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Guest Column

Honoring our heroes in public safety

I don’t have to look very far in search of my heroes. As a young person, I had certain heroes to whom I looked as special. Most of the ... Read More

Kathy Bohannon

It’ll get better

I looked across the table at my husband. I don’t know what it was about that moment, but something gave me pause. We were in the norma ... Read More

Alex McRae

Images of Easter

The Easter season tops the charts for sharing photos of friends and family sporting their Sunday best and stuffing down one last bite of dev ... Read More

John Winters

Easter and WMDs

(A reprise of one of my favorite Easter columns): Tomorrow, the Little Black Dress will don a beautiful dress and wear a hat the Queen of En ... Read More

Guest Column

More ammunition for Obama administration

Increasingly, Americans fear their government. They fear its power, its might and its ability to ruin their lives. The recent showdown in Ne ... Read More

Letters To The Editor

Anarchy and civil disobedience

Anarchy is defined as a situation of confusion and wild behavior in which the people in a country, group, organization, etc., are not contro ... Read More

Best Georgia senator prospects

Have you heard of Michelle Martin? She is running as a Democrat for U.S. Senate. Still guessing? That's because she is running under her mai ... Read More

Helping the handicapped

As a result of hip replacement surgery, I truly understand how difficult life is for handicapped people. I use a walker to get around and, w ... Read More

America is falling apart

America is now paying $84 million each day in interest alone. And the abysmal low-lifes in Washington who make the rules will be re-elected ... Read More

Guns and obesity

According to the World Health Organization, 109 countries have 100 percent gun bans where murders exceed ours. We are 110th in this grouping ... Read More

Sound Off     Letter To Editor

Our school system scores again

Yet another star to add to the Coweta County School System. The Georgia Department of Education released the results of the latest alphabet ... Read More

Rants, Raves & Really?!?

A look back at last week’s highs, lows and whatevers: REALLY?!?: Kevin Brown, CEO of Piedmont Healthcare, gave a speech last week sayi ... Read More

He is risen

After the Sabbath, at dawn on the first day of the week, Mary Magdalene and the other Mary went to look at the tomb. There was a violent ear ... Read More

Georgia Says

The Times, Gainesville, Ga., on tax reform being overdue: April 15 was tax day. The marvels of electronic filing may have lessened somewhat ... Read More

Sound Off

What about the guns?: In the Newnan shootings I have yet to read if the shooters’ guns were registered and if they were licensed to carry. Or were they just armed lawbreakers who did not deserve to live free in this country? What was the source of the weapons? Read More

Sound Off / 4/20/2014

Sound Off / 4/19/2014

Sound Off / 4/18/2014

Sound Off / 4/17/2014

Does the United States have a culture that is too obsessed with guns?


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