New movie to shoot in Grantville

by Celia Shortt

The new sequel to the 1994 movie “Dumb and Dumber” will have scenes filmed in Grantville.

At Monday’s Grantville City Council meeting, city leaders approved a request to film part of the movie “Dumb and Dumber To” in Grantville.

“This is my third time in 20 years at the Grantville City Council asking you permission to film,” said Maida Morgan, the location manager for “Dumb and Dumber To.”

“I’m very familiar with Grantville and have scouted it many times,” she said.

The filming will be held on Sept. 30, a Monday, in downtown and surrounding areas, as it becomes Barbara Hershey’s hometown in Kansas. A mural will be painted this week on the side of the building next to the genealogical library — replacing the Coca-Cola sign. Morgan will have the Coca-Cola sign painted back after filming concludes.

Morgan was previously involved in scouting filming locations in Grantville for the Kevin Costner movie “The War” and Toby Keith’s movie “Broken Bridges.”

The city council members present for Monday’s meeting approved the request to film.

“Any activity in this town will be appreciated,” said Councilmember Rochelle Jabaley.

Mayor Jim Sells was not at the meeting, and Selma Coty served as Mayor Pro-Tem in his absence.

In other business:

• The city council held a discussion on the unsafe structure at 4 Colley St.

Grantville City Attorney Mark Mitchell was quick to inform the council that this item was before the council to determine whether or not “reasonable cause to believe that the building is indeed unsafe exists.” From there, a hearing with a full presentation by the owners could be scheduled.

The owners, however, were seeking a permit to demolish the structure.

“The owners have indicated to me that all they seek is a permit to demolish the structure, so I don’t know if all this is necessary,” said Jabaley.

Mayor Pro-Tem Selma Coty responded to Jabaley’s and Mitchell’s comments.

“I’m a little irritated about this being on the agenda,” said Coty. “Number one, this should have been brought before the HPC [Historical Preservation Committee] for them to have a hearing if they wanted to. So I’m not sure why this on the agenda tonight. So straighten me out if I’m wrong.”

Mitchell responded with the proper order of requirements, permits and approvals.

“It is on the agenda because no determination has been made yet if anything would be required that the HPC would need to be involved with,” he said. “Ultimately, the council could decide to do nothing. So that wouldn’t involve the HPC. So, I think this is the correct process.”

“If the owner wants to demolish the property right now, then since it is in a historic district before a permit to demolish could be issued, it would have to go to the HPC,” he added.

Following these comments, the owners expressed their wish to demolish the property, and Mayor Pro-Tem Coty set up a time to fill out the application for a permit to demolish the structure.

• Councilmember Johnny Cooks asked the council to rescind the ordinance which does not allow for the use of roller skates, rollerblades and skateboards on sidewalks.

“I would like the council to rescind this ordinance,” said Cooks. “If I can ride a bike or walk on it, I should be able to skate on it. I don’t like the idea of having our children criminalized by this.” The request was tabled for further research.

• City council approved the ability to participate in a hedge program with the Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia which helps the city level the gas cost during the winter months. Council approved it and approved the city manager be a signatory should they need to participate in the hedge program.

• City Council authorized to proceed with the design for the Grandma Branch Water Main Extension Design and Bidding as presented by Brennan Jones. They also tabled a discussion with him about a traffic engineering study until the city manager can research funding and the city attorney can research the possibility of Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax funds being used for it.

• City council approved sending the new verbiage of an address ordinance to the city attorney for him to draft an ordinance.

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