Opinion Columns

Alex McRae

High on the hog

A few weeks ago, two dudes got together in a Las Vegas boxing ring and spent 36 minutes beating each other to a pulp. Floyd Mayweather Jr. e ... Read More

Guest Column

Gun ownership for some felons

In Georgia, as in most other states, convicted felons cannot possess firearms. On its face, this seems like responsible public policy. Howev ... Read More

Guest Column

Greentop is not the Newnan way

We found the country charm of Coweta County refreshing in our search for a jumping-off point from the rat race of Gwinnett County some 23 ye ... Read More

Kathy Bohannon

Letting go

It was hard to let that house go. Two houses, actually. There was the one that mom and dad lived in until she passed away in 2008, and the ... Read More

Alex McRae

Freedom’s guardians

A year ago this month I visited the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial in Colleville-sur-Mer, France. The site lies high above a long ... Read More

Letters To The Editor

Our town and county

As I have said many times, I am so thankful to have lived in this town and this county all my life. Yes, I have seen many, many changes, som ... Read More

Thanks to our angel

Do you believe in Angels? I do. There is an earth angel named Sherrie Stoddard who lives in Senoia. On May 1, she donated a kidney to my son ... Read More

Meeting Mr. Personality

We stepped into the tiny restaurant just off the square in Newnan chatting as old friends do when she noticed him. He was standing in the re ... Read More

Response to urban guru

In his guest editorial, “Urbanist Leinberger” argues that ultra-high density urban communities “bring more revenue - over ... Read More

Leave your guns at home

On Mother’s Day, I was with my wife and some family members at a good restaurant in a nice section of Newnan when I looked over two ta ... Read More

Sound Off     Letter To Editor

Georgia Says

Savannah Morning News on getting tired truckers off the road: Investigators with the Georgia State Patrol have yet to file charges in conne ... Read More

Can we have our hospital now?

Reading Superior Court Judge Emory Palmer’s ruling Wednesday against the Georgia Department of Community Health is the legal equivalen ... Read More

There’s no need

(Editor’s Note: The following editorial was written before news broke that Judge Emory Palmer had ruled in favor of a Certificate of N ... Read More

Rants, Raves & Really?!?

A look back at last week’s highs, lows and whatevers: RAVE: It’s official. The ribbon cutting (actually four such ceremonies in ... Read More

Sound Off

More on Greentop: Mr. Leinberger's thoughts on the Greentop Road development is a good bit of sound advice if this project goes through. But to say Newnan needs to grow makes no sense as that comment always does. Also, such development should be closer to the center of Newnan. Read More

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Sound Off / 5/20/2015

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