were done. And who only delivers boys, and only while wearing pearls.
Photos are verboten until the makeup is touched up and there is a splash of whatever perfume strikes her fancy that day. To her, it is not vanity. She wanted to look good for her newborns. And she wanted her first pictures with them to reflect that.
So I’ll give her that one.

Yet the other day The Dress is up before I am. Said event happens, um, never. There is a hair dryer thundering. And with a groggy eye I ask what in the blazes is A). she doing and B). do you know what time it is?

Okay, I already knew the answers, but my underlying question was “why?” Because I know dang sure we have no plans today or in the immediate future to be visiting a hospital for a delivery. Removing a spear thrown by one SON into the back of another? Probably.

“I’m off to get my driver’s license renewed,” she replied.

Ah yes. I had spent the last week frantically looking for the myriad of documents - all originals thank you very much - to prove The Dress was The Dress and that she actually lived where she lives. Which is all a joke because everyone knows there are plenty of little black dresses, but there is only one Little Black Dress.

Somehow all the bills are in my name. But I find a bank statement here and something else that’s apparently legal there and I’m busy checking off everything from my personalized Driver’s License Services If You Don’t Have Every Single Document You Will Stand In Line For Two Hours And Then We Won’t Give You A Real License Anyway list.

Now we have heard a few pleasant stories about this whole license renewal that you have to do in person now. And that’s because the state is making these licenses more “secure.” Which in governmentese means they are implanting a small micro chip in your license and can track you anywhere. Apparently, the Tin Foil Hats are correct.

But a few friends, when asked about their adventure, replied with “I’ll take Root Canals for $200, Alex.” But The Dress is determined this will be a good day, provided I have done my part - make sure she has all the documents.

Anyway, besides having an original document proving who she was at birth, we also have to have a document proving she is, well, married. And to me. And of course we cannot find the marriage certificate anywhere. As in nowhere. As in nada. And I am not even thinking of making some comment because we all know The Dress can hear me think.

But we think we’re solid on the documents as she has a new social security card with her married name on it and hopefully even Georgia will accept something from the feds.

And so the LBD heads off. From what I gathered later, The Dress and the nice lady who helped her both agreed her new photo looked Fabulous and better than the one seven years ago. And why yes we did subtract five pounds from her weight. I’m not sure if she got her extra half-inch of height. I do know they will not let her license expire in infinity per her request, because it was “just perfect.”

Little things in life add up. Documents plus weight loss plus quick and easy plus Fabulous photo with perfect hair add up. A new license. One thing at a time. Step by step.

And apparently a tea party. Being The Dress, it’s not complete without inviting the driver’s bureau staff over to celebrate.

John A. Winters is a staff writer for The Newnan Times-Herald. His personal blog is at . You can contact him at .

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