Arrest Log

April 26

• Jeffery Sean Pounds, 25, DUI, FTML, GPD

• Robert Lewis Vincent Davis, 45, theft by taking auto, driving without license, theft by taking, CCSO

• Donald Matik Carter, 33, suspended/revoked license, speeding, GPD

• Laketa Yalonda Parks, 27, DUI, FTML, CCSO

• Juan Guvarra Martinez, 58, public drunkenness, NPD

• Dickie Lynn Stukes, 59, windshields/wipers required, no registration/valid tag, removing/affixing license plate, NPD

• Luis Alberto Solis, 31, driving without license, windshields/wipers required, NPD

• Jonathan Lewis Mathews, 22, suspended license, speeding, GSP

• David Ellis Cooper, 25, shoplifting, Meriwether County SO

• Lashawta N Alexander, 33, shoplifting, CCSO

• Alex M Connally, 23, possession of marijuana with intent, possession of drug related objects, possession within 1000 feet of public housing, NPD

• Telly M Connally Sr., 39, stop sign violation, suspended license, possession of marijuana with intent, possession of drug related objects, possession within 1000 feet of public housing, NPD

• Lorenzo Lockley, 52, VOP, CCSO

• Thomas Allen Reese, 23, possession of marijuana, GPD

April 27

• Jack Q Banks, 31, suspended license, NPD

• Derrick Tobias Maddox, 29, battery, child cruelty 3rd - two counts, NPD

• Jimmy Roy Box II, 35, suspended license, speeding, suspended registration, no proof of insurance, GPD

• Jeremy Andrew Arnold, 25, suspended license, CCSO

• Miquel Valdivia-Marin, 27, DUI, driving without license, speeding, GSP

• Lorrie Lorraine Freck, 39, criminal trespass, public indecency, CCSO

• Heather Marie Robertson, 30, suspended license, no registration, speeding, GPD

• Alexandria Simone Davis, 22, suspended license, speeding, GPD

• Lollie Lee Prather, 50, disorderly conduct, NPD

• Joaquin Montes-Gomez, 29, driving without license, child safety restraint violation - three counts, NPD

• Dowan Rechey Horsley, 33, criminal trespass, VOP, NPD

• Bonita Lyncola Malone, 25, shoplifting, NPD

• Roy Quinn Leteau, 50, suspended license, speeding illegal window tint, windshields/wipers required, GSP

• Matthew Lee Gosk, 18, public indecency, criminal trespass, CCSO

• Kiara Ebony Shim, 29, possession of marijuana, speeding, GPD

• Roderick Jerel Hill, 35, resisting arrest, criminal trespass, public drunkenness, NPD

• Duane Antonio Henderson, 47, theft by receiving, theft by taking, NPD

• Henrietta Nacosha Malone, 22, possession of marijuana, shoplifting, NPD

• Cynthia Michele Barton, 35, DUI, FTML, GSP

• Jimmy Lee Bussie, 30, aggravated assault, terroristic threats, simple battery, CCSO

April 28

• Brandon Bernard Phillips, 26, simple battery, child cruelty 3rd, NPD

• Joseph Eugene Rainwater, 21, DUI, open container, FTML, CCSO

• Latresa Antonette Potts, 33, VOP, CPRB

• LaFrederick Jerome Bridges, 41, driving without license, no proof of insurance, suspended registration, GPD

• Danny Ray McDaniel, 42, VOP, CCSO

• Davis Gresham Yarbrough, 27, simple battery, CCSO

• Torian Davon McZeal, 29, VOP, NPD

• Isreal Redeemus Bolton, 17, suspended license, speeding, GPD

• Mary Alicia Furgerson, 29, suspended license, no proof of insurance, CCSO

• Frederick Jerome Webb, 46, VOP, GPD

• Christopher Hinton, 31, VOP, CCSO

• Opal Mae Gray, 58, simple battery, CCSO

• Eric Moss, 29, possession of synthetic drugs with intent, CCSO

• Shandra Wilmet Jennings, 42, suspended license, VOP, NPD

April 29

• Dorrianne Fabbrae Hill, 39, FTML, suspended license, NPD

• James Armond Blackmon, 28, possession of marijuana, SPD

• Carrie Ann Cooper, 20, possession of marijuana, SPD

• Mendoza Alberta Martinez, 28, driving without license, CCSO

• Richard Ames McGuffrey, 66, disorderly conduct, CCSO

• Tony Earl Warren, 44, VOP - three counts, CCSO

• Patrick Leandra Stegall, 44, VOP, CCSO

• Byron Jarell Ford, 23, VOP, NPD

• Markus Caforey Sanders, 22, VOP, NPD

• Quintavious Devonte Hill, 20, possession of marijuana with intent, obstruction, VOP, NPD

• William Kyle Payne, 24, cracked windshield, suspended license, GPD

• Mathew Neal Lavendar, 35, HOA, GPD

• Hayley Kristina Huska, 19, seat belt violation, VOP, CCSO

• Jaleen Marteisha Wilkins, 32, DUI, FTML, CCSO

• Tony Christopher Smith, 17, false report of a crime, duty to report accident, CCSO

• Demarcus Addie, 35, VOP

• Romina Dositarch, 24, suspended license, speeding, no valid tag, improper turn signal, GPD

April 30

• Sakeria Jovan Dukes, 19, simple assault FVA, CCSO

• Victor Kent Merkal, 56, DUI less safe, CCSO

• Crystal Nicole Adams, 31, DUI, FTML, change of address, SPD

• James Anthony Rutherford, 54, VOP, CCSO

• Jose Gyona, 31, driving without license, improper tag display, GSP

• Lynn Marie Green, 23, theft by taking, NPD

• Melissa Elizabeth Goss, 39, VOP

• Catherine Yvonne Shelby, 56, possession of marijuana with intent, CCSO

• Frankie Lee Dunlap, 55, HOA

• Shannon Agene Cheek, 37, criminal trespass FVA, child cruelty 3rd - two counts, GPD.

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