March 6: Brandon Trenton Bardon, 22, suspended license, no proof of insurance, CCSO Patrick Courtney Carter, 32, HOA, CCSO Tyler Harrison Shelton, 26, suspended license, obstruction, CCSO
Taylor Michelle Shelton, 19, obstruction, CCSO Peter Antonio Stiebel, 50, theft by taking, CCSO Allen Alexander Henry, 29, aggravated assault, CCSO Christina Elaine Lee, 41, VOP, CCSO Steve Lenward Reese, 46, following too closely, no tag/registration, contempt, CCSO Patrick Deangelo Harmon Sr., 30, speeding, marijuana w/intent, possession of meth, suspended license, obstruction, CCSO Tabitha Hunter, 31, deposit account fraud Paulina Reyes Vazquez, 41, suspended license, display license tag, CCSO • • • March 7: Amy Susanne Hite, 32, possession of narcotics VOP Justin Ryan Morgan, 22, possession of marijuana, open container, SPD Michael Christopher Jacks, 26, public drunkenness, CCSO Glyndon Cody Marshall, 22, VOP, CCSO Nathan Lamont Portress, 32, cocaine trafficking, CCSO Derek Bernard Daniel, 46, cocaine trafficking, CCSO Jeany Michelle Carver, 36, loitering, CCSO Jill Elizabeth Hunter, 48, loitering or prowling, CCSO Sarah Elizabeth Madaris, 28, possession of drugs near school, possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, walk-in Sol Jason Moon, 54, arrest order, CCSO Domenique Ricardo Miller, 17, arrest order, CCSO Billy Joe Fuller Jr., 43, driving w/ ability impaired, following too closely, CCSO Jackie Lee Clerk, 50, indictment, CCSO Demarcus Edward Rosser, 20, possession of marijuana, CCSO James Frederick Lombard, 29, DUI, following too closely, no proof of insurance, walk-in Caron Demond Winston, 31, VOP, CCSO Freddie Bryant Burroughs, 55, arrest order, walk-in Wesley Wayne Broome, 23, VOP, NPD Katelyn Dell Spence, 22, VOP, NPD Xavier P. Rodgers, 26, possession of marijuana, CCSO Jennifer Leigh Bocarando, 40, criminal damage to property, CCSO Tracy Regina Johnson, 40, false report of a crime, NPD Tafaraya Lynn Rodrigues, 42, suspended registration, suspended license, CCSO James Randall Adams, 47, forgery in 1st degree, CCSO Bettina Kaye Law, 47, speeding, DUI, GSP Amber Shuntrail Beasley, 20, suspended/revoked license, operating vehicle without registration/valid tag, CCSO Cassandra Lorraine Harris,, 28, speeding, reckless driving, giving false name, CCSO Jeffery Lee Ray, 42, VOP, STPR Jerry Ray Bragg, 44, HOA, CCSO • • • March 8: Alicia Jessica LeVasseur, 19, possession of marijuana, NPD Morgan Elizabeth Williams, 18, possession of marijuana, crossing the guard line w/drugs, NPD Ruben Depaz Cortez, 26, suspended license, FTML, DUI, CCSO Kelly Renee Duncan, 37, criminal trespass, CCSO Juan Garcia Ramirez, 42, driving w/o license, ran red light, DUI, walk-in Emanuel Maurice Anderson, 26, VOP, CCSO April Nicole Arrington, 33, HOA, CCSO John Anthony Nichols, 20, VOP, CCSO Kevin James Simon, Jr., 22, VOP, CCSO Tony C. Smith Jr., 38, burglary, NPD Erica Michelle Rupes, 21, VOP, CPRB Kaitlyn Elizabeth Schroeder, 17, shoplifting, NPD Miguel Angel Deleon, 21, suspended license, CCSO April Joy Walker, 33, suspended license, CCSO Jason Mach Selph, 30, suspended/revoked license, passing in no passing zone, CCSO Jeffrey Davi Crum, 32, possession of schedule II narcotics, CCSO Jackson Warren Bock Jr., 23, disorderly conduct, CCSO Johnny Frank Walker, 42, possession of cocaine, NPD • • • March 9: Wesley Orlandas Carmicheal, 25, HOA Randall Vernon Blanchard, 44, possession of marijuana, CCSO Brehan Starad Harrell, 44, HOA, CCSO Napoleon Orlando Shelling, 23, VOP, CPRB Christopher Lee Chatham, 20, public drunkenness, NPD Robert Milton McKy, 21, public drunkenness NPD Justin Dean Davis, 26, suspended license, CCSO Rachel Marie Cottone, 19, possession of alcohol/minor, NP Tyronne Williams, 37, VOP, CCSO Dionna Shaneize Crawford, 26, leaving scene of accident, FTML Myron Lendra Williams, 38, simple battery, NPD Mary Rebekah Volkmar, 20, VOP, CCSO Johnathan Strickland, 26, theft by taking, NPD Lamar Blackmon, 25, possession of marijuana w/intent, reckless driving, driving w/o license, CCSO Toya Bonner, 33, suspended/revoked license, CCSO Malcolm Jackson Hodge, 19, possession of marijuana, CCSO Timothy Voyles, 33, VOP, STPR Princeton James Hodge, 22, possession of marijuana, impeding flow of traffic, CCSO Benjamin Kenny Howard, 30, reckless driving, speeding, GPD Michael Darnell Adeway, 24, VOP, criminal trespass, NPD Joel Hooks, 39, HOA Magen Elyse Brown, 24, VOP, GPD Reyes Zepeda Guillermina, 37, suspended license, FTML, CCSO Tiffany Michelle Trice, 21, VOP, probation office Lester Lee Bridges Jr., 31, VOP, HOA CCSO Oliver Lee Hand III, 19, VOP, walk-in • • • March 10: Christopher Justin Holloway, 28, possession of marijuana, CCSO Julian Rayshan Atkinson, 38, suspended license, CCSO Jeremy Lee Dean, 25, possession of marijuana, suspended/revoked license, CCSO Bridget Ann Wagner, 17, possession of marijuana, CCSO Meghan Ann Strickland, 21, possession of marijuana, CCSO Jarret Tanner Doss, 19, possession of marijuana, CCSO Edward P. Gonzalez, 28, no proof of insurance, suspended license, driving w/o license, CCSO Clenton Cody Jones, 26, suspended license, suspended registration, reckless operation, GPD Joe Hill Manning, 42, FTA, GPD Jeffery Preston Miller, 31, DUI, FTML, CCSO Patrice Dianna James, 28, speeding, GSP Fran Ahmad Khan, 23, speeding, GSP Demetri STefan Jones, 19, possession of cocaine Charlette Demetrius Rogers, 30, speeding, violation of driving permit Mauricio Mendoza, 17, theft by shoplifting, NPD Thomas Watson Parkes II, 47, VOP, NPD Alberto Antonio Patraca, 28, driving w/o license, GSP Florentino Guitierra, 26, driving w/o license, GSP Lawanda Prothro, 50, giving false name to officer, GSP Christopher Coursey, 25, suspended/revoked license, CCSO Willie Rosser, 28, suspended/revoked license, CCSO Monique E. McGinty, 37, HOA, CCSO • • • March 11: Jesus Garcia Flores, 23, public drunkenness, NPD Todd D. Bateman, 17, dangerous drugs to be kept in container, SPD Daniel Lee Fain, 24, criminal trespass, CCSO Erick Walker, 24, false report, NPD Joseph Hancock, 40, fraud deposit, CCSO Christopher Brown, 26, serious injury w/vehicle, DUI, FTML, leaving scene of accident, phone or radio violation, reckless driving, CCSO Micheal Woods, 35, aggravated stalking, obstruction of officers, CCSO Katherine Rogers, 26, VOP, NPRB • • • March 12: Roderick Walker, 17, possession of marijuana, NPD Jeffery Alexander Kemp, 20, VOP, CCSO Ronnie Dewayne Rhone, 22, burglary, CCSO Anthony Mark Chase, 43, FTA, CCSO Maria Rodriguez-Ramirez, 33, theft by shoplifting, NPD Anthony Alvis Green Jr., 20, VOP, CCSO Diante Jamal Peek, 18, driving w/o license, failure to yield, NPD Demone Hillierd Williams, 18, driving w/o license, improper turn at intersection, NPD John Robert Kirk, 25, VOP, battery, cruelty to children/3rd degree, probation office Laquonda Jaree Gallup, 18, VOP, CPRB Christopher David Rogers, 31, theft by taking, CCSO Quincy Lamar Jones, 46, DUI, FTML, CCSO William Daniel Phillips Jr., 43, disorderly conduct, discharging firearm in city limits, NPD Yong Jung Won, 27, suspended license, change of address, CCSO.

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