Retiring school system employees honored

The Coweta County School System honored employees retiring during the 2013-2014 school year, with a dinner and ceremony at the Centre for Performing and Visual Arts.

The retirees included teachers, bus drivers, paraprofessionals, custodians, principals, school nutrition workers, secretaries and school system administrators. Board of Education Chairman Winston Dowdell noted that the 100 retirees – 53 certified teachers and 47 classified employees - honored at Wednesday’s ceremony represented 2,249 years of experience in the school system.

“No one will ever know how many students you have helped during your careers … how many lives you have touched,” Dowdell said. He thanked the retirees for devoting themselves to service in schools. “You have done your job, and the lives of your students and those around you tonight are richer for it … Thank God there were people like you to do it.”

Before the 8:00 p.m. ceremony, 150 attendees – including 60 of this year’s retirees, their principals, system administrators and school board members – enjoyed dinner in the Centre’s front hall, served by Coweta County school system student teaching interns and cadets. The dinner was prepared by the Don and Cathe Nixon and the staff of the Centre and the school system’s Human Resources Department. Student teachers with the school system’s Teacher Pipeline program served the honorees at the event.

Superintendent Steve Barker also thanked retirees and their families for their dedication, and noted that many will return to schools around the county to volunteer. Board Vice-Chairman Harry Mullins related memories of many of the retiring employees who attended the celebration. Employees were honored with silver plaques marking their years with the school system.

Those retiring during the 2013-2014 school year included:

Barbara White, Arbor Springs Elementary School (Grade 2)

Emily Burrows, Arnall Middle School (Grade 7 English)

Cindy Dewey, Arnall Middle School (Grade 6 ELA)

Johnny Johnson, Arnall Middle School (Custodian)

Janet Jones, Arnall Middle School (Grade 7 ELA)

Pamela Ridge, Arnall Middle School (Grade 7 Social Science)

Rebecca Ryals, Arnall Middle School (Grade 6 Social Science)

Linda McKibben, Arnco-Sargent Elementary School (Grade 1)

Jeff Weaver, Arnco-Sargent Elementary School (Grade 3)

Nancy Williamson, Arnco-Sargent Elementary School (EIP Teacher)

Karen Moseley, Atkinson Elementary School (Music)

Nancy LeVeau, Canongate Elementary School (Kindergarten)

Thomas Barnett, Central Educational Center (Construction Occupations)

Marcia Cook, Central Educational Center (Special Ed Paraprofessional)

Barbara Rickles, Central Educational Center (Horticulture)

Caroline Parsell, East Coweta High School (Special Education Teacher)

Nancy Sullo, East Coweta High School (Business)

Clint Wade, East Coweta High School (Health and PE)

Glenna With, East Coweta High School (English)

Chrystie Barrett, Eastside Elementary School (EIP Teacher)

Dorothy Cannin, Eastside Elementary School (Grade 2)

Bessie Watson, Eastside Elementary School (School Nutrition Program Manager)

Sylvia Pelletier, Elm Street Elementary School (School Nutrition Worker)

Patsy Powell, Elm Street Elementary School (Kindergarten Paraprofessional)

Judy Westbrook, Elm Street Elementary School (Special Ed Paraprofessional)

Barbara Cooke, Evans Middle School (Speech Language Pathologist)

Valerie Dalfiume, Evans Middle School (Connections)

Mark Davis, Evans Middle School (Grade 8)

Jimmy Eiland, Evans Middle School (School-Based Maintenance)

Brenda Foyle, Evans Middle School (Instructional Coach)

Robert Innocenti, Evans Middle School (Grade 6)

Magnolia Moss, Evans Middle School (Custodian)

Jackie Ponder, Glanton Elementary School (School Nutrition Cashier)

Frances Rosser, Glanton Elementary School (Custodian)

Glenda Pope, Jefferson Parkway Elementary School (Grade 5)

Louisa Smith, Jefferson Parkway Elementary School (Pre-Kindergarten Paraprofessional)

Juanita Snellgrove, Jefferson Parkway Elementary School (School Nutrition Program Manager)

Bob Awbrey, Madras Middle School (School-Based Maintenance)

Richard Malinofsky, Madras Middle School (Connections/Technology)

Joy Sellers, Madras Middle School (Special Ed Paraprofessional)

Nancy Williams, Madras Middle School (Special Ed Teacher)

Carolyn Russell, Maggie Brown School (Special Ed Teacher)

Joann Boswell, Moreland Elementary School (School Nutrition Worker)

Beverly Yeager, Moreland Elementary School (Principal)

Betty Askew, Newnan Crossing Elementary School (Custodian)

Shirley Teagle, Newnan Crossing Elementary School (Custodian)

Georgia Allen, Newnan High School (Custodian)

Julia Barber, Newnan High School (French)

Dorothy Chambers, Newnan High School (School Nutrition Worker)

Connie Clifton, Newnan High School (Social Science)

Valeria Hal, Newnan High School (Mathematics)

Byron McKibben, Newnan High School (Resource/Collaborative)

Steven Puschaver, Newnan High School (Resource/Collaborative)

Bob Sandlin, Newnan High School (Social Science)

Emma Smith, Newnan High School (School Nutrition Worker)

Miriam Taylor, Newnan High School (School Nutrition Worker)

Sally Grumbles, Northgate High School (Speech/Language Pathologist)

Cynthia Maher, Northgate High School (Family and Consumer Science)

Margie Wilson, Northgate High School (School Nutrition Program Worker)

Margie Gill, Northside Elementary School (School Nutrition Cashier)

Kitty Lambert, Northside Elementary School (Grade 3)

Patricia Long, Northside Elementary School (School Nutrition Program Manager)

Sue Deyo, Ruth Hill Elementary School (Grade 1)

Alice Johnston, Ruth Hill Elementary School (EIP Teacher)

Earnestine Russell, Ruth Hill Elementary School (School Nutrition Worker)

Jean Cruver, Smokey Road Middle School (Registrar)

Cindy Valentine, Smokey Road Middle School (REACH, Science/ELA)

Hazel Benning, Thomas Crossroads (Custodian)

Richard Gemmel, Thomas Crossroads (Health and PE K-5)

Mary McMurray, Thomas Crossroads (Grade 5)

Nancy Morbach, Thomas Crossroads (Grade 3)

Jeannette Brock, Transportation (Bus Driver)

Michael Daves, Transportation (Bus Driver)

Janet England, Transportation (Bus Monitor)

Joe Hobbs, Transportation (Bus Driver)

Linda Johnson, Transportation (Bus Driver)

Dwight Moody, Transportation (Bus Driver)

Thomas Parker, Transportation (Bus Driver)

Joseph Payton, Transportation (Journeyman Mechanic) R.

Carl Powell, Transportation (Bus Driver)

Ed Smalley, Transportation (Bus Driver)

Betty Spivey, Transportation (Bus Driver)

Barbara Spradlin, Transportation (Bus Driver)

Deborah Wolfe, Transportation (Bus Driver)

Linda Jaskot, Welch Elementary School (Grade 2)

Pam Awbrey, Werz Central Office (Certification Specialist)

Cindy Dingler, Werz Central Office (Secretary/IDEA Special Ed)

Phil Kline, Werz Central Office (Applications Specialist)

Regina Murray, Werz Central Office (Director Special Education)

Charlotte Roberts, Werz Central Office (Special Education Consultant)

Diane Thorsen, Werz Central Office (Purchasing/AP/Budget Spec)

Colleen Williams, Werz Central Office (Speech/Language Consultant)

Judy Anderson, Werz Operations (Clerk/School Nutrition)

Janett Barren, Western Elementary School (Resource/Collaborative)

Kate Davis, Western Elementary School (Health and PE )

Carrianne Nix, Western Elementary School (School Nutrition Worker)

Margaret Innocenti, White Oak Elementary School (Grade 1)

Barbara Meyer, Willis Road Elementary School (School Nutrition Worker)

Audrey Campbell, Winston Dowdell Academy, (Media Specialist)

Charles Raines, Winston Dowdell Academy, (Science)

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