Arrest Log

May 21

• Kenya Nneaka Sewell, 25, FTML, DUI less safe, fleeing/attempt to elude, VOP

• Jonathan Jerome Walton, 31, FTA, CCSO

• Brandon Amaree Wynter, 19, identity fraud, CCSO

• Christopher Alexander McClendon, 21, simple battery, child cruelty 3rd, CCSO

• Lameshia Tandaja Ball, 17, criminal trespass FVA, child cruelty 3rd, CCSO

• Damion Marqueze Langford, 19, simple battery, child cruelty 3rd, CCSO

• Jordan Garrett Archer, 24, DUI combined less safe, headlights required, CCSO

• Juan Guvarra Martinez, 58, pedestrian under the influence, CCSO

• James Trent Currier, 25, VOP, GPD

• Rickey Johnson, 46, HOA, CCSO

• Gwendolyn Tolbert, 41, aggravated assault, CCSO

• Clinton Larry Dale McGhee, 27, shoplifting, VOP, CCSO

• London Ray Janes, 34, simple battery, criminal damage to property 1st, CCSO

• Otis Calvin Bray, 23, possession of marijuana, CCSO

• Robert E Chadwell, 57, no tail lights, suspended license, CCSO

• Cierra Nicole Mann, 18, shoplifting, CCSO

• Jose Luis Rodriguez Herrera, 40, driving without license, following too closely, GSP

• Dishon Tirrell Gates, 19, shoplifting, CCSO

• David Allen Lilly, 56, possession of narcotics, parking regulations, suspended/revoked license, no proof of insurance, CCSO

• Timothy Gene Ragland, 46, driving without license, stop sign violation, NPD

May 22

• Arthur Jayshonn Vaughn 23, battery, child cruelty, VOP - two counts, NPD

• Timothy James Duren, 38, no proof of insurance, suspended/revoked license, habitual violator, suspended registration, CCSO

• Michael Anthony Grund, 18, manufacturing/distribution/possession of marijuana with intent, CCSO

• Wendell Anthony Williams, 29, possession of marijuana, open container - two counts

• Bonifacio Rodriquez-Luniga, 51, driving without license, CCSO

• James Edward Whatley, 58, theft by receiving, driving without license, no registration, NPD

• Jennifer Jo Heath, 45, possession of narcotics, controlled substance sale requirements?, dangerous drugs to be kept in original container, possession of marijuana, NPD

• Jamie Shawntelle Floyd, 37, fugitive from justice, CCSO

• Diego Vargas-Cruz, 27, driving without license, CCSO

• Deandra Ebony Jones, 25, possession of marijuana, CCSO

• Reginald Lee Washington Jr., 22, terroristic threats, simple battery, NPD

• Taraya Lynn Rodriques, 44, VOP, CCSO

• Perez Thomas, 28, VOP

• Dominique Santez McPherson, 21, VOP

• Christopher Lee Ervin Hartsell, 22, suspended license, CCSO

• Eric Greene, 36, possession of meth, burglary first, GPD

• Clinton Scott Harris, 31, possession of marijuana, suspended/revoked license, stop light violation, CCSO

• Jorge Luis Sanchez, 45, battery, CCSO

• Malchor R Vasquez, 42, driving without license, CCSO

• Christopher Demond Goode, 26, VOP, NPD

• Michael Keith Burns, 27, no proof of insurance, DUI refusal, suspended registration, obstruction, CCSO

• George Scott Jr., 42, HOA, CCSO

• Ulysses Bales Jr., 39, improper display of license plates, suspended license, giving false info, obstruction, CCSO

• Jose Rico Escoto, 31, HOA, CCSO

• James Daniel Padgett, 36, suspended/revoked license, CCSO

May 23

• William Joshua Rose, 30, speeding, possession of marijuana, DUI, GSP

• John Paul Morgan, 36, FTML, possession of marijuana, possession of heroin, CCSO

• Barbara Ann Watkins, 48, DUI, speeding, GSP

• Daniel Keith Rakestraw, 40, interfering with calls for emergency assistance, child cruelty 2nd, criminal trespass, CCSO

• John Patrick Kelly, 39, DUI drugs, FTML, CCSO

• Joshua M. Teagle, 32, VOP, battery, giving false info, FTA, NPD

• Kurt Connally Zimmerman, 25, suspended license, driving on wrong side of roadway, CCSO

• Michelle A Boston, 29, suspended license, CCSO

• Larry Hutchinson Jr., 27, endangering security interests

• Courtney Cortez Easter, 27, VOP, GPD

• Jimmy Lee Parks III, 36, burglary 1st, criminal damage to property 2nd, criminal trespass, NPD

• Thomas Patrick Gwinn, 28, theft by receiving - two counts, CCSO

• Shannon Lee Furr, 36, fugitive from justice, CCSO

• Katie Marie Wilson, 28, shoplifting, NPD

• Bryan B Gomes, 26, driving without license, speeding, CCSO

• Aurelio Chacon, 39, driving without license, CCSO

• Rufus Heard Jr., 46, driving without license, no tail lights, NPD

• Mark Nicholas Turner, 43, suspended license, NPD

• Will Young, 61, DUI, suspended license, CCSO

May 24

• Malcolm Curtis White, 42, FTA, NPD

• Jamil Marek Eady, 36, suspended license, GPD

• James David Ethridge II, 35, suspended registration, no proof of insurance, CCSO

• Armando Tiapa-Martinez, 41, driving without license, FTML, NPD

• Casey Lee McCraw, 24, HOA, CCSO

• Shamarlo Quamain McAfee, 21, possession of marijuana, headlights required, driving without license, NPD

• Jeffrey Roger Buskey, 30, suspended registration, no proof of insurance, CCSO

• W S Jordan Jr., 33, open container, unauthorized use of blue lights, NPD

• Alexander Plenty, 24, possession of marijuana, obstruction, possession of a weapon during the commission of a crime, NPD

• Darel Warren Johnson, 22, possession of marijuana, GPD

• Robert Quinan White, 33, VOP, CPRB

• Jonathan William Sullivan, 31, DUI, speeding, GSP

• Daniel Robert Hazelrigs, 27, suspended license, CCSO

• Austin Ryan Teal, 19, DUI, seat belt violation, GSP

• Richard Edward Hesse, 41, DUI, duty to report accident, FTML, CCSO

• Roderick L Stephens, 31, DUI, FTML, GSP

• David Thomas Mills, 27, DUI, failure to yield, NPD

• Ramon Andriques Bowles, 33, theft by taking, obstruction, NPD

• Lakall Shantel Bullock, 31, shoplifting, NPD

• James Samuel Brantley, 21, seat belt violation, suspended/revoked license, CCSO

• Manuel DeJesus Carranza, 30, driving without license, open container, no brake lights, GPD

• Loni Green Alexander, 27, shoplifting, NPD

• John Andrew Sims, 60, public indecency, NPD

• Byron Jarell Ford, 23, aggravated assault, theft of lost or mislaid property, CCSO

May 25

• Samuel Eugene Warner, 17, improper turn, suspended license, CCSO

• Bernard Antonio Maddox, 34, no registration, no proof of insurance, suspended license, resisting arrest, NPD

• Caleb Dustin Jones, 21, DUI, NPD

• Martez Raymond Williams, 24, possession of marijuana, criminal trespass, NPD

• Deonte Martinez White, 18, VOP, NPRB

• Whitney L Geter, 21, obstruction, license to be carried, open container - three counts, driving too fast for conditions, DUI combined, NPD

• Rachael Joann Beyea, 38, shoplifting, CCSO

• Reginald Lee Washington Jr., 22, giving false name, obstruction, suspended license, CCSO

• Jose Luis Hernandez-Ramos, 30, DUI, driving without license, GSP

• Silveria Ramon-Hernandez, 35, FTML, driving without license, speeding, child restraint violation - two counts, NPD

• Eric Lashawn Roberts, 38, VOP, NPD

• Akeela Ashera Alleyne, 20, suspended license, no tail lights, giving false name, NPD

• Margarito Estrada-Simon, 33, no brake lights/turn signals, giving false name, NPD

• Ronald Ernst Wissig, 37, following too closely, resisting officers, DUI less safe, NPD

• Deavery Roytrice Glass, 39, VOP, NPRB

• Dylan Paul O’Neal, 18, HOA

• Maria Ramon Vargas, 18, driving without license, NPD

• Rosemarie Guacino, 52, shoplifting, NPD.

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