Grand jury indictments listed

By ALEX McRAE The following defendants were indicted on Jan. 3 and 4 by a Coweta grand jury or accused of crimes directly through the Coweta Circuit District Attorney's Office: Vehicular Homicide:
* Campbell - Hovland, Zachary -- vehicular homicide - first degree, serious injury by vehicle, DUI, reckless driving. Burglary/Robbery/Theft/ Fraud/Forgery/ Property Damage * Leslie, Hashawon Leterenn -- armed robbery, robbery, burglary, giving false information to officer. * Williams, Jarrell Deron -- armed robbery, burglary. * Bright, Dayhaus Demontrayal -- armed robbery, burglary. * Bright, Haron L. -- armed robbery, burglary. * Parham, Rick James -- theft by taking. * Martinette, Aaron Michael -- burglary. * Eubanks, Cynthia Charlene -- forgery - first degree. * Beasley, Santonio Lequeze -- forgery - first degree, giving false information to officer. * Roberson, Romano -- forgery - first degree. * Seals, Alexis Delia -- forgery - first degree. * Veal, Relissa Krishoenna -- forgery - first degree. * Wilkerson, Trisha Yolanda -- forgery - first degree. * Williams, Apollo Antonio -- forgery - first degree. * Blackmon, Alicia -- forgery - first degree. * Martin, Marty Dale -- theft by taking. * Johnson, Michael Wayne -- burglary. * Birk, Quentin Levar -- burglary, false imprisonment, cruelty to children - third degree, battery - FV. * Beavers, Kimberly Diane -- theft by taking. * Joshua Jon Hill -- burglary. * Hollewell, Aaron Carl -- theft by taking. * Gates, Frankie Lee -- burglary. * Porter, Marcus Jamario -- burglary. * Towns, Ashley Nichole -- burglary. * Trice, Tiffany Michelle -- burglary. * Harrelson, Brian Charles -- theft by taking. * Smith, Andrew -- theft by taking. * McDill, Leasa Walton -- burglary. * Jones, John Thomas -- burglary. * McMillian, Marcus Garfield -- theft by conversion, possession of firearm by convicted felon. * Borders, Ronald Michael, Jr. -- burglary, forgery - first degree. * Brown, Jay B. -- burglary. * Robinson, Joseph Michael -- burglary. * Arnold, Severous Cortez -- armed robbery. * Minniefield, Rafael Jevon -- armed robbery. * Fountain, Chad Mathew -- burglary, theft by taking, false report of a crime. * Towns, Ashley Nicole -- theft by shoplifting. * Montgomery, Sonya Lanier -- theft by shoplifting. * Henderson, Duane Antonio -- entering auto, forgery - first degree. * Bowen, David -- theft by taking. * Osborne, Kevin A. -- theft by receiving stolen property, possession marijuana, no driver's license, reckless driving, speeding, fleeing/attempting to elude police officer. * Hyatt, Bobby Wayne III -- burglary. * Chase, Curtis Wayne -- burglary. * Black, Kevin Shane -- theft by taking, theft by deception. * Sasser, Tina Elaine -- burglary. * Ries, Patricia Ann -- burglary. * Warner, Natasha Nicole -- theft by shoplifting. * Ceasar, Brandy Lashawn -- theft by shoplifting. * Florence, Shekita Jeanean -- theft by shoplifting. * McKiver, Quintina Sabrina -- heft by shoplifting. * Maddox, Martell Dejuan -- theft by shoplifting. * Frazier, Brucetravius Dewayn -- theft by shoplifting. * Baker, Jakeira Leshone -- theft by shoplifting. * Bonner, Jacob Alan -- theft by taking. * Borders, Ronald Michael -- forgery - first degree. * Herring, William Eugene -- forgery - first degree. * Johnson, Lenzell -- forgery - first degree. * Jones, Timothy Brian -- theft by conversion. * Kirk, James Leon -- theft by taking. * Pierce, Carrie Lynn -- heft by taking, theft by deception. * Quinn, Brandon Trinity -- theft by receiving. * Varner, David Anthony -- deposit acct. fraud. * Bush, Antonio Megaid -- forgery - first degree. * Butler, Johnny Keith -- forgery - first degree. * Carney, Patrick Allan -- theft by taking. * Chambers, Larry II - deposit acc't. fraud. * Costley, Chasity Lee -- theft by taking. * Coverson, Curtis Lamar -- theft of services. * Durell, Cody Alexander -- theft by taking. * Heard, Richard Arlyn, Jr. -- theft by taking. * Ramey, Rhonda Lorrie -- theft by shoplifting. * Richey, Stephen Todd -- deposit account fraud. * Sasser, Tina Elaine -- theft by taking. * Scarborough, Kimberly Kris -- theft by shoplifting. * Scott, Curtis Allen -- theft by shoplifting. * Castile, Shaunda D'Ette -- theft by shoplifting. * Spradlin, Samantha Ann -- theft by shoplifting. * Kearney Kayla Marie -- theft by shoplifting. * Smith, Ralph Kimble -- theft by shoplifting. * Edgerton, Gerod Deangelo -- enter auto with intent to commit theft or felony. * Washington, Torey Johnny Lee -- enter auto with intent to commit theft or felony. * Ramsey, Tamecka Shantye -- enter auto with intent to commit theft or felony. * Warner, Natasha Nicole -- theft by shoplifting. * Whitetree, Kerry John -- theft by shoplifting. * Wilson, Karen June -- theft by taking. Assault/Battery/Cuelty/ Injury & Terroristic Threats/ Gambling * Patterson, Michael Ray -- simple battery, false imprisonment. * Johnson, Ji Woong -- aggravated assault, possession alprazolam, possession marijuana. * Terrell, Curtis Leon -- interference with government property. * Cofield, Bernard Lee -- interference with government property. * Ashmore, Joshua Lewis -- aggravated assault, simple battery. * Davison, Scotty Jemal -- battery - Family Violence (FV). * Baker, Marshall, Jerlon -- battery - FV, cruelty to children. * Crawford, John Alexander -- aggravated assault on peace officer, fleeing/attempting to elude, reckless driving, driving while license suspended, speeding. * Gates, Roy Lee -- burglary, aggravated assault. * Maynard, Alonzo Pierre -- aggravated assault FV. * Ball, Travis Lamar -- terroristic threats. * Sovik, Hugh Bradley -- aggravated stalking. * Richard, Garrett Michael -- possession illegal weapon. * Mayes, Derrick Dequan -- fleeing/ attempting to elude officer, driving w/o license, failure maintain lane, open container, improper passing reckless driving, speeding. * Ceasar, Brandy Lashawn -- driving with suspended license, driving w/o headlights, giving false info to officer. * Thacker, Daniel Allen -- aggravated assault, simple battery, possession marijuana. * Dorrough, Evan Duncan -- battery, false imprisonment. * Leavell, Dorothy Lee -- aggravated assault, obstruction of officer, cruelty to children, theft by taking. * Barber, Kenneth Orrin -- aggravated assault, obstruction of officer. * Whatley, James Edward -- criminal damage property, theft by taking. * Bishop, Timothy Morris -- aggravated stalking. * Smith, Jeffery Cornelius -- simple battery, possession cocaine. * Fleming, Kellen Andrew -- battery, false imprisonment. * Peavy, Orlando Marques -- criminal attempt to commit felony, kidnapping, aggravated assault. * Fion, Carlos Fernando -- aggravated stalking, driving w/o license. * Chapman, Stephen Aubrey -- felony escape, possession cocaine. * Blount, Anthony Maurice -- aggravated assault, possession cocaine, possession marijuana, possession firearm by convicted felon. * Maynard, Eddie Kentrell -- statutory rape. * Labar, Karen Wallace -- withholding information from practitioner. * Harris, Torrick Preshawn -- false imprisonment, battery - FV, cruelty to children. * Collins, Barry Douglas -- false imprisonment, simple battery. * Phillips, Damon Edward -- battery - FV, cruelty to children. * Glass, Ashley Ann -- making false statement. * Miller, Michael Jerome -- aggravated assault. * Revell, Ronald Lee -- aggravated assault. * Amis, Tamara Denise -- aggravated assault, fleeing/attempting to elude officer, theft by receiving, obstruction of officer, DUI - less safe, reckless driving. * Cook, Cordarius Sanchez -- aggravated assault. * Russell, Ellis Charles -- aggravated assault - FV, battery - FV, hindering emergency phone call, possession firearm by convicted felon. * Walker, Tia Marie -- aggravated assault, simple battery. * Terry, Jaqueline Janine -- cruelty to children. * Graves, Nicholas Landon -- aggravated stalking, false imprisonment, simple battery - FV. * Holeman, William Daniel -- fleeing/ attempting to elude officer, criminal damage to property, reckless driving, driving while license revoked, driving too fast for conditions, no tag, failure to maintain lane. * Daniel, Lionell Devoris -- theft by taking, criminal attempt to commit felony, theft by deception * Person, Leonard, Sr. -- aggravated assault. * Maddox, Joel Carey -- aggravated assault, possession firearm by convicted felon. * Jackson, Anthony Lee -- aggravated assault, possession firearm by convicted felon. * Lucas, Jessie Alen -- aggravated assault. * Schmitt, Theodore Winfield -- aggravated assault, manufacture marijuana. * Channell, Robert Douglas -- aggravated assault. * Yokoya, Phillip Nathan -- financial identity fraud. * McDaniel, Tiffney Forsha -- theft by taking. * Page, Corey Mullins -- theft by shoplifting, possession of cocaine. * Pike, Michael Leon -- reckless conduct, possession firearm by convicted felon. * Brunogaston, Edwin John -- gambling. * Cleveland, Rodrigo Darnell -- possession firearm by convicted felon, possession marijuana. * Edge, Jeremy Norris -- disorderly conduct. * Harmon, William Marcus -- driving with suspended license, forgery. * Haynes, James Dennis -- gambling. * Sasser, Erika Sharel -- criminal damage to property. * Screws, Matthew Robert -- possession firearm by convicted felon. * Sheffield, Lyle Benjamin -- theft by taking. * Bowles, Monica Renee -- aggravated assault, criminal damage to property. * Arnold, Shanteria Appolonia -- making false statement. * Brooks, Marketa Shena -- arson, insurance fraud, false statement, criminal damage to property, false report of a crime. * Wilkes, Luther Cee -- arson, insurance fraud, making false statement, criminal damage to property, false report of a crime. * Cooper, Duane Anthony -- terroristic threats, harassing phone calls. * Stacks, Rusty Wayne -- aggravated battery, criminal damage to property. * Rakestraw, Joshua Wesley -- aggravated assault. * Mann, Randall Kevin -- aggravated assault, terroristic threats, obstruction of officer. * Leach, William Frederick -- terroristic threats, disorderly conduct. * Duffey, Henry Clay -- aggravated assault - FV. Sex Crimes * Bidwell, William Preston, Jr. -- child molestation. * Logan, William Edmond -- aggravated child molestation. * Jordan, James Frank -- child molestation, cruelty to children, burglary, theft by taking, theft by receiving stolen property, possession of firearm by convicted felon. * Farmer, Harold Franklin -- peeping Tom. * Salvatierra, Luis -- child molestation. * Cooper, Kenneth Scott -- failure to register as sex offender. * Huang, Yinmei -- cruelty to children. * Li, Yan Yun -- cruelty to children. * Pearson, Benjamin Dallas -- enticing child for indecent purpose, criminal attempt to entice child for indecent purpose. Vehicular Violations * Devonshire, Joseph Wing -- habitual violator, driving while license suspended, driving with expired license, driving with improper registration, driving without insurance. * Kee, Joseph Lee -- driving while license suspended, theft by shoplifting. * Edge, Jeremy Norris -- serious injury by vehicle, leaving scene of accident, DUI. Drugs * Hall, Derayl Lee -- possession cocaine w/intent to distribute, possession marijuana, possession illegal substance near housing projects. * Beachboard, Jay Marcus, possession methamphetamine, possession of firearm during commission of felony, possession knife during commission of felony. * Ragland, Nicholas Orlandis -- trafficking cocaine, possession marijuana w/intent to distribute, possession firearm by convicted felon. * Tomme, Laura Leigh -- trafficking cocaine, possession marijuana w/intent to distribute. * Parks, Jimmy Lee III -- possession methamphetamine w/intent to distribute, possession cocaine w/intent to distribute, possession alprazolam. * Harden, James Deandre, Jr. -- possession methamphetamine with intent to distribute, possession cocaine w/intent to distribute, possession alprazolam. * Waller, Rhonda Laura Lothle -- possession methamphetamine w/intent to distribute, possession cocaine with intent to distribute, possession alprazolam. * Black, Kevin Shane -- sale of methamphetamine. * Brannon, Brandy Nicole -- sale of methamphetamine. * Cartee, Kevin -- possession marijuana, crossing guard line with drugs. * Reeves, Kenya Shiquita -- possession cocaine. * Powell, Gerald Jacob -- possession methamphetamine, possession marijuana. * Eason, Jeffrey Kyle -- possession marijuana, possession alprazolam, possession of methylenedioxyamphetamin. * Lewis, Gregory Kyle -- possession oxycodone, possession firearm during commission felony. * Williams, Darrell Lewis -- possession cocaine, terroristic threats, obstruction of an officer. * Lett, Tiffany Monique -- possession marijuana w/intent to distribute. * Betts, Major Guy -- possession marijuana with intent to distribute. * Buchwald, Brett Davis -- possesion marijuana with intent to distribute, forgery. * Veal, Donnie Joe, Jr. -- sale methamphetamine. * Dutton, Jerry Lee -- possession oxycodone with intent to distribute, possession hydrocodne w/intent to distribute. * Nelson, Nicholas Martez -- possession cocaine. * Strickand, Marion Denise -- possession cocaine. * Bolton, Patrick Demond -- possession cocaine. * Boutwell, Jennifer Lynn -- possession methamphetamine, possession marijuana. * Heard, Richard Arlyn -- possession methamphetamine, DUI - drugs, improper lane, erratic lane change. * Hudgins, Christopher Ryan -- possession marijuana. * Johnson, Laquan Najee -- possession marijuana, giving false info to law enforcement officer. * Flournoy, Jonathan Nathaniel -- possession marijuana. * Ellis, Michael -- possession marijuana. * Lee, Christina Elaine -- possession cocaine, DUI - drugs. * Mashino, James Robert -- possession cocaine. * McClendon, James Wayne -- possession methamphetamine, possession marijuana, giving false information to officer. * McElveen, Patrick Allen -- manufacturing methamphetamine. * Smith, Terry Ray -- manufacturing methamphetamine. * McKeever, Willie Edward -- possession cocaine. * Moran, Jason Thomas -- criminal attempt purchase oxycodone. * Morrow, Stephanie Nicole -- possession cocaine with intent to distribute, possession marijuana with intent to distribute. * Parks, Emmanuel Maurice -- possession marijuana. * Banks, Romeo Deon -- possession marijuana. * Hill, Ryan -- possession marijuana. * Taggart, Willie Edward -- possession marijuana. * Tolbert, Robert Charles -- posession marijuana, possession cocaine w/intent distribute. * Tolbert, Michael Eugene -- possession marijuana with intent to distribute. * Vanpelt, Banks William -- possession marijuana. * Britt, Anthony -- possession marijuana. * Dinofer, Dallas Sterlng -- possession marijuana. * Brown, Derrick Raymond -- possesion marijuana. * Cannon, Catrinia Lee -- possession cocaine. * Chase, Curtis Wayne -- manuacturing marijuana. * Crider, David Lee -- possession alprazolam, possession marijuana. * Crider, Sandra -- possession marijuana. * Dansby, Kein Jamar -- possession Oxycodone, possession marijuana. * Oates, Matthew Steven -- possession oxycodone, possession marijuana. * Diaz, Victor Francisco -- possession cocaine. * Tolbert, Rodney Roosevelt -- possession cocaine. * Fantroy, Lucas Lorenzo -- possession marijuana with intent to distribute, driving while license suspended. * Fields, Donald Grady -- manufacturing marijuana. * Fields, Robert Malone -- manufacturing marijuana. * Forehand, Gregory Wendell -- criminal attempt to sell methamphetamine. * Head, Ronald Carey -- possession hydrocodone, possession clonazepam. * Roberts, Demetric Lawon -- possession cocaine. * Rosa, Christopher Alan -- possession cocaine, DUI - alcohol, failure to have license on person. * Strozier, George Milton, Jr. -- possession of imitation controlled substance w/intent to distribute. * Swint, Bobby -- possession cocaine. * Thomas, Joseph Lamar -- possession marijuana with intent to distribute, possession forearm during commission felony, DUI - less safe - drugs, speeding.

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