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Guest Column

How Senate Democrats are forcing a choice between taxing Internet access and taxing small businesses

The nation’s biggest retailers and their allies on Capitol Hill are getting nervous. Their collective top priority, a bill disingenuou ... Read More

Alex McRae

Stuff it

Every generation marks its place in history by performing heroic deeds of service or sacrifice, creating lasting trends in fashion or music ... Read More

John Winters

A modest tribute

I have no intention in this column to add to the myriad of trolls and other so-called experts as to why someone would “cowardly” ... Read More

Guest Column

Shaming is no substitute for corporate tax reform

The steady rise in U.S. corporations buying foreign companies and then moving their headquarters abroad is not personal, it’s just bus ... Read More

Guest Column

Bringing accountability and success back to the VA and our veterans

Our country’s veterans have risked life and limb to protect our freedoms and ensure our way of life. For too long the Department of Ve ... Read More

Letters To The Editor

The African-American burden

I am an eighth-grader at Evans Middle School. Being that I am an African-American male, it bothers me that I am sometimes judged negatively ... Read More

White Fear – America’s Ebola

Ebola virus spreads by contact – fear spreads by threat, real or perceived. Ebola threatens one’s life. Fear threatens not only ... Read More

Three cheers for Newnan Police Department

The recent amateur video of three Newnan Police officers successfully detaining a combative suspect is yet another incident inflamed by &ldq ... Read More

Disdain of law does not help America

Perhaps Mr. Merrick would be kind enough to cite where in the Constitution the president is empowered to alter US law via executive order. ... Read More

Who is undermining America?

I hereby award the Comedian of the Year to Mr. John W. Merrick. His letters to the editor are so outlandish they make me laugh. He had one a ... Read More

Sound Off     Letter To Editor

Foley beheading is ‘growing up’ moment for social media

The beheading of American journalist James Foley – and the distribution of images showing that crime – have led to a moment of m ... Read More

Who is the real victim?

We will soon see a new phrase added to the urban dictionary – “looting tourism.” Over the last several days, Americans hav ... Read More

Rants, Raves & Really?!?

A look back at last week’s highs, lows and whatevers: RANT: Two people were killed in a single-engine plane crash near the Coweta and ... Read More

Georgia Says

The Augusta (Georgia) Chronicle on stronger borders: If America's border security is so weak to be breached by thousands of unaccompanied C ... Read More

Sound Off

Crying in the wilderness: A note to the president and Congress: Listen to the voice of a taxpayer crying in the wilderness; pass no new laws or programs that will cost taxpayers money unless you also cancel some ridiculous law or program that already costs even more. Read More

Sound Off / 8/21/2014

Sound Off / 8/20/2014

Sound Off / 8/17/2014

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