Arrest Log

February 26

• Adrienne Simon, 20, suspended registration, suspended license, CCSO

• Sedriek Barnes, 40, FTA, CCSO

• Lauren Hunter Cramer, 30, FTML, DUI, improper turn, GPD

• Ronda Hanson, 41, battery, CCSO

• Matthew Brown, 26, reckless driving, DUI, GSP

• Vincent Sanders, 40, no proof of insurance, suspended registration, driving without license, CCSO

• William Reeves Chatham, 30, VOP, CCSO

• Erin Dale Locklear, 34, shoplifting, CCSO

• Patrick Deonte Blandenburg, 26, VOP, NPD

• Lorin Camille Robinson, 20, no proof of insurance, no registration, CCSO

• Carry Carlton Smith, 59, violation of protective order, CCSO

• Cody Lee McKenzie, 23, possession of narcotics, possession of marijuana, dangerous drugs to be kept in original container, possession of drug-related objects, littering, CCSO

February 27

• Angel Herviz-Mendez, 21, no proof of insurance, driving without license, NPD

• Bruce Alan Stephens, 50, suspended license, suspended registration, possession of narcotics, possession of drug-related objects, CCSO

• Kristi JoAnn Kindle, 40, VOP

• Pete Phillips, 43, VOP

• Rodney Pierce Copeland, 23, VOP

• William Baker, 61, suspended license, CCSO

• Jamie Michael Cooper, 20, VOP

• Bethanie Lynn Shepherd, 54, VOP

• Randolph Glover Brown, 38, child support, suspended license, no brake lights, driving without license, GSP

• Juan Francisco Peres-Bolanos, 35, FTA

• Johnny Henderson, 36, suspended license, following too closely, CCSO

• Gene Sylvester Vanriper, 49, VOP

• Brandon Florian Stewart, 20, possession of marijuana, CCSO

• Jonathan Tyler Rue, 24, failure to register as a sex offender, CCSO

• Travis Louis Jimpson, 27, possession of marijuana with intent, NPD

• Alex Lamond Holloway, 26, HOA

February 28

• Anthony Thomas Reeves, 33, suspended license, speeding, GPD

• Rebekah Diane Fleming, 19, possession of marijuana, obstruction, license to be carried, headlights required, CCSO

• Tyler Alan Cawthon, 24, possession of marijuana, possession of drug-related objects, possession of a firearm by convicted felon, obstruction, open container, CCSO

• William David Weems, 48, terroristic threats and acts, terroristic threats and acts FVA, aggravated assault with a knife FVA, CCSO

• Terrell Martinez Treadwell, 28, possession of marijuana, illegal window tint, GPD

• Charles Lamar Darrington, 52, speeding, driving without license, GPD

• Richard Dean Neff, 28, suspended license, defective equipment, SPD

• Christian Gerando Cereminati, 39, speeding, possession of marijuana, CCSO

• Zaquintric Jarrod White, 23, FTA, driving without license, speeding, GPD

• Charles Robin Winston, 46, VOP, CCSO

• Deshawn Jahmal Smith, 25, shoplifting, NPD

• Jacqueline Dominique Papp, 20, DUI, FTML, duty to report accident, GPD

• Matthew Mark Defaris, 24, speeding, possession of marijuana, defective equipment, GPD

• Schaffery Carnell Rosser, 35, habitual violator, possession of drug related objects, seat belt violation, open container, resisting arrest, improper backing, possession of marijuana, NPD

• Johnny Wade Harper, 32, theft by receiving, NPD

• Timothy Lamont Taylor, 26, suspended license, GPD

• Alexis Marie Jones, 20, giving false name, CCSO

• Mark Timothy Wheeler, 45, child cruelty - three counts, criminal damage to property 2nd, CCSO

• Heather Marie Farley, 23, possession of marijuana, battery, NPD.

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