Ruth Hill Elementary Honor Roll

All A’s:

3rd Grade: Ryan Cain, Kaylin Horton, Jazmyn Thurman and Kayden Woods.

4th Grade:  Christopher Dennis, Mario Landaverde-Martinez, Chelsea Harris, Dylan Hinze, Alana Holloway, Trip Slaton, Christopher Carter, Madison Dyar, Ava Gomez, Dawson Keck, and Jaden Wilbor.

5th Grade: Ansley Grier, Emma Grunau, Luke Harris, Jasmine Leosewski, Kaylen Madrey, Rossie Maldonado, Leah McCall, Allison Nutt, and Marlin Wortham.

All A’s and B’s:

3rd Grade: Nathan Bowie, Jose Calderon-Duenas, Collier Carter, Jakobe' Collins, Brooklyn Dorman, Xander Fiacco, Joscelyn Fralick, Amaria Hand, Marlena Harbuck, Makayla Harden, Nicholas Harris, Cameron Hart, Jordon Liggett, Ansleigh Mahone, Anauia Matthews, Sarah Meacham, Ryder Moore, Rodney Moreno, Bryce Rawlins, John Rhodes, Alexis Robinson, Joseph Trosper, and Darius Zackery.

4th Grade: Aaron Adams, Lucas Alexander, Ronnie Brittian, Mason Buchanan, Sonia Bustamante, Chasin Cash, Jalil Colton, Toby Fain, Allie Farmer, McKenzie Fuller, Keegan Hamilton, Myon'e Henry, Travis Hinton, Emily Hull, Zykeria Jordan, Sarah Moore, Micah Pace, and Emily Williams.

5th Grade: Savanna Alford, Denzel Boston, Spencer Cain, Brandon Carter, Malik Cleveland, Kaitlyn Corbett, Kennadi Cruver, Jonhatan Duenas, Brysen Duncan, Taylen Ford, Peyton Garner, Jessica Harrell, Donovan Henderson, Travisha Hinton, Landon Hull, Courtney Johnson, DeAngelo Johnson, Jana Jones, Epifanio Landaverde-Martinez, JaBrica Leslie, ShaBrica Leslie, Aliyah Marmolejo, Myracle Mateen, Zachary Olmstead, James Rosser, Abbey Saunders, Inayjua Teagle, Rachael Watson, Tamar Wood, and Treggie Wright.

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