Opinion Columns

Kathy Bohannon

Heat of the Day

I don’t “do” summer. I think I’m a summer snob. Summer to me has one of two descriptions: I thrive somewhere near th ... Read More

Alex McRae

Heads up

The record doesn’t lie. Nor do the photographs. I’ve always been a polyester guy in a silk and cashmere world. No regrets. No sh ... Read More

Guest Column

Domestic violence is everywhere

Every year hundreds of our wives, sisters, aunts, nieces, mothers, grandmothers, husbands, brothers, uncles, nephews, fathers, cousins, neig ... Read More

John Winters

The real man’s guide to …

There are certain rites of passage fathers teach their sons: how to ride a bike; how to throw anything under the heading of "ball"; how to p ... Read More

Guest Column

Department of Education’s proposed rules are the last thing the economy needs

With lawmakers away this August, regulators in Washington are doing their best to prove true the old idiom concerning the peril of idle hand ... Read More

Letters To The Editor

Wife beater = Coward

The recent case of NFL star Ray Rice has exposed the hypocrisy in society, especially big league sports. It seems we can't get enough of vio ... Read More

We have let our country fail

Seems the voting public, those trusted with selecting politicians to guide and govern, continue their same pattern of electing them and comp ... Read More

The real Jim Sells

Below is an unedited text from “Jim’s Corner,” the Facebook page of Grantville’s mayor, Jim Sells. Jim’s comme ... Read More

What will the verdict be?

On the news, everyone seems to wonder why so many westerners are joining ISIS or other Islamic terrorists. I did, too, until I read a book b ... Read More

We have no plan in case of attack

The other day I listened to Prime Minister David Cameron's speech to the British Parliament concerning the very real and present threat of t ... Read More

Sound Off     Letter To Editor

Georgia Says

The Augusta (Georgia) Chronicle on unswerving ideals: He epitomized the expression "doing well by doing good." His chicken sandwiches made ... Read More

The president and ISIS

The greatest threat facing America is terrorism. Today, that terrorism shows its face through ISIS. They rape, torture and kill men, women a ... Read More

Take a moment

On this day in 2001, at 8:46 a.m. Eastern time, American Airlines Flight 11 crashed into floors 93-99 of the North Tower of the World Trade ... Read More

Rants, Raves & Really?!?

A look back at last week’s highs, lows and whatevers: REALLY?!? A pit bull terrier was put down after being stabbed at the local PetSm ... Read More

Sound Off

Just wrong: The editorial in Friday’s paper said our priorities are skewed over the stabbing of a dog. Well, I guess the NTH was skewed in putting the stabbing of just a dog on the front page. Read More

Sound Off / 9/12/2014

Sound Off / 9/11/2014

Sound Off / 9/10/2014

Sound Off / 9/7/2014

Do you think accused child abuser Adrian Peterson should be allowed to play this Sunday?


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