Arrest Log

June 1:

Catherine Jeanne Young, 21, HOA, CCSO

Oswaldo Romero Garza, 37, identity fraud - 15 counts, possession narcotics with intent, suspended/ revoked license, reckless driving, speeding, CCSO

Holly M. McQuagg, 30, possession narcotics with intent, possession weapon during commission of crime, CCSO

Rochey Warren Stegall Jr., 22, possession marijuana, NPD

Christina D. Baird, 29, trafficking meth, CCSO

William Tate McHaney, 20, theft by taking, CCSO

Rebecca Matthews, 42, HOA, CCSO

Sherri Jordan, 36, VOP, CPRB

Jillian Wooten, 29, suspended license, no proof insurance, NPD

Kristin Adams, 30, trafficking meth, CCSO

Christopher Porter, 17, shoplifting, NPD

June 2:

Jessie Wright, 57, suspended license, NPD

Jamie Hamilton, 28, possession marijuana, open container, suspended registration, CCSO

Nicholas Ferrell, 25, stop sign violation, possession marijuana, CCSO

Marcus Cotton, 22, no proof insurance, driving without license, NPD

Lichelle Hamilton, 25, possession narcotics, crossing guardline with drugs, possession marijuana, CCSO

Robert Oglesby, 36, pedestrian under influence, NPD

Jackaborious Leondrae Lakes, 22, VOP, GPD

Steven Shane Hingle, 36, theft by taking, CCSO

Stephanie Joanna Scroggins, 21, DUI, no taillights, CCSO

Demetrius Quinton Stinson, 21, no insurance, NPD

Miquel Hernandez-Domingues, 35, pedestrian under influence, NPD

Marikco Monte Stanley, 32, damaging city property, SPD

Brand Allen Smith, 26, HOA, NPD

Wilhemina Yolanda Heard, 38, shoplifting, NPD

Gilberto Espinoza Cruz, 43, DUI, FTML, driving without license, NPD

Maribez Covarrubias-Gutierrez, 19, possession narcotics, GPD

Erinn Elizabeth Gurlides, 22, suspended licence, stop sign violation, CCSO

Gerardo Acosta-Mejiaj, 32, possession narcotics, no proof insurance, driving w/o license, suspended registration, possession marijuana, GPD

Flora Ester Akins, 49, DUI, suspended liense, CCSO

Keandrea Smith, 22, FTA, NPD

Milton Reese, 50, theft by taking, CCSO

June 3:

Brenda Lynn Pressley, 59, disorderly conduct, CCSO

Jose Angel Hernandez-Lopez, 27, no license, FTML, too fast for conditions, NPD

William Randall Moon, 47, VOP, CCSO

Pamela Jean Dandaksom, 44, FTA, CCSO

Christopher Bryan Shelton, 38, battery, CCSO

Alicia Marie Bowman, 35, VOP, probation office

Janaisha Wyvonne Smith, 24, VOP, probation office

Felicia Andelphia Johnson, 25, possession meth, CCSO

Cecil Tyrone Walker Jr., 26, VOP, probation office

Bradley Scott Bright, 22, suspended license, CCSO

Michael Frederick Harper, possession narcotics, giving false name, CCSO

Muhammed MunJuru Jah, 22, identify fraud, CCSO

June 4:

Melanie Denise Hodo, possession marijuana, NPD

Dallas Edward Smith, 39, aggravated assault w/hands, aggravated assault w/intent to commit rape, CCSO

Seneca Cornelious Billingstea Sr., 32, possession marijuana, NPD

Shannon Thad Sims, 36, HOA, 

Christopher Lee Graham, 46, FTA, CCSO

Jonathan Ray Perry, 28, possession marijuana, NPD

Mark Andrew Wilson, 43, battery, NPD

Robin Renee Throes, 46, suspended license

Denise Lynn Sepa, 57, criminal trespass, CCSO

Steven Howard Goodman, 51, criminal trespass, CCSO

Latisha Natasha Gates, 31, shoplifting, CCSO

Erika Danielle Keith, 32, shoplifting, CCSO

Jeffrey Ryan Marshall, 28, VOP, STPR

Praveenuumar Saravarian, 18, speeding, reckless driving, window tint violation, GPD

Richard John Hoffman Jr., 55, following too closely, DUI, suspended/ revoked license, habitual violator, leaving scene of accident w/injury or death, CCSO

June 5:

Cody Matthew Haynes, 18, entering auto to commit theft, CCSO

Joshua Travis Bennett, 27, VOP, probation office

Daviney Abril Ingram, 22, affray, NPD

Latasha Nicole Arnold, possession narcotics, CCSO

Adrienne Whitney Hobby, 22, DUI, headlights required, NPD

Jorge Rene Lopez-Escabante, 36, DUI, ran red light, FTML, open container, CCSO

Marcus Deangelo Johnson, 27, possession narcotics, CCSO

Derrick Chermicah Collins, 21, affray, criminal damage to property, NPD

Walter Wayne Brooks, 19, VOP, probation office

Brian Joseph Durham Jr., 17, HOA

Delle McKeehan Lloyd, 21, possession marijuana, CCSO

Leeba Ann Bullins, 34, speeding, expired tag, suspended license, GPD

Jimmy Bernard Petty, 47, pedestrian under influence, NPD.

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