Honor Roll: Arbor Springs Elementary

From Staff Reports
Arbor Springs Elementary has announced its honor roll for the first nine-week grading period.
Third grade all A’s: Andrew Blackadar, Mikayla Carroll, Evelyn Cisneros, Aaliyah Ferrell, Sam Fogle, Rubylyn Goad, Marli Hall, Brady Judson, Drake Kelly, Dana Lewis, Taylor Powell, Jade Shepperson, Garrett Smith, Jake Takvorian, Lauren Vanden Heuvel, Mary Claire Warren, Freddy Wendelburg Brittney Woods and Hunter Zinkowski.
Third grade A’s and B’s: Mattie Aaron, Kaleigh Baggett, Bobby Badgley, Brianna Black, Brennan Chaffin, Makenna Cole, Evan Craig, Arianna Everhart, Mason Harmon, Nicole Helton, Ashlee Howard, Tristan Irvin, Brooke Ivestor, Toby Johnson, Nolan Kyzer, Garrett Madden, Grant Madden, Natalie McCready, Malik Mixon, William Prosser, Bryson Swartz, Brady Taylor, Jaime Tolbert, Landon Usher, Georgia Van Der Walt, Tyson Wall and Isaac Wolf.
Fourth grade all A’s: Zach Ansley, Carson Baker, Emma Burdette, Rachel Caylor, Rebecca Caylor, Jayda Collins, Inaru Duarte, Preston Ellis, Jake Eubanks, Marylou Garrison, Cassie Huyhn, Cameron Johnson, Emily Kinsey, Joshua Kupras, Laura Kvidt, Avery Longmeyer, Garett Matthews, Sabrina Mosto, Charlise Norris, Jayden Pennington, William Poindexter, Caroline Smith, Bryce Stanfield, Jake Tarleton, Jodi Tuxbury, Luke Vega, Kiersten Williams, Jacob Williamson and Caytlin Woodall.
Fourth grade A’s and B’s: Samantha Atkinson, Haley Bake, Austin Bomar, Joshua Brockbank, Emily Burford, Chaston Cao, Alexandra Contreras, John Corcoran, Douglas Danforth, Chris Duarte, Kailyn Eastman, Alexis Eidson, Rose Harris, Ashfiq Islam, Haliey Johnson, Ramisa Karim, Ryan Loving, Cole Nichols, Jaden Page, Sarah Rafter, Emily Reed, Jenna Robinson, Brenna Schexneyder, Jace Smith, Dillon Terrell, Dylan Troncoso, Daniel Troyano and Skylar Weeks.
Fifth grade all A’s: Laurel Blackadar, Sydney Bruce, Logan Matthews, Mason Takvorian, Andrew Waldrip, Edwin Cisneros, Maggie Donaldson, Carlyn Freeman, Hanna Hall, Stephanie Reina, Ethan Stamper and Grace Anne Warren.
Fifth grade A’s and B’s: Alexis Brandon, Brandon Burgess, Haley DeWitt, Gracie Ford, Dean Goad, Grace Goins, Mailey Horne, Aaron Huynh, Ashley Lewis, Colby McElwaney, Cody Orr, Elliot Vickery, Sierra Arndt, Vinny Carnazzo, Cassandra Chahalis, Julie Greer, Jeremiah Huynh, Chase Loggins, Brandon Scruggs, Stephanie West, Zachery Badgley, Summer Davis, J.T. Fields, Maria Gordillo, Evan Pickelsimer, Toby Potter, Austin Rothell, Amelia Smith, Harley Standridge, Rachel Thompson, Tymberly Walker, Amy Webb and Caleb Williams.

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