Opinion Columns

Alex McRae

Fired up

After spending decades attacking God and guns, government types have declared war on outdoor barbecuing. Outdoor grilling. Cooking out. The ... Read More

John Winters

This is why

Yesterday morning (Friday), I was in my office working on this column. To be honest, I was staring at the computer screen more than I was ty ... Read More

Guest Column

Go set a watchdog on Iran

The ink was barely dry on the deal limiting Iran’s nuclear program when pre-written for-against op-eds began appearing. Measuring the ... Read More

Guest Column

Uniting against violence

According to a report by the Associated Press, some prominent Chattanooga Muslims are speaking out about the murders of five U. S. serviceme ... Read More

Alex McRae

Saving our most vulnerable

A man was just shot while trying to protect the unborn at a Florida birthing facility. Police said the man was among a group of volunteers w ... Read More

Letters To The Editor

The war on terror is here

I attended a memorial service in honor of Lance Corporal Skip Wells, USMC, in Marietta this past Tuesday. As I was listening to various spea ... Read More

Wild, wild West

“You’re advocating a return to the wild, wild west,” retorted a political analyst during a heated gun control interview. R ... Read More

Black lives matter

Considering murder, of and by blacks, in our major cities, it seems the only black murders which matter to some are those which can be explo ... Read More

A call to arms

If ISIS continues to threaten and terrorize American citizens, especially killing and causing property destruction, then there will need to ... Read More

Sidewalks in Sharpsburg

I do not understand why the officials of Coweta County are not investing in sidewalks in the Sharpsburg area. Northgate and Lee are attracti ... Read More

Sound Off     Letter To Editor

Georgia Says

The Macon Telegraph on school testing: For years, teachers, education administrators, parents and other school personnel have cried foul ov ... Read More

Just the facts, ma’am

Dr. Walter J. Palmer, a Minnesota dentist, is now the most hated man in America. He has had to shut down his practice. His office building i ... Read More

Rants, Raves & Really?!?

A look back at last week’s highs, lows and whatevers: RANT: In an off-agenda item – meaning it was not on the Newnan City Counci ... Read More

Georgia Says

The Augusta (Georgia) Chronicle on proposed pastor's protection act: We agree with a University of Georgia scholar that a state "pastor's p ... Read More

Sound Off

Thank you: When my car broke down, Police Officer Aaron came quickly to rescue me. He tried to help me with my car and waited with me for a tow. More importantly, he was notably kind and courteous. A thank you to him and Chief Meadows. Read More

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Sound Off / 7/29/2015

There are reports Vice President Joe Biden is considering running for president. Should Vice President Joe Biden run for president?


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