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Guest Column

Hackers wreak havoc

With Target stores under attack late last year, other large retailers began taking action to counter additional hacks. Like most criminals, ... Read More

Kathy Bohannon

ER visit

Recently I spent some time in the emergency room. After a questionable EKG from an urgent care doctor, I was given the option of going by am ... Read More

Guest Column

The need to protect journalists

Journalists like to tell the story. They do not like to become the story. Unfortunately, during the past several months, journalists have be ... Read More

Alex McRae

Food fight

As wars go, this one is pretty tame. Maybe because it isn’t being fought in the Middle East, but the American Midwest. The aggressor i ... Read More

John Winters

A special day at the fair

I took what is often called an “extended lunch” earlier this week. My goal was pretty simple. I wanted to check out the rides at ... Read More

Letters To The Editor

Georgia losing billions in refusing to expand Medicaid

“By choosing not to participate, Georgia will forgo an estimated $5.58 billion in federal funding in 2022. Taking into account federal ... Read More

Losing our spines

I love and long for the freedoms we once enjoyed in America. Our freedoms have steadily disappeared as our government, run by the narcissist ... Read More

Remembering Joe the Barber

Recently, I received the sad news that my barber of 15 years had passed away. He, like myself, was a veteran. That is why I started going to ... Read More

A Democrat’s heart

As I read the letter from Keith Crosby voicing his concern about “young, mostly obese person(s)” waddling to the checkout counte ... Read More

Who pays the tax?

The "50% who pay no taxes" is continually brought up by Right-Wingers with the implication that they are all "takers" who don't work and sit ... Read More

Sound Off     Letter To Editor

Rants, Raves & Really?!?

A look back at last week’s highs, lows and whatevers: RAVE: Cancer Treatment Centers of America at Southeastern Regional Medical Cente ... Read More

Georgia Says

Morning News, Savannah, Georgia, on voter fraud: Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp embarrassed himself over public allegations he recent ... Read More

CTCA hits another milestone

Cancer Treatment Centers of America at Southeastern Regional has expanded far beyond the hospital’s dreams. Within a year, CTCA achiev ... Read More

It’s time for medical marijuana in Georgia

The Callaways are separating. That may not be much of a surprise. Probably half of all marriages end in divorce, and separation is just one ... Read More

Sound Off

Right on: I usually don't read the Letters to the Editor columns in the NTH, but I am so glad I did last Friday. I wholeheartedly agree with John Tarrant and I didn't know "Joe the Barber," but I wish I had. Read More

Sound Off / 9/28/2014

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