Ten 80 Southeast Regional

CEC Tribots take checkered flag


The CEC Tribots winning are, front row, co-sponsor Pam Brown, Kevin Alpin, Casey Tillery, Kate Lee, Sarah Akbar, Erenie Plunkett and David Ballentine. Second row, Ken Goldbeck, mentor and parent volunteer, Charmaine Goldbeck, parent volunteer, Nathan Buck, Cooper Goldbeck, Austin Hurley, Rebecca Olney, David Craig, Cordell Kadlick, Mark Whitlock, CEC CEO, and Scott Brown, co-sponsor. Third row, parent volunteer Scott Ballentine. 

On Saturday, Oct 5, members of the CEC TriBots Ten80 Student Racing Challenge team spent the day racing 1/10th scaled electric NASCAR type cars, giving presentations, and learning more about STEM.

The day began with the Northgate Jr.ROTC, under the command of Master Sergeant Ronald Wolfe, presenting the colors and the National Anthem being sung by Larry and Lynn Schenbeck.

The race day started with a “best lap time” race in which each team had five minutes to record its best possible timed lap around an oval race track. CEC’s #95 car, driven by East Coweta High School junior Austin Hurley, drove to a second place finish just seconds behind The Academy of STEM #1 car from LeRoy, AL. The next race was a 10 minute race and the object was for the driver to complete as many laps as possible. Hurley’s CEC car competed 78 laps to The Academy of STEM #1 car’s 82.

The next event was a simulated Pit Stop Challenge which required teams to drive their car approximately 15 feet and then, as quickly and efficiently as possible, remove the body, change the battery and take on four new tires.

The CEC pit crew, consisting of Newnan High School freshman David Ballentine, East Coweta High School senior David Craig and driver East Coweta High School junior Cooper Goldbeck completed the Pit Stop and crossed the finish line a fraction of second before The Academy of Stem #1 car.

After inspection the CEC car was perfect, meaning the body was on correctly, the battery was in securely and the four new wheels were on tightly; none of the other cars were correct. So after penalty points were deducted, the CEC car won.

After a break, each team ran the 20 minute endurance race. During this race, each team had to perform one Pit Stop, taking on fuel (meaning a new battery) and four new tires. For the race’s first ten minutes, the two leaders from the earlier events, the CEC car and The Academy of STEM car #1 battled it out, staying together lap for lap. It wasn’t until the CEC driver Hurley decided to PIT that The Academy of STEM car #1 was able to get a lead.

Coming out the Pit Stop, CEC was down 14 laps with roughly seven minutes remaining. As the CEC car came out of the Pit, the Academy of STEM car #1 pitted almost immediately, allowing the TriBots to make up 12 laps with just minutes to go. With all of the cars now back on the track, it was head to head racing.

The pit crew of The Academy of STEM #1 car made an adjustment during the Pit Stop which made their car loose, and caused it to spin out during curves. This gave the CEC car a chance to make up the remaining two laps plus some to take home the checkered flag.

Racing was not the only part of this day. While the race teams were outside on the tracks, the Marketing and Presentation teams were presenting their Business plans to a panel of judges as well as their logo designs. The CEC team which included Newnan High School seniors Rebecca Olney and Casey Tillery along with East Coweta High School freshmen Sarah Akbar, Kate Lee and Erenie Plunkett, spent many hours preparing and rehearsing. The CEC team’s presentation impressed the judges just enough to win the presentation portion and the team’s logo, designed by East Coweta High School senior Nathan Buck took second in logo design.

At the end of the day, the CEC team and The Academy of STEM #1 cars were tied at 570 points with just the pit judge’s score left. Pit points came from the Ten80 racing official who had watched the teams and the cleanliness of their work areas throughout the day. The CEC team then outscored The Academy of STEM car #1 team by 10 points, giving the TriBots the victory in their 1st Southeast Regional competition.

“These kids deserve this win” said Scott Brown CEC Engineering and Technology instructor and team co-sponsor. “These guys and gals have been coming in after school for weeks working on driving and mechanical certifications, preparing for the Pit Stop challenge, developing their business plan, preparing and practicing for the presentation. I would say they have logged roughly 50+ hours, after school, getting ready for this one event. I could not be prouder. Everyone on the team contributed in every way possible today, from the team members who worked on the car and solved the issues we encountered early on with the drivetrain to the ones who were driving and presenting.”

The next Ten80 event is not yet scheduled, but if possible the CEC TriBots Racing Team will be there and will do their best to continue their winning streak.

For more information about Ten80 check out www.studentracingchallenge.com or contact Scott Brown at the CEC, his email address is scott.brown@cowetaschools.org.

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