Scrapbooks and land yachts

Months ago I had planned to attend a weekend scrapbooking event just an hour from home. Ninja Man and I were going to go together. I would add to my vacation scrapbook and Ninja Man would go to the shooting range. It all sounded so wonderful, I couldn’t wait.
When we learned that Ninja Man couldn’t get the time off I was disappointed. I mentioned this to daughter Aubern Michelle the day before I was to leave.
“What if Phoebe Jo and I came down and spent the weekend with you so you don’t have to go alone?” she asked. I thought that was a grand idea, and on short notice, she and seven-month-old Phoebe Jo piled into a rental car for the drive from Newnan to Savannah. They were delighted to discover they had been upgraded to a Lincoln Town Car. The car was long and black and looked like something from a gangster film.
When Aubern Michelle called she was laughing. “Here we come! In a land yacht! I see why people get them now. You can pack for an entire winter in Florida with this trunk!”
It was the first time she and Phoebe Jo would travel alone and my brave daughter had a bit of trepidation but they made it safely. The four and a half hour trip took seven, but it was a success nonetheless. My daughter, a former business owner, summed it up. “My sense of accomplishment has changed so much. Before Phoebe Jo I would have been upset that it took so long. Now I’m pleased we did it so quickly!” When she was approaching the neighborhood she called to say “Land Yacht here. Permission to enter the harbor?” A few minutes later I got a text saying that she and the baby had “docked” in my driveway. I arrived to share her amazement at the size of the vehicle’s trunk. “I fit my huge suitcase, a pack n’ play and my oversized stroller in there with room to spare.”

Over the course of the weekend I got most of my scrapbook completed and my daughter and The Pheebster had a great time strolling the grounds of the Methodist Campground. But it was on our very first night that I had a small disaster. My diet drink exploded and while I was trying to keep it from getting on my scrapbook project I caught my finger on something sharp. The result was soda and blood all over my shirt. While I was trying to wash the stains from my clothes in the hotel sink my daughter said, “It’s a shame we gave that rented gangster car back. I would love to have put wet bloody clothes in the trunk! I’d love to see their faces!”

I don’t know where this kid gets her sense of humor.

One thing I loved about being with my daughter on such an impromptu trip was that she is at that age where we truly mesh. I’ve waited since her teen years for this amazing time of life with her. She “gets it”, all those things I did as a mom when she was growing up, many of those things I still do. She has a complete grasp of the passion a mother has for her child and I am completely absorbed watching my first born with her first born.

Phoebe Jo laughs a lot. It’s my guess she’s figured out she is in a really funny family. Her demeanor is something I believe has a lot to do with the confidence and calmness of her mommy. I watch the two of them together and I’m smitten.

A week ago I was sure I’d have to spend the weekend alone on my trip. My courageous girl changed all that as she packed up and went the distance just so we’d have a girl’s weekend and the time we spent together was priceless. When I get those photos printed I’ll need two copies. There are two new scrapbooks on the horizon, one for me and one for her, both featuring the giggling Phoebe Jo.

It’s a great start to a lifetime of new memories.

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