Opinion Columns

Alex McRae

Bob and Billy

When I saw Bob Dylan’s face on the cover of AARP the Magazine, I did a double-take. When I started reading, I smiled. Dylan was just c ... Read More

Guest Column

Where are the statesmen in this cancer fight?

As a prostate cancer survivor (over five years in remission), I was overjoyed when my “home” community obtained a Cancer Treatme ... Read More

Corby Winters

Finding common ground

Parents can be wrong. I can’t believe I just said that, but it’s true. It is not always easy for parents to admit when we are wr ... Read More

Guest Column

CTCA’s questionable approach to proving compliance with Georgia law

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America claims that the law that was negotiated in 2008 is forcing it to turn away Georgia patients and that ... Read More

Guest Column: Norma Haynes

It’s time to thank our public safety friends

When you hear that siren, you can know somebody is in trouble and that help is on the way. Every hour of every day and night, somebody is ca ... Read More

Letters To The Editor

Put positive news on the front page

Today was the last straw. I am a daily subscriber of the newspaper. I realize I live in an area that I consider to be a community instead of ... Read More

Use administrators as subs

In West Virginia, lawmakers voted in 2013 to require central office administrators of school systems to fill in for absent teachers three da ... Read More

Supporting the EPA

While the EPA monitoring hotel shower usage may seem a little over-the-top, water conservation is nonetheless very important. Just to give y ... Read More

Freedom and politics

Fewer, with each passing day, remember or seem to care that the vote-buying, low-life politicians in Washington and a few locals have the id ... Read More

Let’s give the terrorists jobs … not

I remember, as a kid, reading the Sunday cartoons in the newspaper. My favorite one was Snuffy Smith. I always got a good laugh out of the t ... Read More

Sound Off     Letter To Editor

Georgia Says

The Macon Telegraph on damage being done under Gold Dome: It is a good thing our intrepid lawmakers will soon leave Atlanta. I'm not sure w ... Read More

And in this corner …

Two of the biggest players in our community are set to collide in an epic battle royale. It is a fight that has, and will, continue to be pl ... Read More

Not the Top 10 we want

Georgia has broken into the Top 10. We wish we were talking March Madness or David Letterman lists. Such is not the case. Rather, our state ... Read More

Rants, Raves & Really?!?

A look back at last week’s highs, lows and whatevers: RAVE: And congratulations to Kristin Skelly, who is the new head of school for T ... Read More

Sound Off

“Political suicide.” Stover speaking out against Deal’s abuse of power is not only “political suicide,” as he says, but it’s also political suicide for the rest of us. His rant pretty much guarantees that Coweta County will not get what it needs as long as this governor is in power. Hasn’t Stover heard that “you can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar?” Home country: Can our local authority on the Constitution please tell us how Ted Cruz is a "natural born citizen" of the United States and Barack Obama is not? Read More

Sound Off / 3/28/2015

Sound Off / 3/27/2015

Sound Off / 3/25/2015

Sound Off / 3/22/2015

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