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Guest Column

CDC has not done a good job

Like many Americans, my concerns over the CDC’s handling of the Ebola outbreak in America are growing daily. To this point, the respon ... Read More

Kathy Bohannon

Hammock nap

Fall. I’d hug it if I could. It’s my wakeup call after what seems like endless days of a humid Savannah summer. Fall is more tha ... Read More

Alex McRae

In stitches

Americans have been do-it-yourselfers since the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock. If we needed food, we grew it, hooked it or shot it. Shelt ... Read More

Guest Column

Football scandals and the Nobel Prize in economics

It is a sick joke on the victims of sexual assault and abuse. Eric Barron was president of Florida State University in 2012 when Jameis Wins ... Read More

John Winters

Blue balls

There are times, more and more frequently, it seems, when I just want to turn the electricity off. Not all the electricity. I still love ice ... Read More

Letters To The Editor

How can you exist without ID?

A recent letter to the editor titled “Voter suppression laws” shows the last minute desperation of the Democrats. The writer cla ... Read More

Our most important election

This could very well prove to be the most critical election in the past 50 years and impact the future of this nation. Supporting the Libera ... Read More

Dump the IRS, support the Fair Tax

If there is a non-government employee with an IQ larger than his or her number of birthdays who favors the IRS and its 72,000 pages of confu ... Read More

Voter suppression laws are wrong

It's only been one year since Reagan-appointed Judge Richard Posner converted to the view that voter identification laws are tantamount to v ... Read More

Checkpoint tyranny

Are we so insulated by our toys and our trivial social pursuits that we ignore the absolute despotism being perpetrated on us by our governm ... Read More

Sound Off     Letter To Editor

Rants, Raves & Really?!?

A look back at last week’s highs, lows and whatevers: RAVE: Newnan City Council has approved a $227,000 contract for the engineering d ... Read More

Georgia Says

The Augusta (Georgia) Chronicle on NCAA being heavy handed: Who owns your name, your likeness, your image and your signature? In other word ... Read More

Becoming a hub for technology

The city of Newnan got a major technological boost announcement this week. AT&T has selected our city as one of four in Georgia that wil ... Read More

A stronger man

Boys will be boys. That’s especially true in high school football, where crude jokes, popping someone with a wet towel on their butt, ... Read More

Sound Off

Fix it: Watching the congressional hearings on Ebola makes me very concerned. The congressmen and congresswomen are more concerned about pointing fingers than finding solutions. Is “anything” more important to them than politics? Call your representative and tell them fix this, not just place blame. Read More

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Sound Off / 10/17/2014

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